Meeting Glossary

Organizational Service Announcements: Allows individuals an opportunity to address the Council, for two minutes, on subjects not listed on the formal agenda. This includes the announcement of programs, activities or services of non-profit organizations and other local groups regarded as serving community interests. Those requesting to speak must complete a request card available at the sign-in area located in the main lobby between 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Proclamations and Announcements

During this time, the mayor may present a proclamation to an individual or group on behalf of the city. In addition, the mayor, council members or city manager may make announcements to recognize positive work conducted by individuals or groups in the community.

Consent Agenda

A portion of the agenda that consists of bid tabulations, resolutions and ordinances for final adoption. These items require little or no deliberation by the council.

Public Hearings

Discussions that are held to provide resident input prior to the council vote on a particular issue. Public hearings are held on actions including proposals to change zoning, annexation, tax assessments, budgets and franchise agreements. Residents are given five minutes to make a presentation during this portion of the meeting. However, if more than five speakers are in support or opposition of an issue are registered to speak, then the mayor or mayor pro tem may reduce the time to three minutes.

Ordinances on First Reading

A prerequisite for ordinances reappearing on the consent agenda for final consideration; required as part of the approval process prior to being placed on the consent agenda for final consideration.

City Operations Update

During this portion of the meeting, the city manager provides information or updates on city business, services, schedule changes, upcoming events, etc. The City Operations Update can also be read online by clicking here.

Committee and Liaison Reports

City Council members and staff who serve on committees or participate in governmental agencies on the local or regional levels provide information about proposals being considered or decisions made affecting Irving.

Mayor's Report

The mayor makes comments about recent or upcoming issues or events affecting Irving.

Citizens' Forum

Residents are invited to speak for three minutes each on matters relating to city government and on items not listed on the regular agenda. In order to speak during this portion of the meeting, residents must file a request card with the City Secretary's Office at the sign in area located in the main lobby of the Civic Center Complex between 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Call the Irving City Secretary's Office at (972) 721-2493 for more information about public meetings.