Manuscript Vertical Files 

Collection Number: MVF 23-01

Accession Number: 86-16

Item(s): A promotional card from the Irving Heritage Society relating to the development of Heritage Park and the railroad depot restoration. Attached to the card is a square nail from the railroad depot that was moved to the park and restored.       

Producer: Irving Heritage Society      

Donor: Irving Heritage Society

Date Received: October 17, 1986 

Literary Rights Statement: 

Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


     The file contains a 3½ in. x 6 in. card designed as a promotional item to gain support for the restoration of a train depot in Heritage Park in downtown Irving.  Attached to the card is a square nail that was taken from the 1900-era railroad depot that was moved to the park to be renovated. 

     The depot was purchased by the Irving Heritage Society and moved from Fate, Texas, to Heritage Park in Irving.  Heritage Park was dedicated in 1986, and the Irving Heritage Society had the depot placed in the park later that year.  After funding was secured, restoration of the depot began and was completed in the fall of 1988.  A pioneer cabin and railroad water tank were also placed in the park that year.

Note to Researcher

For more information on the development of Heritage Park see MVF 3-20.