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Accession Number: 9899-57

Collection 48

Prepared by Kevin Kendro
March 2006

CITATION: The Phillip Reid Collection, Collection 48, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library. 

Biographical Sketch

     Phillip Reid began his career in banking as a file clerk at the Citizens National Bank of Cameron in Cameron, Texas.  He spent 13 years there during the 1920s and 1930s learning the banking business.  In 1936, he left the bank and joined the U. S. Treasury Department for a few years and then spent 14 years as director of the National City Bank of Dallas. In 1954, he was hired as president of Irving State Bank (later Irving Bank & Trust Co).  He was later appointed to the board of directors of the bank.  He remained at the bank until his retirement in 1975.

     R. N.  Pittman graduated from Dublin High School in Dublin, Texas, and then attended Tarleton State College in Stephenville, Texas.  He began his banking career at the First State Bank of Stephenville in 1924. He worked there until 1931.  He served as mayor of Stephenville from 1948-1952.  In 1952, he joined Irving State Bank (later Irving Bank & Trust Co.) in Irving, Texas, as cashier. He served as senior vice-president and later was named executive vice-president of the bank.  He was named to the bank’s board of directors in 1954.  He retired from Irving Bank & Trust Co. in 1975.

     John J. Brandenburg attended Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, Texas.  His father worked at First State Bank of Cedar Hill, Texas, and this is where he received his early training in banking.  Brandenburg attended SMU and the University of Texas.  He came to Irving in 1929 to work at the Irving State Bank.  At that time, the bank’s staff consisted of Brandenburg and one other employee.  Irving State Bank later became Irving Bank & Trust Co.  Through the years, as the bank grew, Brandenburg worked his way up the ranks to become executive vice-president.  Later he was named vice-chairman of the board.  Brandenburg worked at the bank for 46 years until his retirement in 1975.

Source: Collection 48: The Phillip Reid Collection.

Historical Sketch

     The Irving Bank & Trust Co. began as the Merchants and Planters Bank in Irving, Texas, in 1906.  The bank was a private institution and owned entirely by the founder, Judge George W. Riddle.  In 1907, Chaney and Fletcher Miller took over management of the bank.  The Miller brothers reorganized the bank and chartered it as Irving State Bank in 1908. Judge Riddle remained president of the bank until the 1920s.

     In 1911, the bank moved from its original location on Main Street to the northwest corner of Main and First streets (Irving Boulevard).  Irving State Bank remained in this location until 1947.

     During the late 1940s, the city began experiencing rapid growth.  Irving State Bank outgrew its facilities on the northwest corner of Main and First streets and a new building was constructed on the east side of Main Street across the street from the old location.  The 1950s were a time of rapid expansion of the city.  By 1955, the new bank building had been expanded to double its original size.

     In 1962, Irving State Bank changed its name to Irving Bank & Trust Co.  As the bank continued to grow, it was determined that a larger facility was needed.  In 1967, Irving Bank and Trust Co. opened a ten-story bank and office tower adjacent to the 1947 building on the northeast corner of Main Street and Irving Boulevard.

     Under the guidance of Mr. Reid, Mr. Brandenburg, and Mr. Pittman, Irving State Bank increased its deposits tenfold in a twenty-year span.  These three men served as officers of the bank until they simultaneously retired at the end of 1975.

     Texas Commerce Bank took over Irving Bank & Trust Co. in 1978.  Later Chase Bank bought out Texas Commerce Bank.


Collection 48: The Phillip Reid Collection.

Scope and Content Note

     The Phillip Reid Collection is contained in one flat box, space on the flat items shelves, space in the Newspaper Cabinet, and the Map Collection.  The collection is arranged in four series.

     This collection provides information on Irving Bank & Trust Co., which began as Irving’s first bank and was its only banking institution for almost five decades.  It also provides some information on three of the bank’s longtime officers: Phillip Reid, R. N. Pittman, and John Brandenburg.  The collection also highlights bank president Phillip Reid’s years as president of the Irving Chamber of Commerce during the early to mid-1960s.  The collection was donated to the Irving Archives by Phillip Reid’s granddaughter, Alice Chambers.

     Series I consists of a scrapbook and scrapbook material.  The scrapbook documents Irving Bank & Trust Co. president Phillip Reid’s two years as president of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, 1963-1965. The articles in the scrapbook cover the Chamber’s activities during those years.  The scrapbook is in generally good condition. The glue on the articles is brittle, and some of the material has separated from the scrapbook pages.

