Manuscript Vertical File 

Collection Number: MVF 9-18

Accession Number: 0304-11; 0304-38; 0304-47

Item(s): Speakers program from the dedication ceremonies of Centennial Park, 2003; postcard with a photo of First Presbyterian Church of Irving on front, c. 1940s; three refrigerator magnets each with a depiction of a building in downtown Irving on it.


Donor: Jan Hart

Date Received: October 4, 2003; November 11, 2003; November 18, 2003.

Literary Rights Statement: 

Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


The file is made up of three separate accessions. Accession 0304-11 is the speakers' program used at the dedication of Centennial Park in October 2003. The notes on the file indicate that the program was taken off the speakers’ podium after the event. Accession 0304-38 is a 5½″ x 3½″ postcard with a black-and-white photo of First Presbyterian Church, Irving, Texas on the front. The card is undated, but the photo appears to be from the 1940s.  Accession 0304-47 consists of three 3¼″ x 2½″ refrigerator magnets. One magnet has a painting of Main Street Perks on it; the second has a painting of the clock tower; and the third has a painting of the Big State Drug sign. A note on the back of the magnets states that each of these images is a segment of the original painting “Window View” by Peggy Duval and Dana Duval.