Mandatory Apartment Crime Reduction Program

On Sept. 3, 2009, the Irving City Council passed an ordinance amending Chapter 8, entitled “Irving Building Standards Code,” by adding Article XI, Mandatory Apartment Complex Crime Reduction Program.

The ordinance uses statistical data based on reported crimes to create a crime risk threshold. The crime risk threshold is a statistically determined level of criminal activity in apartment complexes in the city during a 12-month period, adjusted for the occupancy of the apartment complexes surveyed, and expressed on a per capita basis.

If a property’s community per capita crime index is greater than the crime risk threshold, the property will be placed in the program for a minimum of six months. The mandatory crime reduction program is administered and enforced by the Chief of Police.

Below are a variety of sources for more detailed information regarding the program that you may find useful and beneficial:
For direct contact regarding the Mandatory Apartment Crime Reduction Program and related information, contact Officer Charlie Cavazos.