Irving Community Lantern Slide Collection


This series of photos was taken by the Dallas County government as part of a county-wide study in 1925. The purpose of the study is no longer known. During the early 1970s, the county offered the original glass slides to the subject cities. The city of Irving took possession of the images related to the Irving community. The original images are on 3¼″ by 4″ glass slides. Prints were made from the slides, and those prints were scanned to create these electronic images.

In 1925, the city of Irving did not encompass much more than the original 80 acres of land on which the town was founded. The surrounding area was made up of many small farming communities such as: Kit, Twin Wells, and Union Bower to the east; Shady Grove, Sowers, Bear Creek, and Estelle to the west; and Elm and Hackberry to the north. The population of Irving in the 1920 census was 357, but there were about two thousand people living on farms within a five-mile radius of the city. All of these small communities, except for Shady Grove, were eventually annexed by the city of Irving. Today the city covers 69 square miles.

Each glass slide has the original label attached to it. The labels are often vague, and, in some cases, have proven to be incorrect. Each individual image page of this digital collection contains the text of the original label under the heading "Original Label on Slide." Further information, and any corrections, come under the "Description" portion of the individual image pages.

Click on any photo for larger image and information.   

 Hackberry school
Hackberry School,

Union Bower School
Union Bower School,

 Shady Grove School
Shady Grove School,

Hispanic School at Trinity Farms
Hispanic School at Trinity Farms, 1925
 African-American School at Trinity Farms
African-American School at Trinity Farms, 1925

Hispanic children at Trinity Farms
Children at Trinity Farm,

First Baptist Church of Irving
First Baptist Church in Irving,1925

St. Luke Catholic Church
St. Luke Catholic Church in Irving, 1925

First Methodist Church in Irving
Irving Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1925
First Methodist Church
Irving Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1925

congregation at First Methodist
Sunday School Group
Irving Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in Irving, 1925

Pastors House First Methodist
Irving Methodist Episcopal Parsonage, 1925


Shady Grove CME
Shady Grove C. M. E. church in Bear Creek community,

children in wagon
Children in Bear Creek community, 1925

Church of Christ
S. Delaware Church of Christ, 1925

 Crossroads Church of Christ
Crossroads Church of Christ, 1925

 Housing in Irving Community
Housing in Irving community, 1925

 House in Irving
House in Irving community, 1925

 Small house on farm
Farm house in Irving community, 1925

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