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Accession Numbers: 9899-86; 0001-35; 0001-41; 0102-52; 0102-134; 0102-144; 0102-214; 0203-51; 0203-112; 0506-200; 0708-76; and 0809-08

Collection 61

Prepared by Kevin Kendro
July 2009

CITATION: The Rogers and Barbara Revier Collection, Collection 61, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library. 

Biographical Sketch

     Barbara Jean Reese moved with her family to Irving in 1938. Her father, Eugene Alan Reese, was an aircraft mechanic with North American Aviation and later Braniff Airways. At the time of his death in 1961, he was employed at Texas Instruments. Her mother, Edith Butler Reese, was a homemaker.

(Ralph) Rogers Revier, Jr., moved to Irving with his family from Denton, Texas, in 1939. His father went to work for Moshers Steel Company in Dallas in 1939 and retired from the company in 1972.  

     Rogers Revier and Barbara Reese were raised in Irving and attended Irving schools, where they met. They were members of the Irving High School graduating class of 1951. The couple was married in 1952 and raised their two sons in Irving. 

     Both Rogers and Barbara Revier worked in the banking business. Barbara was employed at Irving Bank & Trust Co., Exchange Bank & Trust Co., and Texas Bank & Trust Co. Rogers went to work for First National Bank in July 1951.  After almost 42 years with the bank, he retired in 1993. The Reviers attended classes at the American Institute of Banking and received pre-standard, standard, and graduate certificates from the institute during the 1950s and 1960s. Rogers later graduated from the Southern Methodist University Graduate School of Banking.

     The Reviers retired in 1993 and in 2002 moved to Arkansas to be near family.    

     The collection, consisting primarily of Irving school-related material, reflects the life of a young person in Irving during the 1940s and 1950s. This is a period of time when Irving was still a small farming town, but was beginning to transform into a rapidly growing suburb of Dallas.

Series Description

Series I. School Material, 1943-1960.    5 inches (7 folders).
Arranged by type.  Material relating to the Irving High School senior class of 1951; school directories and handbooks; school-related invitations, tickets, programs, and certificates; report cards, 1945-1951; library circulation cards, 1940s; football programs, 1958.

Series II. Membership Cards, 1945-1952.   .5 inch (1 folder).
Arranged by type. Membership cards from organizations that the donors belonged to during their youth.

Series III. Bank Material, 1950s.   1 inch (1 folder and space in Box 3).
Artifacts from Irving State Bank, including ashtrays, a cash bag, and publications.

Series IV. Church Material, 1950s-1980s.   1 inch (1 folder).
Arranged by type. Material includes publications from First Baptist Church of Irving and First United Methodist Church of Irving.

Series V.   Real Estate Documents, 1953 and 1963.  .5 inch (1 folder).
Materials include deeds, liens, payment schedules, and other items relating to the two houses that the donors owned in Irving.

Series VI.   Maps and Calendars, 1940s-1960s.   .5 inch (1 folder).
Arranged by type.  Materials include four city of Irving street maps from the early 1960s and two calendars advertising local businesses, 1944 and 1951.

Series VII. Personal Ephemera, 1950s.   .5 inch (1 folder).
Arranged by type. Material includes a variety of items such as tickets to various events, song sheets, get well wishes, and a program to an event honoring General George C. Marshall.

Series VIII. Publications, 1940s-1970s.   1 inch (2 folders).
Pamphlets and booklets covering a variety of topics and newspaper clippings relating to the donors’ activities; Irving history; and two issues of the Irving High School newspaper.

Series IX. Artifacts, 1940s-1950s. 3 inches (1 flat box).
Irving High School cheerleader jacket, 1958-59; promotional items from local businesses, 1950s; table centerpiece from class reunion.  

Scope and Content

     The Rogers and Barbara Revier Collection in contained in two manuscript boxes, one large flat box, and the Irving Archives map collection, and space in the yearbook bookcase. The collection is arranged in nine series, with Series I, School Material, being by far the largest.

     The material in the collection focuses primarily on life as a student in the Irving school system during the 1940s and early 1950s. This was a period in which Irving was still a small town, but was beginning to feel the changes that suburbanization would bring.  

     Series I is made up of a wide range of items relating to the donors’ years in the Irving school system.  Folder 1 consist of items relating to the Irving High School senior class of 1951, including the senior class will, prophecy, and class history.  Also included among the material in the series are student directories, event programs and tickets, football programs, report cards, and an Irving High School yearbook, 1953.

     Series II consists of membership cards to various organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the YMCA, the Red Cross, and the Rainbow Girls, 1940s.