     The second scrapbook consisted of a small amount of material placed in a scrapbook but not attached to the pages.  The processing archivist took the material out of the scrapbook and placed it in acid-free folders.  Most of the material in the folders documents events concerning Irving Bank & Trust Co. and the retirement of bank officers Phillip Reid, R. N. Pittman, and John Brandenburg in 1975.  The material includes newspaper articles, invitations, and photographs. 

     Series II, Directory, consists of an Irving, Texas, telephone directory, October 1956. The directory was put out by Southwestern States Telephone Company.

     Series III consists of a City of Irving street map, 1954.  The map was sponsored by Irving State Bank.  It contains photos of local schools, a shopping center, city hall, street views of the downtown area, pictures of the bank’s officers, and inset maps of Irving’s downtown area and of Dallas County. 

     Series IV consists of a plaque presented to Phillip Reid as chairman of the board of Irving Bank & Trust Co. by the Irving Daily News, 1973.

Provenance Statement

     The Phillip Reid Collection, accession number 9899-57, was donated to the Irving Archives by Alice Chambers on February 24, 1999.  Prior to its donation the material was in the donor’s possession.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish from the Phillip Reid Collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Note to Researcher

     Consult with archivist for further information on Irving Bank & Trust Co.

Container List                                      

Series I. Scrapbooks

Box 1

Volume 1.  Scrapbook, April 1, 1963-March 31, 1965.  Title page-“Phillip Reid President Irving Chamber of Commerce, April 1, 1963–March 31, 1965.”  The scrapbook documents the activities of the Irving Chamber of Commerce during the years that Phil Reid was president of the organization.  The scrapbook is made up of newspaper articles about meetings and activities of the Irving Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Division of the Irving Chamber of Commerce.

Volume 2.  Scrapbook, n.d. There was very little material in this scrapbook and the items were not attached to the pages.  The processing archivist took the items out of the scrapbook and placed them in file folders.  The folders consist of the following material:


  1     Irving Daily News insert, December 28, 1975, commemorating the retirement of Phillip Reid, R. N. “Bob” Pittman, and John Brandenburg from Irving Bank & Trust Co.  The insert contains letters from local and state businessmen and bankers commending the retirees; articles on each of the retiree’s careers; newspaper photos of the various buildings in which the bank was housed, 1908-1975; and a brief history of the bank.

  2     Contains newspaper articles titled “Alice Chambers, Claude Lebrun Top Science Fair,” The Dallas Morning News, April 1, 1973, and “Work Engrossed Winners” n.d. (c. 1973) (note-Alice Chambers is Phillip Reid’s granddaughter); an invitation to the retirement celebration for Reid, Pittman, and Brandenburg, Dec. 28, 1975; a newspaper photo of and article about the ribbon cutting for Irving Bank & Trust Co.’s 10-story bank tower, August 25, 1967; an invitation to a reception honoring Phil Reid and R. N. Pittman for 50 years in banking, 1974; a letter of thanks to Phil Reid from Terry Kelly, the bank’s chief executive officer, for attending the groundbreaking for the new drive-in bank, April 11, 1976; a booklet entitled Irving, Texas Past and Present, 1902-1967, by Mable Hill Scott (signed by the author).  The booklet contains photos of old Irving, a brief history of major events in the city’s development, a list of Irving’s mayors and councilmen, and a list of city revenue, 1945-1966. The newspaper articles have been photocopied on acid-free paper. The originals have been retained.  The photocopies are at the back of the folder. 

  3     Contains six photos from the scrapbook. Five of the photos are of the retirement ceremony for Reid, Pittman, and Brandenburg, 1975.  The remaining photo is of the groundbreaking for the Irving Bank & Trust Co.’s new drive-in bank, 1976.

  4     Contains a guest book from the retirement ceremony for Phil Reid, R. N. Pittman, and John Brandenburg, 1975.

Oversize Folder 48-05 

Contains two copies of a special section of the Cameron Herald dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Citizens National Bank of Cameron, 1975.  Phil Reid worked at the bank during the 1920s and 1930s.  Also includes a newspaper section from the Daily News Texan announcing an open house at Irving Bank & Trust Co. to show off the new “electronic computer recently installed.” The computer was a Burroughs B251 Visible Record Computer, August 24, 1962.  

Series II. Directory, 1956

  6     Contains an Irving telephone directory, October 1956.

Series III. Map, 1954

City of Irving street map from Irving State Bank, 1954.

Series IV. Plaque, 1973

     A plaque showing pictures of the various buildings that Irving Bank & Trust Co. and its predecessors were housed in through the years, 1908-1973, and the caption “We’ve been welcoming newcomers to Irving Bank since 1908…and we still do today at a most unusual bank.”  The Irving Daily News presented the plaque to Phillip Reid in 1973.