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Collection Number:  1

Prepared by Jan Hart and Kevin Kendro
August 1997

CITATION:  City of Irving.  Office of the Mayor - R. Dan Matkin Administration Records, Collection 1, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library, Irving, Texas.

Historical Sketch

    The City of Irving was established in 1903 by J.O. Schulze and Otis Brown. The founders selected an area of fertile farming soil between the West Fork and Elm Fork of the Trinity River. Key to the selection of the site was its location along the tracks of the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway. Irving was incorporated and elected its first mayor, Otis Brown, in 1914.

    In April, 1971, R. Dan Matkin was elected as Irving's sixteenth mayor, serving three consecutive two-year terms, 1971-1977. Prior to his years as mayor, he served eight years as a member of the Irving City Council, 1963-1971.  During Mayor Matkin's administration, the city continued the rapid population growth which had begun in the mid-1950's. 

    Matkin was born on November 12, 1932. After graduating from Irving High School, he attended Arlington State College (now the University of Texas at Arlington), from which he graduated in 1952. He received a BBA degree from Southern Methodist University in 1960. R. Dan Matkin worked for LTV Aerospace Corporation for twenty-two years, then served as president of Irving, Texas, Financial Corporation. In addition to his service on the City Council and as Mayor, Matkin has also served as president of the Irving Jaycees, been a member of the Irving Rotary Club, and served as president of the area division of the Texas Municipal League. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and he was a member of the Joint Airport Zoning Board. In 1972, Matkin was named an Outstanding Young Man of America by Who's Who.
    The opening of Texas Stadium and Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport are two notable events that occurred during Matkin's administration. The Las Colinas commercial and residential district was begun during these years. Matkin also championed better library services and a senior citizens’ center. The administration worked to expand the city's water, sewer, and drainage systems. Local U.S. Bicentennial plans were developed and executed under the Matkin administration.


City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - R. Dan Matkin Administration Records.

Rice, Joseph.  Irving: A Texas Odyssey.  Chatsworth, California: Windsor Publications, Inc., 1989.

Scope and Content Note

    The City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - R. Dan Matkin Administration Records consist of mayoral-related material accumulated by the City Secretary's Office during R. Dan Matkin's term as Mayor of Irving, May 1971-April 1977.  Contained in twelve legal-size document boxes, containing eighty-three folders, the materials include correspondence, memoranda, and publications received by and created by the Mayor's Office during the Matkin administration.

    The collection consists of one series: Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications. The bulk of the collection is correspondence to and from state and federal elected officials and concerned citizens. The memoranda contained in the collection concern the day-to-day operation of the city.  Generally the memos are brief requests or questions from the mayor to various city department heads. There are a large number of publications in the collection. These are in the form of newsletters and bulletins from various local, state, and national organizations.

    When processing began, the collection was in roughly reverse chronological order. There was evidence (coding of some of the documents) that the records had at one time been divided by subject. That order was destroyed earlier in the history of the collection. 

    The collection is arranged in reverse chronological order. This is the manner in which it was filed in the City Secretary's Office. If the item was not dated, then the postmark was used as the date to place the item in the collection.  If there was no postmark, the date the item was stamped "received" was used. Undated items were placed at the back of the folder.

Provenance Statement

    The City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - R. Dan Matkin Administration Records were maintained in the Office of the City Secretary of the City of Irving during their active life.  The records were then transferred to the Irving Archives.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish material from the City of Irving - Office of the Mayor - R. Dan Matkin Administration Records must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Note to the Researcher

See also:  City Council minutes, resolutions, and ordinances, City Council committee minutes; and City board and commission minutes. These are on microfiche in the City Secretary's Office. The City Council minutes are also on microfiche in the Irving Public Library.

Consult the Irving Daily News and other area papers for additional information. These records are available on microfilm in the Irving Public Library.

Container List 

Series I. Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, 1971-1977

Box 1


  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, May, 1977.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     April, 1977.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     March, 1977.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     February, 1977.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     January, 1977.

Box 2

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     December, 1976.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     November, 1976.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     October, 1976.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     September, 1976.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     August, 1976.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,      July, 1976.

Box 3

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,      June, 1976.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,      May, 1976.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     April, 1976.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     March, 1976.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     February, 1976.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     January, 1976.

  7   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,     Nov.-Dec., 1975.

  8   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Sept.-Oct., 1975.

Box 4

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    June-August, 1975.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    May, 1975.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    April, 1975.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    March, 1975.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Feb. 6-28, 1975.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Feb. 1-5, 1975.

  7   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Jan. 13-31, 1975.

Box 5

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Jan. 1-12, 1975.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    December, 1974.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    November, 1974.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    October, 1974.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Sept. 16-30, 1975.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Sept. 1-15, 1975.

Box 6

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Aug. 12-31, 1974.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Aug. 1-11, 1974.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    July 16-31, 1974.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    July 1-15, 1974.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    June 11-30, 1974.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    June 1-10, 1974.

  7   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    May 11-31, 1974.

Box 7

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    May 1-10, 1974.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    April 20-30, 1974.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    April 11-19, 1974.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    April 1-10, 1974.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    March, 1974.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    February, 1974.

  7   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    January, 1974.

Box 8

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    December, 1973.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    November, 1973.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    October, 1973.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Sept. 21-30, 1973.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    Sept. 1-20, 1973.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications,    September, 1973
       (dated by month only).

Box 9

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, August 28-31, 1973.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, August 17-27, 1973.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, August 1-17, 1973.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, July 1-31, 1973.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, July, 1973
       (dated by month only).

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, June, 1973.

  7   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, May, 1973.

  8   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, April, 1973.

Box 10

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, March, 1973.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Feb. 16-28, 1973.                                     

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Feb. 1-15, 1973.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Jan. 21-31, 1973.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Jan. 1-20, 1973.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, December, 1972.

  7   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, November, 1972.

  8   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, October, 1972.

Box 11

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, September, 1972.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, August, 1972.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, July, 1972.

  4   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, June, 1972.

  5   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, May, 1972.

  6   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, April, 1972.

  7   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, March, 1972.

  8   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Jan.-Feb., 1972.

  9   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, December, 1971.

  10   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, November, 1971.

Box 12

  1   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Sept.-Oct. 1971.

  2   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, June-Aug., 1971.

  3   Correspondence, Memoranda, and Publications, Jan.; April; May, 1971.

  4   Biographical Sketches, 1971-1976.