Commercial Permits

Commercial Checklist

New Buildings And Additions

Documents/Plans 5,6

Sets of plans/documents required

 Civil plans (drainage, utility, grading, dimensional control)  PLANS  MUST BE ON 24” X 36” PAPER


 Architectural plans1,2


 Structural plans3


 Engineered foundation plan


 M.E.P. (HVAC, Electrical, Plbg.)3


 Landscape Plan (include calculations)


 Seating Plan  (restaurant, church, assembly areas, etc.)


 Listing numbers from approved testing lab for all rated assemblies and penetration fire stops.4


 Acoustical consultant certification7


 Energy calculations that meet the 2009 IECC  (see


 Asbestos survey (only required for additions)


 Document showing plans were submitted to TDLR (Tx Dept of  Licensing and Regulations) for a TAS (Tx Accessibility Standards) review


 Restaurant, Daycare, School, Nursing home, Food sales/prep/processing

see footnote #8

 PDF of approved plans


  1. Must include door and window schedule, partition details, finish schedule, details of raised floors or platforms, stairs, ramps, etc.  Plans must be to scale.
  2. Texas Architect’s seal is required for new buildings in excess of 20,000 square feet or over one story in height.
  3. Texas Engineer’s seal is required for new buildings exceeding 5,000 square feet or one story in height; spans in excess of 24 feet.; and buildings of other than conventional wood framing.
  4. Please consolidate this information including assembly drawing details on a separate sheet. (walls, floor/ceiling, roof/ceiling, wall and floor penetrations for pipes and conduit, structural frame, etc.)
  5. Plans identified as “Not For Construction” or “For Permit Only” will not be approved with that (or similar) notation.
  6. A separate permit is required for signs, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, irrigation system, construction trailers, drive approaches, pools, special egress control devices, on-site utilities, fire line, fences, retaining walls, etc.
  7. Acoustical consultant certification for all residential, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes within the 65-70 or over 70 DNL airport noise zones.
  8. Separate submittal for Code Enforcement is required.  Submit one set of kitchen plans along with a Health Review application and the fee for their review.

Submittal Procedures for New Buildings and Additions


  1. Plans/Documents
  2. Application forms, and
  3. Plan review fee to Planning and Inspections Department.

Plans will be checked in approximately one week. If the permit cannot be issued, comments will be forwarded to the applicant.  Two sets of revisions will be required for Building Inspections.  Revisions will be reviewed within one week after submittal.  Note that the other departments (Fire, Traffic, and Engineering) will either contact the applicant or civil engineer directly.  Revisions for these departments should also be submitted to Building Inspections.

Early Start Procedures

There are no established "early start or fast track procedures" for the review of building permit construction drawings in the City of Irving. Zoning cases must have final City Council approval prior to the issuance of a building permit. Plats must be approved, signed, and returned to Planning and Inspections to file (or plat may be filed by others) prior to permit issuance.  Attempting to obtain a foundation only permit does not save any review time because the majority of the wait for a plan review is due to projects already in line for review. Also, most of the plan review of the entire building must be completed in order to issue any portion of the building permit. However, there are ways to speed the process:
  1. Concurrently submitting building permit application and plans while the zoning case and/or plat is being processed.
  2. Obtaining a grading permit prior to a building permit (assuming there are no trees on site).
  3. Applying for a shell building permit with interior finish plans and permit to follow.

Other Permits that May Be Required:

Grading may commence as soon as the building permit or grading permit, if the building permit has not been issued yet, is approved.

Tree removal permits are required and can only be issued after the building permit has been issued (see Ordinance 7342).  On-site utility permits can be obtained prior to the building permit after the plumbing inspectors reviewed the plans and the property is platted.  (Fire mains and hydrants are reviewed by the Fire Dept. and is a separate permit.).

Separate Permits Required for the Following:

  • Job trailer permits  (Site plan must be approved by the Fire Department [845 W. Irving Blvd] and Water Utilities [333 Valley View Lane] first.)
  • Driveway approaches (A $5,000 bond required for the contractor doing the work.)
  • Electric security door locks  (plans are reviewed by the Fire Department and issued from the Planning and Inspections Department)
  • Fences
  • Signs
  • Fire alarm system
  • Vent-a-hoods (fire extinguishing system)
  • Fire hydrants and fire mains  (onsite, not in an easement)
  • Fire sprinkler and standpipes
  • Fuel tanks, lines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Onsite utilities (domestic water, storm and sanitary sewers, and gas line)
  • Retaining walls over 30 inches in height  (measured from adjacent grade to the top of the wall)
  • Swimming pools
  • Other Concerned Departments




Code Enforcement
(Health, Multi-Family, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Daycare)

Darrell Hammond

Amie Burden

(972) 721-3628

(972) 721-4912

Public Works/Engineering

Robert Mardis

(972) 721-2611

Public Works/Traffic Mike Jones (972) 721-2646


Dana Lubke, Derek Austin

(972) 721-2651

Water and sewer tap fees

Water Department

(972) 721-2411


Roger Barron

(972) 721-2232

Planning and Inspections (Zoning and Platting)

Ken Bloom, Sheba Ward, Stacy Day

(972) 721-2424

 Building Articulation Jack Rainwater (972) 721-8085
 Planning and Inspections
(Building Inspections Plan Review)
Jeanene Heilman, Sherry Freeman, Becky Capuchino, Maria Sanchez (972) 721-2371
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