Manuscript Vertical Files

Collection Number: MVF 30-06

Accession Number: 1112-33

Item(s): A booklet commemorating thirty years of history at The Studios of Las Colinas, 2011; and a Red Hat Society 2012 commemorative calendar.

Producer: The Studios at Las Colinas and the Red Hat Society, Chapter #8634 (respectively)        

Donor: ICVB

Date Received: December 12, 2011 

Literary Rights Statement: Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


The file contains a commemorative booklet entitled Celebrating 30 Years of Television and Motion Picture Excellence, 1981-2011.  The booklet tells the history of the construction of the Studios at Las Colinas complex and breaks down by decade the movies and television shows were made at the studios.  The file also contains a Red Hat Society, Chapter #8634, 2012 calendar. The calendar contains sepia photos of the women posing in various locations around the city of Irving.  The Red Hat Society is a female social organization.