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In 1902, Otis Brown (1872-1958) came to this area as a member of a Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf Railway survey crew. The crew was constructing a rail line between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. While surveying the line, crew chief J. O. Schulze joined with Brown in buying land along the route and establishing the town of Irving, Texas, in December 1903.

In the fall of 1902, Otis Brown met local schoolteacher Netta Barcus (1880-1958). The two married in June of 1903 and built the first house in the soon-to-be-established town of Irving. The couple had their first child in 1905. It was during 1905 that the Browns decided to have a larger house (and the subject of this collection) built on Iowa Street (now O’Connor Road). The Browns lived in this house until 1919, as their family grew to five sons. While living here, Otis Brown was elected Irving’s first mayor in 1914. His youngest son Lynn served as Irving’s mayor from 1959-1967. 

Through the decades, the house changed ownership several times and by the 1970s it had fallen into disrepair. In 1979, Morris and Marge Parrish purchased the home and restored and added on to it. The Parrishes were active in the community, and in 1995 Morris Parrish was elected mayor of Irving.

This photo collection shows the house during its earliest days, as well as the young Brown family, who brought life to the home. 

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Brown House 1905
Brown house, 1905

Brown houe under construction
Brown house under construction, 1905

Brown house in snow, 1908
Brown house in the snow, c. 1908

Brown house, 1979
Brown/Parrish house, 1979

Brown boys
Charles Schulze and Brown boys, c. 1919

Netta Brown and friends
Netta Brown front right, c. 1892

Brown brothers at gate
Brown brothers at front
gate, c. 1911

Netta with sons, 1920
Netta with four of her sons, c. 1920

Netta and friend at gate
Netta and unidentified woman at gate, c. 1912

Netta holding son
Netta holding one of her sons, c. 1912

Otis and Netta, 1902
Otis Brown and Netta Barcus Brown, 1902

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