Guide to the

1975-2011 (bulk 1978-1991)

12 linear ft.

Accession Numbers: 9697-06; 9798-117; 9899-41; 9900-01; 9900-100; 0001-114; 0203-131; 0203-139; 0304-33; 0304-201; 0506-94; 0506-113; 0506-152; 0607-11; 0607-68; 0708-07; 0910-04; 0910-191; 1011-15; 1011-20; 1011-84; 1011-122; 1011-133; 1112-36; 1112-48

Collection Number: 73

Prepared by Eleanor Bell,
Mary Moorman and Kevin Kendro
March-May 2012

CITATION:  Irving Heritage Society Collection, Collection 73, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public library.

Historical Sketch

On July 5, 1975, the Schulze family heirs donated their family home to the city of Irving as part of the city’s U. S. Bicentennial celebration.  The house was restored and furnished in early 20th century style and opened as a house museum.

The house was built in 1912 for C. P. Schulze, the brother of Irving’s co-founder J. O. Schulze, and his wife Virginia.  The couple raised their children, Charles and Mary, in the house.  During the early and middle 20th century the home emerged as a center of Irving’s social and civic life.

Now known as “Heritage House” the building is open for tours once a month and by appointment.  In 1986, the house was designated a Texas State Historic Landmark.

The Irving Heritage Society was founded in 1978 with the primary task of caring for the Heritage House.  In addition to this duty, the Heritage Society has played an active role in numerous local history related projects among them are: the development of Heritage Park and the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center; co-establishing the Irving Heritage Festival; and creating a historic marker program to recognize historic sites in Irving’s history.  The Society also sponsored the publication of a local history book, Irving a Texas Odyssey in 1989.

The Society conducts monthly board meetings and quarterly general membership meetings.  It publishes a newsletter called Whistle Stop.  Its logo is a train depot due to Irving’s founding along the tracks of the Rock Island railroad.  The group’s long-term goal is the establishment of an Irving heritage museum.

Sources: The Irving Heritage Society yearbook, 2011-12, and the Irving Heritage Society Collection.

Scope and Content Note

The Irving Heritage Society Collection is arranged in nine series and housed in 12 cubic foot boxes, two manuscript boxes, and two half-manuscript boxes.  The collection provides an in-depth look at the various projects and events that the Heritage Society has been involved with over the years.  The collection’s scrapbooks and meeting minutes give thorough insight into the group’s yearly activities.  Although the material in the collection spans the years 1975-2011, the bulk of the material dates from 1978-1991. 

The Heritage Society has been involved in several major projects relating to the city’s history.  The group, in conjunction with the city of Irving, maintains the Heritage House; it spearheaded the project to create Heritage Park and arranged to have the depot, cabin, windmill, and other historic features placed in the park in 1986.  The Society was also instrumental in establishing the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center.  Bear Creek is one of the oldest African-American settlements in Dallas County.

This collection is made up of many accessions that the Irving Heritage Society has made to the Irving Archives over the past 15 years.  Some of the larger accession had an established order, but most of the accessions did not.  The processing archivist maintained the original order as much as possible especially where files were found bearing project or event names.  Overall, in combining the accessions, the processing archivist created the current order.  Items in the folders are arranged chronologically.  

Series I consists of the Heritage Society’s vital records including: meeting minutes and agendas; treasurer’s reports; tax information; and dues ledgers.  Also included in the series are the group’s establishing documents such as the articles of incorporation; the original by-laws; a list of the first board of directors and first membership roster; the Whistle Stop newsletter; and general correspondence.  The correspondence provides insight into some of the projects undertaken by the Heritage Society during the 1980s. 

Series II consists of files containing information on many of the projects the Heritage Society was involved in primarily from 1978-1991.  Included among these is information on the maintenance of the Heritage House; Heritage House tours; Heritage Park development; the Bear Creek preservation project; the writing and publication of the history book, Irving a Texas Odyssey; the hiring of a downtown preservation and redevelopment project manager; the establishment of a genealogical society; the historical marker program; and the Irving Heritage Festival.

