Guide to the

The Junior Book Review Club Records

14 inches

Accession Numbers: 0001-65; 0506-148; 1011-113; 1213-89; 1213-105

Collection Number 76

Prepared by Regina Beavers
October 2013

CITATION:  The Junior Book Review Club, Collection 76, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Historical Sketch

The Irving Public Library Junior Book Review Club was established on April 20, 1953.  The founders of the club were Mrs. Esther Hurwitz and Mrs. Claude Walker.  Esther Hurwitz founded the Irving Memorial Library in 1941 and operated it until the city of Irving established a municipal library system in 1962.  During her years at the library, Mrs. Hurwitz created three book clubs: the Irving Public Library Senior Book Review Club; the Irving Public Library Junior Book Review Club; and the Esther Hurwitz Book Review Club.

The IPL Junior Book Review Club was open to women up to 30 years of age (one source states 35 years of age).  Women older than that could be members of the IPL Senior Book Review Club.  Meetings were held on the second Monday of the month September-May.  Membership was originally set at 45 members but has expanded over the years and was 150 as of 2006.  During the 1955-56 year, the library withdrew its sponsorship of the club, as well as the other two library sponsored clubs.  As a result, the club changed its name to the Junior Book Review Club.  Although no documentation has been found, it was probably around this time that the age limit for club membership was removed.

Source:  The Junior Book Review Club Records, 1953-2013.

Scope and Content Note

The Junior Book Review Club Records is arranged in five series and contained in one manuscript box and three flat boxes.

Series I consists of three scrapbooks put together by the club’s historians over the years.  The first scrapbook covers the years 1953-1971.  This scrapbook is made up of yearbooks and newspaper clippings relating to the club’s activities.  The second scrapbook covers the years 1972-1990.  It too is made up primarily of newspaper articles concerning club activities.  Also included are club yearbooks.  Photographs from club meetings first appear in 1989.  The third scrapbook covers the years 1990-2006.  It consists of photographs of reviewers and meetings as well as meeting announcement cards which give the day and time of the meeting and the name of the reviewer and the book being reviewed.

Series II is made up of meeting minutes covering the years 1967-1976 and 1985-2013.  The minutes are contained in four minute book volumes.  The minutes from 2012-2013 are loose in a folder.

Series III consists of club financial records.  These records are bank statements, deposit slips, and cancelled checks from 1953-55; a letter from the IRS containing the club’s tax id number, 1994; and an audit report from May 2008.  Also included are bank statements from 2007-2009; a check register, 2008; and IRS reports, 2006 and 2007.

Series IV is made up of club yearbooks.  The yearbooks list club officers, committee members, club members’ names, addresses, and phone numbers, meeting schedules and locations, by-laws and rules.  Some of the yearbooks are in folders; many are attached to pages of the scrapbooks.  Included are yearbooks from 1953-54 through 2005-06 (missing are 1965-66; 1977-78; 1978-79; 1979-1980; 1980-81; 1982-83; 1984-85).

Series V consists of lists of reviewers’ names and the books they reviewed for the club, 1992-2003.  Also included is a list of reviewers from the 2007-08 year.

Provenance Statement

The Junior Book Review Club Records was donated to the Irving Archives in five accessions.  Accession 0001-065 was donated on February 11, 2001; accession 0506-148 was donated on April 19, 2006; accession 1011-113 was donated on June 21, 2011; accession 1213-089 was donated on June 12, 2013; and accession 1213-105 was donated on August 29, 2013.  Prior to their donation to the Archives, the records were stored in club members’ homes.

Literary Rights Statement

Permission to publish from the Junior Book Review Club Records must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Container List   

Series I. Scrapbooks, 1953-2006

Box 1  

Vol. 1  Scrapbook, 1953-1971
Contains newspaper clippings, yearbooks, and meeting notices.

Box 2

Vol. 2  Scrapbook, 1972-1990
Contains newspaper clippings, yearbooks, photographs, and meeting notices. 

Box 3

Vol. 3  Scrapbook, 1990-2006
Contains newspaper clippings, yearbooks, meeting notices, and photographs taken at meetings.  Also included in this box are photographs which were loose in the collection, 1991.

Series II.  Minutes, 1967-1976, 1985-2013

Box 4

Folder      Title, Dates, and Description

1 Minutes-May 11, 1967-April 12, 1976.

2 Minutes-May 14, 1985-May 13, 1996. 
Included in the minute book are meeting reminder postcards that are attached to the pages.

3 Minutes-June 19, 1996-August 22, 2001
Included in the minute book are meeting reminder postcards that were loose in the minute book, 1999-2001.

4 Minutes, September 1, 2001-May 7, 2012
Included in the minute book is an envelope attached to front cover, labeled 501(c).  Also included are: a letter dated January 22, 2003, re: donation of books to Irving Public Library in memory of Josh Taylor; and an audit report dated February 2, 2005.   Meeting reminder postcards are attached to the pages.

5  Minutes, September 10, 2012-May 7, 2013
Also included in the folder is a photograph of 2012-2014 club officers.

Series III.  Financial Records


6  Financial Records, 1953-1955
Includes bank statements, deposit slips, cancelled checks, May 1953-January 1955; an envelope with IRS employer identification number (EIN), dated July 12, 1994; and an audit report dated September 4, 2008.  Also included are monthly bank statements from 2007-2009; a check register from 2008; and IRS forms from 2006 and 2007.

Series IV.  Yearbooks


7  Yearbooks, 1954-1955, 1959-1962, 1967-1970, 1975-1977

8  Yearbooks, 1989-1994, 1999-2002, 2003-2006

Series V.  Reviewers


9 Reviewer Lists, 1992-2008
Handwritten lists of reviewers and books reviewed, 1992-2001.  Typed list of reviewers and books reviewed, 2007-2008.  Typed list of club officers, 2007-2008.