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Patrol Division

The mission of the Irving Police Department is to provide a safe community where citizens can live, work, and raise their families without the fear of crime.  This can only be achieved through citizen participation and involvement.  Crime as well as community issues that precipitate crime can best be addressed through a cooperative effort involving all those affected.  This is best accomplished through an open line of communication.  There is a wealth of information that can be obtained through this web site.  Citizens are able to determine which Beat that they live or work in, view On-line Crime Stats, request a Vacation Watch, or Email your beat officer with questions, comments, or concerns.  We invite you to visit this site often and we appreciate your involvement.

Patrol is comprised of the North Patrol Division and the South Patrol Division with State Highway 183 being the divider.  The North Patrol Division is located at 5992 Riverside Drive and the South Patrol Division is located at 305 North O’Connor.

South Patrol Division

North Patrol Division