Series III consists of files of information, invitations, and fliers on various social and civic events that the Heritage Society managed or in which it played a significant role.  Some of those, among the many, are: the annual Valentine Tea; style shows; Bracebridge Dinner; the U. S. Bicentennial; the city of Irving’s 75th and 100th anniversary celebrations; and the Heritage House Cuisine program.  This was a program in which the Heritage Society catered luncheons, teas, and special events at the Heritage House as a means of raising funds and drawing people to the Heritage House.

Series IV consists of correspondence, project information, and newsletters relating to the Dallas County Historical Society.  Of note is research information regarding Irving compiled by the Heritage Society in helping develop the Dallas County Historic Trails Guide and the Dallas County Historic Resource Survey.  The finished publications are included in the series.

Series V consists of newspaper clippings concerning the activities of the Irving Heritage Society, 1975-1999.  One of the major U. S. Bicentennial events in the city was the donation of the Heritage House to the City of Irving by the Schulze family in 1975.  Although the Heritage Society was not formed until 1978, many of the future charter members of the Heritage Society were involved in the local U. S. Bicentennial activities and as a result most of the newspaper articles from the 1970s concern the repair, furnishing, and grand opening of the Heritage House.  Also of note are articles on the fire that destroyed the Thomas Haley house, 1980; the purchase and restoration of Otis Brown’s house on O’Connor Road by Marge and Morris Parrish, 1985; production of the Irving history videotape, 80 Acres of Dreams, 1986; and the hiring of a downtown programs coordinator, 1990.

Series VI is made up of Heritage Society yearbooks.  The books span 1978-2011.  The following yearbooks are missing from the collection: 1978-79; 1979-80; 1984-85; 1986-87; 1990-91; 1991-92; 1999-00; 2001-02; 2004-05.

Series VII consists of photographs.  The photo’s date from 1880-1994 with the bulk dating from 1990-1991.  Some of the topics covered by the photos are Heritage Society board meetings; events held at the Heritage House, such as Valentine Teas and public tours; July 4th parades; the Bear Creek community and its residents; Irving history book sales; dedication of the historic trails art work at the South Irving DART station; and the Watt Matthews of Lambshead photo exhibition; the dedication of the Dupree Theater at the Irving Arts Center.  The Heritage Society and Arts Board sponsored the author T.R. Fehrenbach as the speaker at the event.  He spoke about the challenges to the arts in Texas.  He is the author of Lone Star a book about Texas history.

Series VIII is made up of artifacts.  Included in the series are a number of guest books from the Heritage House and Heritage Society events.  Some of the other items included in the series are a 48 star U. S. flag; Cora Caster’s bible that was displayed in the Caster Cabin; a VHS tape recording of a tour of the depot in Heritage Park, 1994; and a Texas Sesquicentennial bumper sticker.

Series IX consist of scrapbooks.  The scrapbooks span the years 1978-2011.  The following scrapbooks are missing from the collection: 1980; 1982-83; 1983-84; 1984-85; 1987-88; 1988-89; 1989-90; 1990-91; and 1991-92.

Provenance Statement

The Irving Heritage Society Collection was donated to the Irving Archives over the course of many years in numerous accessions.  Various Society members donated the material they had been personally storing on behalf of the organization to the Irving Archives beginning in 1996.  By 2012, the Archives held 25 Heritage Society accessions.  These accessions were combined to create the Irving Heritage Society Collection, 1975-2011 (bulk 1978-1991).  Since their donation, the materials have been in the Archives’ possession.

Literary Rights Statement

Permission to publish from the Irving Heritage Society Collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Note to Researcher

For additional information on the Irving Heritage Society see the Marge Parrish Irving Heritage Society Collection, Collection 71, in the Irving Archives.  Ms. Parrish was president of the organization during the mid-1980s.  She saved much of the material relating to her terms as president.  The collection provides a good record of the events of those years.

