Collection Number: MVF 2-01

Accession Number: 96-05

Item(s): Stock Certificate for one share of stock in The Texas Association established for colonizing certain land in Texas under the authority of the Republic of Texas, 1858.

Producer: The Texas Association

Donor: Kenneth W. Rendell

Date Received: June 1996

Literary Rights Statement 

     Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


     The collection consists of one stock certificate from The Texas Association, a company established for the colonization of land along the Trinity River in the Mercer Colony.  The certificate is from an 1858 issue.

     Included is a bibliographical note concerning the certificate.


     The Texas Association, better known as the Mercer Colony, was formed in early 1844 by Charles Fenton Mercer.  In 1852, Mercer assigned his interest in the colony to a group of Louisville investors.  The Texas Association was reorganized in 1858 and issued new shares to sell for one hundred dollars each.  This certificate is from the issue of 1858.

     Kenneth W. Rendell, of Dover, Maine, donated the certificate to the Irving Public Library from his Western collection.