Manuscript Vertical Files 

Collection Number: MVF 20-16

Accession Number: 0607-122

Item(s): Oath of Office certificates for Irving city councilmen, 1960s and early-1970s. 

Producer: City of Irving        

Donor: City of Irving, City Secretary’s Office

Date Received: 1986 

Literary Rights Statement: 

Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


     The file contains Oaths of Office for Irving city councilmen and mayors from the 1960s and early 1970s. From 1961 there are certificates for: Everett H. Veach; Sam Hill; Vernon Walker; Joe Jeter; Charles H. Jamieson; Hans Smith; and Mayor Lynn Brown. Certificates from 1963 are for: Vernon Walker; Mayor Lynn Brown; John Whittington; Joe Jeter; Dan Matkin; Howard Purdue; and Robert Power. Certificates from 1965 are for: Mayor Lynn Brown; Howard Purdue; Dan Matkin; Joe Jeter; Vernon Walker; Robert Power; and John Whittington. Certificates from 1966 are for: Vernon Walker; John Whittington; and Dan Matkin. From 1967 are: Kenneth Reynolds; Joe Jeter; Jim Wilcox; and Mayor Robert Power. From 1969 are: Kenneth Reynolds; Joe Jeter; Robert Wood; Harry Field; Joe Bailey; and Mayor Robert Power. From 1970 are: Bob Haley; Joe Bailey; Dan Matkin; and Cliff Shasteen. From 1971 are: Mayor Dan Matkin; James Parks; Harry Field; Kenneth Reynolds; Bill Tynes; and Marvin Randle. From 1972 are: James Parks; Bobby Joe Raper; Joe Bailey; and Cliff Shasteen. From 1973 are: Joe Putnam; Harry Field; Bill Tynes; Marvin Randle; and Mayor Dan Matkin.