See also: Clara Gibbs’ Irving Heritage Society Papers, 1978-1997, Collection 72.  Clara Gibbs was a charter member of the organization.  The Gibbs Collection contains material similar to that of this collection; that being, newsletters and newspaper clippings relating to the Heritage Society and some information on the local U. S. Bicentennial committee.    

Series I.   Irving Heritage Society Records, 1978-2010

Box 1

Folder Title, Dates, and Description

1   Board Meeting Minutes, 1978-1989
1978 – April; July; September; December; 1979 – February; March; April; May; July; September-December; 1980 – January; February; March; June; September; October; November; 1981 – January; February; March; May; June; August; September; October; November; 1982 – January; February; June; July; August; November; December; 1983 – January; February; September; 1984–1988 none; 1989 – February; April; May; June; July; October.     

2  Board Meeting Minutes, 1990-1994
1990 – February – July, September, October; 1991 – March; April; October; November; 1992 – May; August; October; November; 1993 -  March – December; 1994 – February – December.

3  Board Meeting Minutes, 1995-1996
1995 – January-April; June; July; September-December; 1996 – March-May; August; October-December.

4  Board Meeting Minutes, 1997-1999
1997 – January-June; August; September; November; December; 1998 – January-June; August-December; 1999 – January-May; August-December.   

5  Board Meeting Minutes, 2000-2004
2000 – January-June; August-December; 2001 – January-June; August-December; 2002 – February-June; August-November; 2003 – January; February; May; June; August-December; 2004 – January-March; May; August-December.

6  Board Meeting Minutes, 2005-2010
2005 – January-June; August-December; 2006 – January-June; August-December; 2007 – January-June; August-December; 2008 – January-March; June; November; December; 2009 – February; June; October; 2010 – January; March; June; August-November.

7  Board Meeting Agenda, 1979-2010 (sporadic)
1979 – March; May; June; August; October; 1980 - January; March; April; June; August; September; October; 1981 – April; May; July; September; November; 1982 – January; February; March; May; June; July; October, November; December; 1983 – January; February; March; 1984-1988 – none; 1989 – July; 1990 – February; March; April; June; July; September; October; November; 1991 – January; February; March; April; May; November; 1992 – March; April; May; June; September; November; December; 1993 – January; February; April; May; 1994 – January; April; May; June; July; December; 1995 – January; 1996 – August; October; November; December; 1997 – January; February; March; April; May; 1998 – August; 1999 – September; November.

8  Board Meeting Agenda, 2000-2010
2000 – January; February; April; September; October; November; December; 2001 – January; February; March; April; May; 2003 – August; September; 2004 – June; August; September; November; 2005 – January-June; August; November; 2006 – January-March; May; June; August-December; 2007 – January; March-June; August-December; 2008 – January-March; May; August; December; 2009 – March; May; August; November;
2010 – January; February; April; August-December.        

9  General Meeting Minutes, 1980-2007 and Agenda, 2007-2008 (sporadic)
Minutes – March 1980; May 1993; May 1999; May 2001; May 2005; May 2006; November 2006; January 2007; March 2007; May 2007; October 2007; January 2008. Agenda – October 2007; January 2008; May 2008.          

Box 2

1  Treasurer’s Reports, 1979-1989
1979 – February-May; August; September; 1980 – January; May; August; October; November; 1981 – January; February; April-July; 1982-1984 – none; 1985 – September; October-December; 1986 – January; March; April; June; July; 1987 – none; 1988 – December; 1989 – January; February; April; May; June; September.

2  Treasurer’s Reports, 1990-1996
1990 – March; May; June; July; August; 1991 – February; 1992 – February-May; October-December; 1993 – January; February; March; May; July; 1994 -  March-June; August-December; 1995 – January-March; April; May; June; August; October-December; 1996 – January-December.

3  Treasurer’s Reports, 1997-1999
1997 – January-December; 1998 – January-August; December; 1999 – January; April-December.

