Manuscript Vertical Files

Collection Number: MVF 29-03

Accession Number: 1011-46

Item(s): A music CD entitled Forever West, 2008; and a DVD entitled Mule Ears in the Sand, 2010.  

Producer: Curly Musgrave and Belinda Gail          

Donor: Richard and Judy Young

Date Received: January 17, 2011 

Literary Rights Statement: 

Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


The file contains a music CD entitled Forever West by Curly Musgrave and Belinda Gail, 2008.  One of the songs on the CD is called Mule Ears in the Sand. The song recalls a story told by Lucinda Jane Mills Farine’s wagon journey from Missouri to Texas in 1864.  The Farines were early settlers in northwest Dallas County. The file also contains a DVD of Curly Musgrave and Belinda Gail performing the song, 2010. The story was told to Musgrave and Gail by the donor, Richard Young, and they created a song from the story.