Manuscript Vertical Files 

Collection Number: MVF 18-09

Accession Number: 0506-193; 0506-224; and 0607-55

Item(s): Photocopies of documents from the John F. Kennedy assassination relating to Lee Oswald’s time in Irving, Texas, 1963. 


Donor: Stan Clark

Date Received: May 24, 2006; August 18, 2006; and January 30, 2007 

Literary Rights Statement: 

Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives,
Irving Public Library.


     The file contains photocopies of correspondence and investigative reports by police agencies relating to the time Lee Harvey Oswald’s spent in Irving, Texas. The documents include information on Oswald’s check cashing at an Irving A&P store in October and November 1963; a synopsis of an interview with two teenagers who babysat for the Paines, 1963; an interview with a man who heard rifle fire while he was doing work for the railroad in Irving, Nov. 21, 1963; a report by Irving police about a call from a man offering to help Marina Oswald, Nov. 26, 1963; Irving police arrest report on Wesley Frazier, Nov. 22, 1963; Irving police report on search of Paine’s house, Nov. 23, 1963; summary of interview with Linnie Randle about giving Marina Oswald job tips for her husband, Nov. 28, 1963; and a synopsis of an interview with Bill Randle about is knowledge of the Oswalds, Nov. 28. 1963. Also included are police interviews with various Irving residents and a transcript of an interview with Dr. Charles Carrico who was in the emergency room when the president arrived at Parkland Hospital.