4  Treasurer’s Reports, 2000-2004
2000 – January-December; 2001 – January-November; 2002 – January; February; April; September; 2003 – May-December; 2004 – January-December.

5  Treasurer’s Reports, 2005-2006
2005 – January-July; October-December; 2006 – February-December.

6  Treasurer’s Reports, 2007-2010
2007 – January-April; June-December; 2008 – January-May; August; 2009 – January; March; May; August; November; 2010 – January; April; August; November.

7  Taxes, 1996-2006
Contains a copy of the tax exemption form, 1990 and 1992; tax returns for 1995, 1996, 1997; application for extension of time to file taxes, 1997; Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Return, 1999; 2000; and 2006; records of employee’s payment, 1990-2000.  In addition to paying administering funds for a downtown project manager’s position in 1991, the Society contributed to a paid internship position at the Irving Archives, 1998-2000.            

Box 3

1 Dues Ledger A-K, 1978-1984
Contains a ledger of all society members and their dues paying status.

2 Dues Ledger L-Z, 1978-1984  
Contains a ledger of all society members and their dues paying status.

3 Dues Ledger, 1985-1986
Contains a ledger of all society members and their dues paying status.

4 Dues Ledger, 1991-1994
Contains a ledger of all society members and their dues paying status.

Box 4

1  Establishing Documents, 1978
Contains the Articles of Incorporation for the Irving Heritage Society, 1978; the Irving Heritage Society Charter and By-Laws, 1978; a list of goals of the Heritage Society; a list of traditions of the Heritage Society; a brief history of the organization; a membership roster and a list of the board of directors, 1978; minutes from the first steering committee of the Irving Heritage Society, April 18, 1978; and a “A Handbook for Nonprofit Heritage Organizations.”

2-5 General Correspondence, 1975-2001 (sporadic)
Contains correspondence to and from the Irving Heritage Society on a wide range of topics including: the Heritage Society being a member of the Irving Cultural Affairs Council; furnishing the Heritage House; requests for grant funds; letter from early Irvingite Tom Hudson; preservation tax incentives; communication between the city and the Heritage Society regarding care of the Heritage House; thank-you letters from students who toured the Heritage House; Sesquicentennial wagon train in Irving, 1986; wish list for Bear Creek preservation; a park along Delaware Creek; a heritage museum; historical markers; historic trails; Heritage Park railroad tracks and railroad cars, 1990; street lighting map, 1924; Eudora Welty sending regrets for missing the Arts Center’s dedication, 1991; requests to Irvingites for donations of records and items for future museum use.

6-7 Newsletters – Whistle Stop, 1979-2001 (sporadic)
Contains Heritage Society newsletters - 1979 – July – December; 1980 – January; March; June; August; October-December; 1981 – January; March; August; November; 1982 – July, September; October; December; 1983 – March; August; October; 1984 – April; October; December; 1985 – January-March; May; May/June; June/July; September; October; 1989 – March-July; September-November; 1990 – January-July; September-November; 1991 – January-December; 1992 – January; March-December; 1993 – January-May; 1994 – November; 1995 – January; March;  June-December; 1996 – May; 1997 – December; 1999 October; December; 2000 January; March; May; July; 2001 - second quarter and third quarter.

8  Committees, 1978-2001 (bulk 1978-1990)
Contains lists of club officers; members of the board of directors; committee chairman; calendars of events; and a list of past committee chairman, 1978-1986.

9  Telephone Committee, 1988-1989
Contains correspondence to committee members explaining their duties; results of a membership survey; and a membership roster.

10-11 President’s File, 1982-1983
Contains the file kept by organization president O. D. Bates during his term in 1982-83.  Included are copies of meeting minutes; treasurer’s reports; general correspondence; tax forms; by-laws; committee information; and notes.

12  President’s File, 1989-1990
Contains correspondence to and from society president Mary Marks.

13  Hotel Occupancy Tax, 1989
Contains a letter from the Heritage Society requesting a portion of the HOT tax; the city ordinance addressing the HOT in Irving; and the state law enacting the HOT tax.

14  Certificates, Resolutions, Proclamations, 1979, 1981, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2011
Contains a certificate of membership in the Texas Historical Foundation, 1979; a certificate of membership in the National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1981; sponsor certificate from the Irving Heritage Festival, 2003;  a city of Irving proclamation recognizing the Valentine Tea, 2005; a State of Texas resolution recognizing the Heritage Society on its 25th anniversary; a State of Texas resolution recognizing the Heritage Society for its work on the Valentine Tea, 2006; a State of Texas resolution recognizing the placement of the historical marker at the depot in Heritage Park, 2011.

15  Letterhead
Contains two types of Irving Heritage Society letterhead.

Series II.   Project Files, 1975-2010 (bulk 1978-1990)

16-17 Heritage House, 1975-2005
Contains documents related to the Heritage House: a copy of the deed in which the Schulzes donated the house to the city, 1975; a landscape plan from the City of Irving for the Heritage House; a list of priorities for repairs at the house; a description of the furnishings in each room in the house; a brief history of the Heritage House and of the city;  a worksheet for taking inventory at the Heritage House, 1994; Heritage House hostess roster and hostess duties; Heritage House calendar of events, 1979-1981; a few letters about items donated to the house; a consultant’s letter of review after inspecting the house, 1980; thank you letters from school groups after touring the house; a Heritage House Registrar’s Manual; a inventory of the house contents, 1994 and 2005; and a hostesses’ script describing each room.

18-19 Heritage Park Development, Depot, Caboose, Caster Cabin, 1986-1991
Contains an invitation and program from the groundbreaking for Heritage Park, April 14, 1986; an inventory of tools donated by Robert Sale to display in the depot; a depot furnishings wish list; donor forms for items in the depot; newspaper articles about purchasing the depot; information on the dedication of the depot, water tank, and windmill in Heritage Park; an article about purchasing a caboose for the park; a depot guest register, 1990-1992; photos from the dedication of Hawk’s Chapel’s bell in the park; voided Union Pacific railroad tickets; an annual Union Pacific pass, 1933. Also included are letters from the governors from many of the states in the United States responding to the Heritage Society’s request for state seals, 1986; various state seals; and an inventory of items in the Caster Cabin.  The seals were to be used as part of a display in conjunction with the park’s dedication and the Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986.

20 First Presbyterian Church Building Preservation Project, 1981
Contains correspondence from the Heritage Society to First Presbyterian Church about preserving their original church building and proposed Heritage Society plans and schedules for saving and repairing the building. 
21 History Book – Irving a Texas Odyssey, 1990 and 2010
Contains consignment forms for book sales; correspondence relating to sales of the book; book order forms; a grant request, 1990; and a receipt from American Historical Press for $575 to the Heritage Society for purchase of the copyright to the book Irving a Texas Odyssey by Joseph Rice, 2010.

22 Bear Creek Preservation, 1989
Contains transcripts of oral history interviews with Jackie Townsell and Georgia Farrow; correspondence in which Mayor Robert Pierce requests the Heritage Society to look into a preservation project in Bear Creek; a letter from the Heritage Society agreeing to undertake the project.  Photos of Bear Creek community members are in the Photograph Series.

23-24 Downtown Project Manager, 1989-1990
Contains material relating to the establishment of a downtown preservation and redevelopment position and hiring of a project manager.

25 Heritage Society Historical Marker, 1978-2000 (bulk 1978-1980)
Contains correspondence regarding marking various sites in the city; request for prices for forging of markers and responses from metal works companies; invitations to marker dedications; and Heritage Society marker guidelines.

26 Arts Center Opening, 1990
Contains information on the speaker, T. R. Fehrenbach, Chairman of the Texas Historical Commission, for the Irving Arts Center opening.  The program was arranged by the Heritage Society.

27 Genealogical Society, 1980-1990 (bulk 1980-1981)
Contains letters of request from genealogists for information to be placed in the Heritage Society’s “Whistle Stop” newspaper column; information on the formation of the Irving Genealogical Society sponsored by the Irving Heritage Society and the Irving Public Library; letters of thanks to people who donated genealogical resources to the library.
28 Heritage House Cuisine, 1983-85
Contains menus of the different meals that the Heritage House Cuisine committee served at the events they catered; financial reports from the luncheons the group catered; and financial sheets.

29 Slide Show Script, c. 1979
Contains the typescript for a slide show about the history of Irving.

30 Heritage Festival, 1991-2001
Contains promotional material; event summaries; and some financial reports on the Heritage Festival.  The years represented are 1991, 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001.

31 Irving Arts Center Opening, 1989-1990
Contains correspondence relating to the opening of the Irving Arts Center.

Series III.   Event Files, 1978-2008 (bulk 1978-1990)

32 Valentine Tea, 1978-2001
Contains invitations to Valentine Teas, 1978-1982; 1985-1986; 1988-1989; 1991; 1997; 2001; and 2008; photocopy of the 1914 newspaper article about the first Valentine Tea at the Schulze house; notes referring to several of the Valentine Tea Sweethearts; and a list of Heritage Society Tea Cookbook underwriters, 1990.

33 Heritage Society Style Shows, 1970s-1980s
Contains the script from a Bicentennial Style Show of vintage clothes, 1975; several iterations of a script from a style show as well as sketches of women’s clothing, 1770-1950, c. 1980; and a list of participants in one of the style shows.

34 Bracebridge Dinner and Washington Irving’s “Old Christmas,” 1992-2002
Contains invitations to Bracebridge Dinners, VII, IX, X, XI; an action plan for one of the Bracebridge Dinners; a list of the 10th annual Bracebridge Dinner committee; a program from the “Old Christmas” event, 1992; description of events from the second annual “Old Christmas” event; and historical information on Bracebridge Hall.

Box 5 

1  Jackie Townsell “Bear Hug” honorary dinner, 1991
Contains invitations; programs; membership rosters of various organizations to invite; requests for congratulatory letters from the governor and president; thank-you letters to event sponsors; and thank-you letters to those who helped make the event possible.

2  Celebrate Irving, 1988 and 1999
Contains a program from the Happy Birthday, Irvings! Celebration, 1988, and an information sheet about Washington Irving, 1999.

3  Watt Matthews of Lambshead Photo Exhibit, 1994
Contains an invitation to and newspaper articles about an exhibit of photos entitled Watt Matthews of Lambshead at the Irving Arts Center.

4  An Evening with Jane Long: Mother of Texas, 1995
Contains a proposal for the program and newspaper articles about the show.

5  South Irving DART Station Art Project Unveiling, 1990
Contains programs and a press release related to the unveiling of the “Early Texas Trails” historic marker and floor mosaic at the South Irving DART Station.

6-8 Invitations and Programs, 1976-2008
Contains invitations to and programs from many Heritage Society events and also from events held by other historical organizations.

9  U. S. Bicentennial, 1975-1976
Contains material relating to the work of the local U. S. Bicentennial Heritage Committee: invitations to the opening of the Irving Municipal Museum, 1975, the Irving Heritage Trail event, and a Thanksgiving Tour; an Irving Heritage Tours publication, 1976; invitation to the dedication of the Civic Center, 1976; program from the dedication of the Avenue of Trees Plaque, 1977; program of city events scheduled for July 3 and 4, 1976; a copy of the resolution creating the local Bicentennial Committee, 1974; program from the Bicentennial Designation Day activities, 1974; a Bicentennial Commission organization chart; City of Irving Bicentennial newsletters; Bicentennial in Texas newsletter; correspondence relating to appointment to the Bicentennial Steering Committee, 1974, and disbursement of remaining funds, 1977; two status reports; and two Bicentennial bumper stickers.

10 Irving’s Diamond Jubilee, 1978
Contains a list of people suggested to serve on the City of Irving Diamond Jubilee 75th Anniversary steering committee; a list of donors and items for a Jubilee auction; an auction donor form; two pieces of correspondence relating to Jubilee expenses; and six Diamond Jubilee hand fans. 

11 Irving Centennial, 2003
Contains order forms for the Centennial history book and cookbook; a program from the opening celebration, 2002; a newspaper article about the opening event; and an invitation to the Caldwell House Centennial marker dedication      

Series IV.   Dallas County Historical Society, 1979-1991

12 Dallas County Historical Society, 1979-1990 (sporadic)
Contains invitations to various Dallas County Historical Society events, 1980s; and correspondence regarding the activities of the organization, 1980s-1990.

13-14 Dallas County Historic Resource Survey, 1970-1987
Contains material related to developing the Dallas County Historic Resource Survey (1982) and a copy of the final publication.  Included among the material is a list of historical markers in Dallas County, 1970; information on researching historic structures; a copy of a Dallas County resolution recommending preservation of the School Book Depository. 
15  Dallas County Heritage Trails Map Project, 1976
Contains material relating to the Dallas County Heritage Trails Map project and Irving’s participation in the project and two copies of the final publication.  Among the items in the folder are of list of places of historic interest in Irving; the committee roster; a list of historic sites throughout the county; and a map showing points of interest.

16  Newsletter – The Medallion, 1978-1981;
Contains issues of the Texas Historical Commission newsletter The Medallion, including May/June, 1978; November/December, 1978; December, 1980; January, 1981; March-June, 1981.

17  Newsletter - Texas Heritage Council Legislative News, 1979-1980
Contains issues of the Texas Heritage Council legislative newsletter; March and May, 1979; January-June and August and October, 1980.

18-19 Newsletter – The County Chronicle, 1978-1982 and 1990-1991 (sporadic)
Contains issues of the Dallas County Historical Society newsletter The County Chronicle, May-December 1978; January-December (missing May, October and November), 1980; January-December (missing March and April), 1981; February and March, 1982; Winter and Summer of 1990; and Spring of 1991.

Series V.   Newspaper Clippings, 1975-1999

20 Newspaper Clippings, 1975-1979
Contains newspaper clippings related to the preparation and dedication of the Heritage House and events held at the house, 1975-1979.
21 Newspaper Clippings, 1980-1989
Contains newspaper clippings related to activities at the Heritage House; plans for a Heritage District; the Parrish house; Heritage Society events; and the 80 Acres of Dreams video.

22 Newspaper Clippings, 1990-1999
Contains newspaper clippings related to activities at the Heritage House; historic trails mosaic at the South Irving DART station; Heritage Society events; the Jackie Townsell Bear Hug event; Irving Heritage Festival; and Washington Irving.

Series VI.   Yearbooks, 1980-2011

23 Yearbooks, 1980-81; 1981-82; 1982-83; 1983-84; 1985-86; 1986-87
24 Yearbooks, 1988-89; 1989-90; 1992-93; 1993-94
25 Yearbooks, 1994-95; 1995-96; 1996-97; 1997-98
26 Yearbooks, 1998-99; 2000-01; 2002-03; 2003-2004; 2005-06; 2006-07
27 Yearbooks, 2007-08; 2008-09; 2009-10; 2010-11

The following yearbooks are missing from the collection: 1978-79; 1979-80; 1984-85; 1986-87; 1990-91; 1991-92; 1999-00; 2001-02; 2004-05. 

Series VII.   Photographs, 1975-1990s

Box 6

1  Photos, 1990
Contains photos of a Heritage Society trip based along the Chisholm Trail in north Texas (Red River Station/Bolivar/Stonewall/the home site of John Chisholm); and the dedication of the Dupree Theater at the Irving Arts Center.

2  Photos, c. 1990-1991
Contains photos of a picnic in the backyard of Heritage House; a Heritage House tour group, n.d.; a board meeting, n.d.; and the Heritage Festival, 1991.

3  Photos, c. 1990-1991
Contains photos of Heritage House and Heritage Park.

4  Photos, 1975-c. 1990
Contains photos of the car the Heritage Society used in the July 4th parade, n.d. (c. 1990); the July 4, 1975, parade; July 4, 1984, events at Heritage House; Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting at Parrish’s and the Crepe Myrtle Caper, 1986; Bracebridge Dinner, n.d.; and Downtown Association meeting.

5  Photos, c. 1990-91
Contains photos of various Heritage Society meetings; Walter Harvey donating one of his carvings; a Valentine Tea; the history book sale; South Irving TRE DART station art dedication; a children’s tea in the back yard of Heritage House; a meeting at the Garden and Arts Center; the Bird’s Fort Trail marker dedication; and negatives of the dedication of the trail map in the DART station.

6  Photos, 1994
Contains photos of the Watt Matthews of Lambshead exhibition.

7  Photos, 1880s-1970
Contains photos of Bear Creek community members including: Sam Morton at State Fair, 1929; adult literacy class, c. 1940s; West Irving Improvement Association, c. 1966; Early Mae Wheeler, c. 1940s; Jackie Townsell with city council, c. 1977; Jackie Townsell with three friends on elementary school graduation day, c. 1950.

Series VIII.  Artifacts

Box 7 Contains guest and visitor registers.  Visitor registers from Heritage House, 1975-1978; 1978-1982; 1983-1986.  Guest books from various unidentified events, 1999-2000; 1986-1990; 1989-1997; 1990-1996.  Guest registers from Heritage Society Teas, 1990-1997.

Also included in Box 7 are: Cora Caster’s bible that was on display in the Caster Cabin; a 48-star U. S. flag that was on display in the Heritage Park depot; a U. S. Bicentennial flag; a hand fan from Wendtland and Novak General Store, c. 1910; five small City of Irving flags; a VHS video of Peggy Duvall conducting a tour of the Heritage Park depot, August 7, 1994; a Heritage Society coloring book and graphic design material; Texas Sesquicentennial bumper stickers, 1986; a Irving high spirited citizen bumper sticker; a poster from Pacific War Remembered event, January 1999; paper doll clothing patterns, 1984; and two books of paper doll clothes: Amanda’s Home on the Range and Amanda Goes West.

Two State of Texas Sesquicentennial flags are in the rack in the stacks area.  Flat File Cabinet, Drawer 9, Folder 5, contains a Bracebridge Dinner poster, 2004; a historic trails map; and an architectural drawing of the Heritage Park grounds. A pillowcase made from a Masonic apron is in Oversize Box 8.

Series IX.   Scrapbooks

Box 8 Contains scrapbooks: 1978; 1979; 1981-82; 1985-86; 1986-87; 1985 style show

Box 9 Contains scrapbooks: 1992-93 (2 vols.) and 1993-94 (3 vols.)

Box 10 Contains scrapbooks: 1994-95 (3 vols.) and 1995-96 (2 vols.)

Box 11 Contains scrapbooks: 1996-97 (3 vols.) and 1997-98 (2 vols.)

Box 12 Contains scrapbooks: 1998-99 (3vols.) and 2003 Bracebridge Dinner (1 vol.)

Box 13 Contains scrapbooks: 1999-00 (3 vols.) and 2000-01 (2 of 3 vols.)

Box 13a Contains scrapbooks: 2001-02 (4 vols.)

Box 14 Contains scrapbooks: 2000-01 (1 of 3 vols.) and 2002-03 (4 vols.)

Box 15 Contains scrapbooks: 2003-04 (3 vols.); 2004-05 (1 vol.); 2005-06 (1 vol.); 2006-07 (1 vol.)

Box 16 Contains scrapbooks: 2007-08 (1 vol.); 2008-09 (1 vol.); 2009-10 (1 vol.); 2010-11 (1 vol.)

Box 17 Contains photos not used in scrapbooks and negatives of photos taken for scrapbook use.