Collection Number: MVF 3-20

Accession Number: 9899-53; 9899-66; 9900-93

Item(s): Photo of the train depot being relocated to Heritage Park; photo of Jaycee Officers; photocopies of the Irving pages of a Mapsco, 1956; a Texas Almanac, 1992 (9899-53); architectural drawing of the library's Washington Irving medallion mounting system (9899-66); photos of the Caster cabin; newspaper clippings about and photos of the moving and renovation of the railroad depot in Heritage Park (9900-93).

Producer: George Edwin

Donor: George Edwin

Date Received: March 1999; May 5, 1999; April 11, 2000

Literary Rights Statement 

     Permission to publish from the material must be obtained from the Irving Archives.

     The collection consists of newspaper clippings from the Irving Daily News concerning the locating, moving, and restoring of the railroad depot that is now located in Heritage Park.  There are a few photos of the depot in the field where it was located before it was moved and one photo of it as it was being moved.  The clippings and photos date from 1986-1988.

     The collection includes a number of photos of the Caster cabin in what appears after it caught fire, 1985. Also included in the collection is one photo of the officers of the Irving Jaycees, c. 1950s, and a Texas Almanac 1992.
     The materials in the collection are of diverse types and have been stored by type.  All of the photographs are located in the Photo Collection in MVF Photo Box #1.  The Texas Almanac in the bookcase.  The newspaper clippings and other paper material are in MVF Box #3.