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Accession Numbers: 85-08; 9900-72; and 9900-148

Collection Number: 44

Prepared by Kevin Kendro
January 2005

CITATION: The Haley/Littlepage Family Papers, Collection 44, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.  

Biographical Sketch

     This collection contains information on three early Irving area families: the Joffres, the Haleys’ and the Littlepages.  The collection was donated to the Irving Archives by Jean Haley Wilson.  Ms. Wilson’s maternal grandmother was Bertha Joffre whose family came to the Irving area during the 1870s. Bertha married Charles Lee Littlepage, whose family had come to Dallas in the 1870s.  Her father, William E. S. Haley, was a son of Tom Haley.  The Haley family came to what would become the Irving area during the 1850s.

     Eugene and Fannie Joffre, Jean Haley Wilson’s maternal great-grandparents, emigrated from France to the United States in 1872.  They entered the U. S. through Galveston, Texas and settled in what today is Irving, Texas.  The couple purchased a large tract of land along today's Britain Road.  The tract ran from what today is about Grauwyler Road on the north end, south to about Pioneer Drive.  Here the Joffres built a home and had three children; Bherte, Eugene, and Eva. Bherte’s name was Americanized as Bertha.  Through the years, the couple also built several rent homes on their property. 

     Bertha Joffre was born in 1875.  Her mother was devoutly Catholic and Bertha was sent to Dallas to attend Ursuline Academy during the 1880s.  In 1895, she married Charles Lee, better known as C. L., Littlepage.

     The Littlepage family came to Dallas from Missouri sometime during the 1870s.  Family history holds that Edgar W. Littlepage’s wife was killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War and that shortly thereafter he moved with his children to the Oak Lawn section of Dallas, Texas.  The 1870 U. S. census places him in Missouri, but by 1880 he is listed in Dallas, Texas working as a wagoner.  Edgar Littlepage had several children, one of whom was Charles Lee, or C. L., who was born about 1867.  Little is known of his background until he married Bertha Joffre in 1895.

     The couple settled on land in what is today’s Irving area.  The 1900 census lists C. L.’s occupation as farmer.  In 1904, the record shows the couple living on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas where they ran a grocery store.  By about 1905, C. L. and his brother operated a dairy on land around today’s Preston Road and Northwest Highway in Dallas.  Land values were increasing in that area of the city, and by about 1910, the dairy was closed when the land was sold to developers.

     C. L. and Bertha then moved to Stamford, Texas where he was the proprietor of the Half Moon Dairy.   The family history holds that the dairy was successful for several years, but then fell prey to a number of unfortunate circumstances.  The Littlepages' bank records place them in Irving from 1913 until 1918. Family information has it that they lived in Greenville, Texas from the late 1910s until about 1924.  Their 1924 correspondence places them in Linden, Cass County, in east Texas where they bought some land to farm.  While in Linden, C. L. became an agricultural extension agent.  The extension program was affiliated with Texas A&M University.  He lost that position during the depression of the 1930s and worked for a time as head of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Farmersville, Texas.  In the early 1930s, the family left east Texas and returned to the Joffre home place near Irving where they would remain for the rest of their lives.  C. L. died about 1957.  Bertha died in 1972.

     C. L. and Bertha Littlepage had seven children: three boys and four girls, all of whom survived into old age except for Florence, who died in 1899 at the age of about five.  She was buried at Sowers Cemetery until being moved to Sparkman Hillcrest.  Helen Marie Littlepage was born in 1895.  She attended Dallas High School, graduating in 1915.  In 1920, she married William E. S. Haley.

     William Eldred Sylvester Haley was the son of Tom and Fannie Haley.  The Haley family came to this area during the 1850s.  The Haley’s owned land in today’s northwest Irving near D/FW airport.  Tom and Fannie Haley farmed a large piece of land given to them by Tom’s father as a wedding gift.  Tom Haley was president of the Irving school board when the district constructed its first brick schoolhouse in 1913.  His brother Dr. John Haley was one of the areas first doctors and served as Irving’s mayor during the late 1920s and early 1930s.

