Manuscript Vertical Files 

Collection Number: MVF 17-14

Accession Number: 0506-116

Item(s): Newspaper clippings about the Coleman family, 1950s-1970s; Coleman family photos, 1950s-1970s; special postmarked envelopes commemorating various events, 1950s-1970s.


Donor: Thelma Coleman

Date Received: March 6, 2006 

Literary Rights Statement: 

Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives,
Irving Public Library.


     Tilla Coleman Lindsey and Thelma Coleman moved to Irving, Texas, in 1936. At the time, both were working as secretaries for General Motors in downtown Dallas. Their parents moved from Oklahoma and joined them in Irving. 

     Their father, S. T. Coleman, bought and sold livestock, so the sisters rented a 100-acre spread where today’s Britain Road dead-ends into State Highway 183. In 1945, S. T. Coleman left the cattle business and bought into a local cab company. He operated the City Cab Co. in Irving for 17 years, until he retired in 1962. Through the years with the cab company, he became a popular figure around town and acquired the nickname “Pop.” S. T. Coleman died in 1964.

     Tilla Lindsey left General Motors and began a career in real estate sales in 1950. She moved her office to Irving in 1951 at a time when Irving was experiencing a home building boom. She became known in Irving through her business dealings. Tilla was very active in Republican Party politics for several decades.

     The file contains newspaper articles relating to Tilla Lindsey’s career in real estate in the Irving area; articles about and an obituary for Seabert T. (Pop) Coleman; articles about Thelma (Susie) Coleman and her career at Executive Secretaries, Inc., 1960s-1970s; postmarked envelopes commemorating Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration, January 20, 1953 and Richard Nixon’s inauguration January 20, 1973; two first day issue postmarked envelopes honoring volunteer blood donors, March 12, 1971; a mass mailing card to Tilla Lindsey from Richard Nixon thanking her for her support in the 1960 presidential election (one side of the card is a color portrait of the Nixon family, 1961); five penny postcards; a caricature sketch of Tilla Lindsey, 1942. 

Also included in the file are photos: portraits of Tilla Coleman Lindsey, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s; Tilla Lindsey at her desk, 1959; portrait of Seabert Travis (Pop) Coleman, 1961; a gathering of the Irving Republican Club at Thelma Coleman’s house, May 1952; Tilla Lindsey receiving the “Life Award” from the Greater Dallas Board of Realtors; Tilla Lindsey speaking with Richard Nixon at a reception in Dallas, Texas, 1959; Tilla Lindsey with Judy Agnew (Mrs. Spiro T. Agnew) and Lou Tower (Mrs. John Tower), Oct. 1969.

Note to Researcher

  The Oral History Collection in the Irving Archives has an interview with Tilla Coleman Lindsey and Thelma Coleman, c. 1980s, and an interview with Thelma Coleman, 2006.