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Irving Launches Mosquito Educational Program for Residents

While Irving continues its robust mosquito control program, this year the city of more than 217,000 is stepping up an educational program.

During Irving Fights the Bite Week, June 17 through 22, city officials will visit Irving park and recreation centers to carry the message of self-protection.

“We have a year-round prevention program,” said Walter Ritchie, City of Irving Vector Control Manager. “We collect, test and prevent mosquito overpopulation. However, fighting West Nile is a team effort and we are pounding the educational message this year that residents must do their part as well.”

City officials have planned a week of educational visits and entertainment: Additionally the City of Irving is promoting the message broadly through a number of other means:
  • Giving Irving Fights the Bite SWAT Team T-shirts and mosquito swatters to all Irving summer program students
  • Providing 1,000 activity sheets and a SWAT Team pledge for students to sign that reinforce the Four D’s (Dawn/Dusk, Drain, Dress, DEET)
  • Offering free DEET at city recreation facilities as well as Irving’s Heritage Senior Center
  • Posting Irving Fights the Bite posters with the Four D’s reminders at all Irving city facilities
  • Posting warning signs around town that include an emergency phone number for residents to call to report stagnant water to city officials.
  • Airing three Irving-produced public service announcements
  • Making an Irving Fights the Bite Proclamation during the June 20 Irving City Council meeting
  • Building an Irving Fights the Bite page ( on the city’s website that lists abatement information and includes Irving’s spray schedule and standing water hotline number
“We have pulled out all stops to educate the public,” said Ritchie. “We hope our residents—children, adults and seniors—pay attention and understand there is action they can take to reduce the possibility of being bitten. We will continue to test and mitigate and we strongly encourage residents to do their part and apply the Four D’s.”

Posted June 17

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