Collection Number: MVF 4-03

Accession Number: 9899-61; 9900-87; 9900-104

Item(s): History of the Irving Symphony Orchestra 1961-1984; obituary and program from requiem mass for Father George Ferenczy, 1999 (9899-61); photocopy of the application and petition for the incorporation of Irving, 1914; document canvassing the incorporation election, 1914 (9900-87); a judges order that an election regarding the incorporation of Irving be held, Feb. 1914; a request for judge to call an incorporation election, Feb 1914; and a Notice of Election to Incorporate the Town of Irving, Mar.1914 (9900-104).

Producer: Alan and Betty Miller

Donor: Alan and Betty Miller

Date Received: April 1999; April 13, 2000; and May 2000

Literary Rights Statement 

     Permission to publish from the material must be obtained from the Irving Archives.

     The file contains an obituary for Father George S. Ferenczy, 1920-1999, and a prayer card and song sheet from his funeral.  In addition the file contains a brief history of the Irving Symphony Orchestra, 1961-1984.  Father Ferenczy was the co-founder and first conductor of the Irving Symphony Orchestra, serving in that capacity from 1961-1969.

     The file also contains photocopies of the documents filed in connection with the incorporation of the city: the Application and Petition for Incorporation of the Town of Irving filed February 17, 1914; the judge’s answer to the petition sanctioning an incorporation election, February 18, 1914; a Notice of Election to Incorporate the Town of Irving, March 30, 1914; and a judge’s canvass of the results of the incorporation election, signed April 13, 1914.

     Also contained in the file is a photocopy of a page from the Irving High School yearbook from 1944, which has the senior picture of H.P. Hinton, Jr. on it.  The donor is a friend of Mr. Hinton and was working to have Mr. Hinton named an outstanding graduate of Irving High School for his lifetime work in academia.


      Father Ferenczy was on the first faculty of the University of Dallas when it was established in 1956.

     The 1914 vote result was 27 for incorporation and 16 against.  Otis Brown was elected first mayor by a one vote margin over a large field of candidates.  Henry Moulard and George Clark were elected first commissioners.  George Clark was a federal employee, a postman, and was therefore not eligible to hold office.  J.W. Blewett was appointed to fill the position.