Manuscript Vertical Files

Collection Number: MVF 27-01

Accession Number: 0203-123

Item(s): Britain family genealogical material; a photocopy of a letter from J.O. Schulze to D.E. Britain, 1903; four digital images.

Producer: H. W. Britain       

Donor: H. W. Britain

Date Received: Feb. 18, 2003

Literary Rights Statement: 

Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


The file contains a photocopy of a letter written by J.O. Schulze, the city of Irving’s co-founder, to D.E. Britain, a member of the family from whom Schulze purchased land on which to build the town, 1903. The letter addresses Britain’s concerns over who was to pay the cost of the abstract of title needed for the sale. The file also contains photocopies of extensive genealogical information on the Britain family and other families in their ancestry: including among others Caster, Murphy, Beggs, Bryant, Flippin, and research papers on members of the Cherokee tribe in relation to the Bryant family.

Also included in the collection are four digital images of Britain family members: Henry Washington Britain, David Earl Britain, Earl Lee Britain, and Henry William Britain (donor), late-1920s.


For further information on the Britain family see the Britain Family Collection #63.