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When you rent an apartment, you need to accept the responsibility to protect yourself, your possessions, and personal safety of others. Although management is obligated to provide basic security items such as locks and exterior lights, in no way should they be expected to be responsible for your complete security. You must be aware of basic crime prevention techniques and practice them. Do more than the minimum and be involved in your community. Every tenant plays a very important role in helping make your apartment community a safe place for everyone. View your relationships with your apartment managers/owners, staff, neighbors, and police as a partnership. Every one of us are allies and we constitute a force more powerful than crime itself.

Safety for your vehicle:
• Always lock your vehicle.
• Never leave items of value in your vehicle.
• Never leave any item in plain sight in your vehicle.
• Park in well-lit areas.
• Mark your property. Record serial numbers of stereos, speakers, and other valuables.
• If you observe suspicious activity (i.e. someone looking into vehicles) REPORT IT TO THE POLICE!

Items of value left in a vehicle in plain view is the number one reason vehicles get broken into!

Safety around the complex:
• Get to know your neighbors. They will be less likely to play the stereo loud and more likely to watch out for you or your property if you form a positive relationship.
• Close the blinds or shades after dark so you or your property can not be seen at night.
• Participate in Operation Identification. Engrave and inventory all valuables — and it’s free!
• Make sure entryways and stairwells are well-lit. If you see someone lurking, do not enter.
• Tell management about any burned out lights or other safety concerns.
• Be alert when using common areas such as the laundry room, elevator, stairwell, or parking lot.

Your role as a resident:
• Use all areas of the apartment community with the appropriate intent and in a reasonable and responsible manner.
• Dispose of garbage and trash in the proper places provided.
• Follow all rules and agreements of your lease.
• DO NOT destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any part of the premises or allow another to.
• Respect your neighbors’ right to a peaceful enjoyment of their residence.
• Ensure that ALL of your guests abide by the rules outlined in your lease. You are responsible for the actions and behavior of ALL of your guests.
• If you have an assigned parking place use it and inform your guests where to park.
• Do not park in someone else’s spot.
• Become involved in your community and report suspicious activity to management or police.

Building security:
• Never give your keys or copies of your keys to anyone.
• NEVER LET A STRANGER INTO YOUR BUILDING! Advise them to contact the person they are visiting.
• Never impede controlled access doors. Never leave or prop controlled access doors open. Promptly close any such doors if noticed.


Be observant!

Report any activity, people, cars, etc. that are suspicious!

In non-emergency situations call (972) 721-2518. In emergency situations call 911

Call the police during any threatening, violent, or potentially violent situations!


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