     Tom and Fannie had six children, one of whom was William.  William was born in 1895.  He attended the Estelle and Irving schools and graduated from Dallas High School in 1911.  He then graduated from North Texas State Normal College (today the University of North Texas) in 1915.  He received his medical degree from Baylor University College of Medicine in 1920.  Dr. Haley practiced medicine in Dallas and was on the board of St. Paul Hospital from many years.

     William Haley and Helen Marie Littlepage were married in 1920.  They made their home in Highland Park, near Dallas.  The couple had two children, Jean and Ann.  Jean Haley married Edward L. Wilson in 1943.  She is the donor of this collection. 

C. L. Littlepage - c. 1867–c. 1957
Bertha Joffre Littlepage – 1875-1972
Helen Marie Littlepage Haley – 1895–1979
William E. S. Haley – 1895–1984
Jean Haley Wilson – 1921-2003   
Sources: The Haley/Littlepage Family Collection;
conversations with Sue Haley Huffman, cousin of Jean Haley Wilson;
correspondence with Ann Haley, sister of Jean Haley Wilson;
Jean Haley Wilson, interviewed by Jan Hart, March 7, 2000, tape #64, and transcript, Oral History Collection, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library;
U.S. Census records 1850-1930.

Scope and Content

     The Haley/Littlepage Family Collection is arranged in six series and contained in two cubic foot boxes, space in Drawer 8 in the Newspaper Cabinet, and space in the flat items shelves.  The collection provides some insight into the lives of Charles Lee Littlepage and Bertha Joffre Littlepage, early Irving-area residents.  It also provides information on the Tom Haley farm, which was located in today’s northwest Irving and owned by the Haley family from the 1850s until the 1960s.     

     Series I, Correspondence, consists of personal and business correspondence.  The personal correspondence dates from the 1880s through the 1910s.  Most of it is to C. L. or Bertha Littlepage from friends and relatives.  These letters discuss the day-to-day activities.  One of the envelopes in this group is stamped with a “Back the boys in the trenches” message for buying liberty bonds, 1917.  The business correspondence dates from the 1920s through the early 1960s.  Most of it relates to rental homes and other property the Littlepages owned in Irving and east Texas.  Also included in this series are two pages of handwritten minutes from the first meetings of the Irving chapter of the Red Cross Auxiliary, 1917.  For preservation purposes, photocopies of each piece of correspondence have been made on acid-free paper.  The older, more brittle letters, have been placed in protective sleeves.     

     Series II consists of real estate documents relating to land owned by C. L. and Bertha Littlepage and to land owned by Tom Haley.  The Littlepages owned land in Irving along Britain Road from Grauwyler Road south to about Pioneer Drive.  They also owned land in Linden, Cass County, in east Texas.  Tom Haley owned a farm in the area of the intersection of today’s Northgate Boulevard and Esters Road.  Some of the materials in this series were received in folders.  These folder were titled – House-Mama and Papa Haley; Tom and Fannie Haley Estate Records; and Haley Hill/Contract of Sale-Deed of Trust, Notes & Other Papers.  The materials in these files were left in the order they were received and the original file names were maintained.  The remainder of the material in the collection had no discernable order.  The processing archivist determined the remainder of the collection’s arrangement.

     Series III is made up of tax receipts, bank documents, and general receipts accumulated by the Littlepages over the decades.  The tax receipts are for school taxes in Irving and Linden, county taxes in Dallas and Cass Counties, and city taxes in Irving and Greenville, Texas. Also included are general receipts from various businesses.  Those of note in Irving are Irving Lumber, 1940s-1950s; Johnson’s Feed Store, 1940s; Trinity Hardware, 1960; and Caldwell Insurance, 1960.  A water deposit receipt and sewer connection receipt from the city of Irving from 1944 and 1953, respectively, are also part of the series.  The bank material consists primarily of check registers, deposit slips, and cancelled checks from Irving State Bank, 1915-1960s.  There are also blank checks from various northeast Texas banks.  Of particular interest are bankbooks from Irving State Bank, 1913 and 1935, and a loan agreement from Irving State Bank with Helen Littlepage and Bertha Littlepage for $150 dated 1918.

