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The Irving Police Department Volunteer Program was established in 1992 as a link between citizens and their police department. Volunteers learn more about the community's needs and resources while providing valuable assistance to the City’s professional staff. Participation in the Volunteer Program enables citizens to be involved in their police department and update career skills with on-the-job training.

Opportunities through Volunteering

Volunteers are used in many of the divisions of the police department, carrying out assignments with the highest degree of zeal and dedication. An average of 35 volunteers donate approximately 650 hours a month in service time. Opportunities are of a wide range and on-the-job training will be given to assist them. The hours and days a volunteer works are structured for their convenience. Daytime and evening hours are available.The program is administered through the Community Services Division, which maintains a current list of volunteer positions with the Irving Police Department

Volunteer Qualifications

The volunteer program is open to men and women 21 years of age and older. Volunteer opportunities are available for retirees, students, professionals and homemakers. Volunteers complete an application, then go through an application screening process, complete the Citizen's Police Academy and sign a standard confidentiality agreement. The Citizen's Police Academy is the best way to teach our Volunteers about the different areas of the Department and how to best serve our citizens. The class meets one night a week for 3 hours for 11 weeks with one 8-hour Saturday class. We hold two courses a year, one in the spring and on in the fall.

Responsibility of Volunteers

While work is scheduled to accommodate volunteers, those wishing to participate in the program will be asked to contribute a minimum of 8 hours per month. If a volunteer has a scheduling conflict or is unable to meet any commitments, a supervisor or one of the program coordinators should be contacted as soon as possible.

Volunteers are asked to consider their volunteerism a serious commitment and be supportive of city government. Volunteers should maintain confidentiality in all issues pertinent to citizens and records with which they deal during the course of their duties.

Staff Responsibilities to Volunteers

The staff is eager to ensure volunteerism at the police department is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Volunteers will be placed in jobs suitable to their interests and skills. Following placement volunteers will receive appropriate training and supervision. Supervisors maintain accurate records of time donated by each volunteer and their duties. Coordinators and supervisors will work to accommodate requests to change volunteer’s assignments on request.


If you request or want more information

Please contact Officer Brian Crum at (972) 721-7778 or email  for more information.