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 April 1977-March 1981

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 Collection Number: 2

 Prepared by Kevin Kendro
 July 1997

CITATION:  City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - Marvin Randle Administration Records, Collection 2, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Historical Sketch

     The City of Irving was established in 1903 by J.O. Schulze and Otis Brown.  The founders selected an area of fertile farming soil between the West Fork and Elm Fork of the Trinity River.  Key to the selection of the site was its location along the tracks of the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway.  Irving was incorporated and elected its first mayor, Otis Brown, in 1914.

     Marvin Randle was elected as Irving's seventeenth mayor.  Randle served two consecutive two-year terms from May 1977-April 1981.  Although still steadily growing, the population explosion that the city had experienced during the previous twenty years had slowed.  Under Mayor Randle's administration, the Irving Arts Board was established, as was a tourist and convention bureau.  The development of the Las Colinas area began to attract new businesses to the city.  The later years of the 1970's also presented the local government with new and unique problems such as an energy shortage and environmental concerns.

     Marvin Randle, a native and lifelong resident of Irving, was born in 1936.  He has been the owner and operator of Irving Counter Top Co., Inc., since 1962.  Randle was first elected to the City Council in 1970, where he served three terms before being elected mayor in 1977.  During his term as mayor, he served on the North Texas Council of Governments Executive Board, the Greater Dallas League of Municipalities, and the Red River Valley Association.  In 1979, he was appointed to the Mayors Advisory Committee to the Governor by then Texas Governor Bill Clements.  Additionally he has served on the Board of Directors of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, and he has been a member of AMBUCS and a Rotarian.


City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - Marvin Randle Administration Records.

Rice, Joseph.  Irving: A Texas Odyssey.  Chatsworth, California: Windsor Publications, Inc., 1989.

Scope and Content Note

     The City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - Marvin Randle Administration Records consist of material accumulated during Marvin Randle's term as Mayor of Irving, May 1977-April 1981.  Contained in three legal-size document boxes, the materials include correspondence, memoranda, and publications received by and created by the Mayor's Office during the Randle Administration. 

     The collection consists of one series:  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications.  A large portion of the collection is comprised of letters from citizens asking for information, expressing complaints, or offering praise.  Also included is correspondence with various state and national elected officials. There are a great many letters from students requesting information about the mayor, commendations to emergency medical technicians for jobs well done, and various other plaudits to citizens.  The letters of complaint address primarily traffic control, utility rates, drainage, police behavior, and street maintenance.  The correspondence with state and national elected officials reflects concern over the establishment of the Public Utilities Commission and changes to the Hatch Act.  There is a fair amount of correspondence with various federal agencies.  The topics most often addressed in these letters are Section Eight Housing, energy conservation, inflation control, and water and air pollution standards.  There is some correspondence from the U.S. Conference of Mayors throughout the collection.  The publications included are from various federal, state, and local governmental organizations.  The memoranda contained in the collection are those produced in the day-to-day operation of the city government.  The memos are primarily brief requests for information from the Mayor's Office to various City department heads.

     The original order of the collection was maintained.  The collection is arranged in three legal-size document boxes and consists of twenty-one folders.  The folders and contents of the folders are arranged in reverse chronological order.  Any undated material was placed at the back of the folder.

Provenance Statement

     The City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - Marvin Randle Administration Records were maintained in the Office of the City Secretary of the City of Irving during their active life.  The records were then transferred to the Irving Archives.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish material from the City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - Marvin Randle Administration Records must be obtained from the Irving Archives.

Note to the Researcher

     See also: City Council minutes, resolutions, and ordinances; City Council committee minutes; and City board and commission minutes.  These are on microfiche in the City Secretary's Office. The City Council minutes are also on microfiche in the Irving Public Library.

     Consult the Irving Daily News and other area papers for additional information.  These records are available on microfilm in the Irving Public Library.


Series I. Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, 1977-1981

Box 1


  1  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, January-April, 1981

  2  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, May-November, 1980

  3  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, March-April, 1980

  4  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Jan.-Feb., 1980

  5  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Nov.-Dec., 1979

  6  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Sept.-Oct., 1979

  7  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, June-August, 1979

  8  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, April-May, 1979

  9  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, March, 1979.

Box 2

  1  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Jan.-Feb., 1979.

  2  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Nov.-Dec., 1978.

  3  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, October, 1978.

  4  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Aug.-Sept., 1978.

  5  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, June-July, 1978.

  6  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, April-May, 1978.

  7  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Feb.-March, 1978.

Box 3

  1  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, January, 1978.

  2  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Oct.-Dec., 1977.

  3  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Aug.-Sept., 1977.

  4  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, June-July, 1977.

  5  Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, April-May, 1977.