     Series III is made up of items from Irving State Bank. Barbara Revier worked at the bank in the 1950s. Among the items are a bank note pad, a cash bag, and ashtrays.

     Series IV is made up of publications of various types relating to First Baptist Church in Irving and First United Methodist Church in Irving. Of particular interest is the program from the inaugural ceremony of the new sanctuary at First Baptist Church in 1951.

     Series V consists of real estate documents relating to the two houses the Reviers owned in Irving.

     Series VI is made up of four Irving street maps, 1961 (2), 1963, and 1966. It also contains two promotional calendars from Irving businesses: Irving Furniture Co. 1944; and Dye Insurance Agency, 1951.

     Series VII consists of a variety of paper items collected by the donors during the 1940s and early 1950s.  The items include such material as song sheets, invitations to parties, valentines, and local business cards.  Of particular interest is a program from a dinner at the Adolphus Hotel honoring General George C. Marshall, 1950.  He was the keynote speaker at the event.  The program was designed by the Junior Red Cross of Highland Park Junior High School.

     Series VIII consists of publications. Included among others are publications about tact, first aid, fallout protection, and city of Irving information, 1959. The publications date to the 1940s and 1950s. Also in the series are newspaper clippings relating to the activities of the donors, 1950s and 1960s, and two issues of the Irving High School newspaper, the Tiger Rag. One issue is from 1951, and the other is from 1967.

     Series IX is made up of artifacts. Among the artifacts are a mortarboard and tassel from the Irving High School class of 1970 and a tassel from the class of 1951. Of particular interest is an Irving High School cheerleader letter jacket, 1958-59.               

Provenance Statement

     The Rogers and Barbara Revier Collection was donated to the Irving Archives in twelve accessions over ten years: accession number 9899-86 was donated in August 1999; accession number 0001-35 was donated on November 1, 2000; accession number 0001-41 was donated on December 14, 2000; accession number 0102-52 was donated on November 8, 2001; accession number 0102-134 was donated on March 8, 2002; accession number 0102-144 was donated on March 22, 2002; accession number 0102-214 was donated on May 15, 2002; accession number 0203-51 was donated on November 7, 2002; accession number 0203-112 was donated on February 13, 2003; accession number 0506-200 was donated on July 10, 2006; accession number 0708-76 was donated on March 13, 2008; and accession number 0809-08 was donated on November 5, 2008.  Prior to its donation to the Irving Archives, the material was in the Reviers’ possession.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish from the Rogers and Barbara Revier Collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Container List

Series I. School Material, 1943-1960

Box 1


1     Senior Class, 1951
Contains items pertaining to the senior class of Irving High School, 1951.  Among the items in the folder are: a memory book; personal cards; Irving High School graduation invitations, 1951 (as well as 1956 and 1957); prom napkins; thank you cards with Irving High School sketched on the front; the senior will; senior prophecy; senior class history; script from Senior Kid’s Day skit; career profile test result; and a photo of the Irving High School football team, 1952.

2     School Handbooks and Directories, 1940s-1960
Contains various types of school handbooks and directories: Senior Handbook, 1951; student handbook, “The Irving High School Roar,” 1947; Tiger Directory, 1947-48; Handbook for Irving High School, Spring, 1950; Central Elementary PTA yearbook, 1959-1960. Included is an Irving High School yearbook, 1953 (in the yearbook bookcase).

3     Memorabilia, 1946-1951
Contains student autograph books; name tags from two student conferences; and tickets to various school-related events.

4     Programs and Certificates, 1946-1958
Contains programs to: Irving Elementary School graduation, 1947: Dallas Historical Society Program for Students, “The Rose Window of San José” presented at the Hall of State by Highland Park Junior High School dramatics department, March 16, 1946, and a program by the students of Kleberg School on March 9, 1946: Irving High School Football Banquet, 1958.  The file also contains certificates of achievement for various classroom accomplishments.

5     Report Cards, 1942-1951
Contains Irving School report cards: Irving Elementary School, 1945-1947; Irving High School, 1947-1951; and State of Texas Free Textbook cards, 1940s.

6     Library Cards and Notebooks, 1940s and 1950-51
Contains library circulation cards from books that had been in the school’s library, 1940s. The file also contains two notebooks: one contains notes taken by Barbara Reese Revier in a speech class and the other in a biology class.

7     Football Programs, 1958
Contains programs (5) from Irving High School football games: September 12; October 3; October 17; November 14; and November 21, 1958.

Series II. Membership Cards, 1945-1952

Box 2


1     Membership Cards, 1945-1952
Contains membership cards to clubs that the donors belonged to during their school years: including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts; Rainbow Girls; the Junior Red Cross; the American Legion Auxiliary; also included are a few identification cards and a small Girl Scout patch, c. 1947.

