Collection Number: MVF 4-18

Accession Number: 9900-49

Item(s): City Plan: The Irving City Plan, Irving, Texas, 1954, A Guide for Future Development A Report to The City Commission From The City Planning and Zoning Commission, prepared by Koch and Fowler, Consulting Engineers.

Producer: Koch and Fowler

Donor: Public Works Department, Engineering Division

Date Received: Janunary 27, 2000

Literary Rights Statement 

     Permission to publish from the material must be obtained from the Irving Archives.

     The file contains a development plan for the City of Irving created by Koch and Fowler, consulting engineers, in 1954.  Topics addressed are the economic base, population growth, land use, zoning, control of land subdivision, transportation, education, parks, and public utilities.  The report also contains maps for zoning, streets, school sites, parks and public buildings, water system, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers.