Frequently Asked Questions

(Customer Service Division)

The Irving Municipal Court offers many alternative ways to dispose of outstanding citations.


What citations can be dismissed and how?

Although a judge can dismiss any citation when prescribed by law, the most common citations that are dismissed by the Court are:

1) Failure to Provide Financial Responsibility

This citation may be dismissed if the defendant can present a copy of his/her insurance policy to the court that shows liability coverage on the date and time the citation was issued.

2) Failure to display Driver's License

If the defendant can produce a Texas driver's license that was current on the date and time of offense, the Court may dismiss the citation for this offense.

How can I keep a citation from effecting my driving record?

The Irving Court provides two programs designed to keep citations from adversely effecting your driving record. These programs are deferred disposition and defensive driving.

Deferred disposition  is associated with an administrative fee and a probation period in lieu of the fine.

Defensive driving allows you to pay court costs and an administrative fee, and take a state approved driver's safety course for the dismissal of your citation.

Both of these alternatives require a plea of "guilty" or "no contest" and approval from the Court. There are several eligibility requirements that the court clerk will discuss with you when requesting one of these options.

I cannot pay the fine in full; is it possible to pay my citation in installments?

Yes, the Irving Municipal Court allows you to set up a payment plan for outstanding citations. You may not be eligible for this option if you have previously defaulted on a payment plan or if you have enrolled in community service for the City of Irving. The court clerk will give you more detailed instructions on setting up a payment plan at the customer service windows at the Irving Municipal Court.