Series III. Bank Material, 1950s

2      Bank Artifacts, 1950s
Contains a cash bag, a note pad, and a thrift tip booklet produced by Irving State Bank. Three ashtrays with the image of the business cards of bank officers W. O. Parsons and John Brandenburg in the bottom are in Box 3.

Series IV. Church Material, 1950s-1980s
3      Directories and Programs, 1946-1980 (bulk 1940s-1950s)
Contains Sunday School promotion certificates, 1946; orders of service (3) at First United Methodist Church, 1980; a program from the celebration of Dr. Henry Kinkeade’s 25th year as pastor at First Baptist Church of Irving, 1977; a program from the inaugural ceremony for First Baptist Church of Irving’s new sanctuary, 1951; and a First Baptist Church directory, 1972.

Series V. Real Estate Documents, 1953 and 1963

4     Deeds and Records, 1950s and 1960s
Contains real estate documents relating to the two houses that the donors owned in Irving.

Series VI. Maps and Calendars, 1960s

5     Calendars and City of Irving Street Maps, 1961, 1963, and 1966
Contains four street maps: City of Irving, produced by Irving Bank & Trust, 1961 (located in the map collection); City of Irving, produced by Southwest Bank, 1963; City of Irving, produced by Irving Bank & Trust, Oct. 1, 1963; Business-Industrial-Civic Map Edition of the City of Irving, 1966. The file also contains two calendars: one from Irving Furniture Company, 1944.  It is a calendar and homemakers’ companion.  The calendar pages are missing, but the homemakers’ companion pages are still attached.  The other is a calendar from Dye Insurance Agency, 1951.

Series VII. Personal Ephemera

6     Miscellany, 1940s
Contains party invitations; tickets; business cards; valentines; song sheets; a sheet of brown paper on which 7th grade students wrote get-well messages to their teacher; and a program from a reception for General George C. Marshall at the Adolphus Hotel, 1950. 

Series VIII. Publications, 1940s-1970s

7     Booklets and Newsletters, 1950-1979 (bulk 1950s)
Contains booklets relating to a variety of subjects: First Aid in Emergencies, 1943; Tact, (compliments of Southwestern States Telephone Company), 1948; Charter of the City of Irving, Texas, 1952; League of Women Voters of Irving – Know Your City, Irving, Texas, 1959; Fallout Protection, 1961; Irving Community Hospital Foundation pamphlets, 1970s; Texas Library Association Bicentennial bookmarks, 1976; City Council of PTAs newsletter about Lamar Junior High School, 1979; Nimitz High School Spring Concert program, April 15, 1980.

8     Newspapers and Newspaper Clippings, 1940s-1970s
Contains newspaper clippings relating to the activities of Rogers and Barbara Revier, 1950s-1960s: “Barbara Reese Active in Red Cross Work;” photo of Donna Cottrell and David Reese named Rotary Boy and Girl of 1953; photo of Barbara Revier on a wagon drawn by Shetland ponies at the drive-in window of Irving State Bank, c. 1953; article marking John Brandenburg’s 35 years at Irving State Bank, 1964; article and photo of Rogers and Barbara Revier receiving certificates from the American Institute of Banking, 1964.

The newspapers and supplements listed below have been deaccessioned.  They are duplicates of issues that can be found in other collections in the Archives:
Rotary District 581 Conference, 1977 (supplement to Irving Daily News).  See master file in Newspaper Cabinet, Drawer 2.
Irving Chamber of Commerce, 1978 (supplement to the Irving Daily News) See master file in Newspaper Cabinet, Drawer 2.
Irving Daily News, Progress Edition, 1974 (see accession number 0708-61).
Irving Daily News, Irving’s Diamond Jubilee, 75th Anniversary, 1903-1978 (see 0405-109).

Box 3


1     Tiger Rag, 1951 and 1967
Contains two issues of the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, January 23, 1951, and September 15, 1967.  Also in this folder are four oversize scrapbook pages entitled “My Days at Irving High School.” The pages contain photos of faculty and friends, as well as penmanship progress certificates, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1947, and an essay entitled “The Philosophy of Our School.”

Series IX. Artifacts

Contains a tassel from the class of 1951 mortarboard; the strap from a drill team uniform hat, 1950; a pencil from Girls State, 1950; a B&H Dry Goods metal ruler with an Irving High School football schedule printed on it, n.d.; a wooden ruler with the Golden Rule printed on it; a table centerpiece in the shape of a tiger’s head from a class of 1951 reunion; a mortarboard from the Irving High School class of 1970; and an Irving High School cheerleader letter jacket, 1958-59.