     Series IV consists of business cards, greeting cards, and invitations.  The business cards are Victorian era, late 1880s, trade cards advertising various products.  The front of the cards resemble greeting cards and on the backs are advertisements for a product or company.  Many of the cards bear downtown Dallas business addresses.  Of particular note is a card for Fake’s Furniture, which was owned by the family of Catherine Fakes who married Lynn Brown.  He was the son of Irving co-founder Otis Brown.  Also included in this series are greeting cards and invitations. The greeting cards are mainly Christmas cards from the 1920s.  The invitations are to weddings and graduations, 1910s-1950s.  Most of the graduations are from east Texas high schools during the 1920s.  There are invitations to Dr. William E. Haley’s graduation from North Texas Normal School in 1915 and Baylor medical school in 1920. 

     Series V, Printed Material, is a collection of pamphlets, fliers, books, ledgers, and newspapers, including such items as material on curing meat, canning, and farming, c. 1910s-1940s; football yell sheets, 1920s; a 1938 Directory of the Forks; an 1888 Ursuline Academy catalogue; newspaper articles addressing an assortment of topics, 1920s-1960s; a store credit account ledger from 1906, and Catholic religious books, 1880s.  Of note is a senior class memory book kept by Helen Littlepage during her senior year at Dallas High School in 1915.

     Series VI is made up of artifacts consisting of some textile goods. One of the items is a baby’s cap made by Fannie Joffre for her granddaughter Florence Littlepage.  The series also contains a framed, painted portrait of Florence Littlepage, a daughter of C. L. and Bertha Littlepage, who died as a child of about five in 1899. 

Provenance Statement

     The material in the Haley/Littlepage Family Collection was donated to the Irving Archives or the Irving Public Library in three accessions.  Accession 85-08 was donated to the Irving Public Library by Jean Haley Wilson in 1985.  The material remained in the library’s possession until it was transferred to the Archives in 1996.  Accession numbers 9900-72 and 9900-148 were donated to the Irving Archives in March 2000 and August 2000 respectively.  Prior to their donation to the Irving Archives, the material was in the possession of Jean Haley Wilson.   

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish from the Haley/Littlepage Family Collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Note to the Researcher

See also: Collection 39 Haley/Miller Family Collection for more information on the Tom Haley family.

See also: The Irving Archives Oral History Collection contains an interview with Jean Haley Wilson on tape 64 and a transcription.  The interview was done in March 2000.     

Container List

Series I. Correspondence, 1888-1970

Box 1


  1     Personal and Business Correspondence, 1898-1966
Contains personal correspondence to C. L. and Bertha Littlepage from friends and relatives during the late 1880s through the 1920s.  Also contains business correspondence concerning various pieces of property owned by the Littlepages, 1930s-1960s and two pages of minutes from the first meetings of the Irving chapter of the Red Cross Auxiliary, July and August, 1917.

Series II. Real Estate Documents, 1918-1982

  2     Real Estate Documents, 1918-1965
Contains documents relating to land transactions undertaken by C. L. and Bertha Littlepage.  Included is material relating to the sale of land for the extension of Union Bower Rd. from N. Main Street to Britain Road across the Littlepage property, 1963; a request to sell a cemetery lot in Sowers’ Cemetery and the deed of sale for the lot, 1962-64; a utility easement grant across the Littlepage farm, 1944; a letter from C. C. Anderson, Irving city secretary, agreeing to install city water hookups for free in return for an easement donation, n.d.; deed of trust and vendor’s lien notes for land in Cass County, Texas, 1918; a closing statement between Jules R. Joffre, Bertha Joffre, and Eva Pemberton and the Lamar Hunt Trust Estate for 13.98 acres in the Robert H. West survey, 1958; survey of a tract of land between Britain Road and the railroad track and settlement sheets for that tract of land, 1962

  3     Real Estate Documents, 1952-1970
Contains extensions of payment on promissory notes for land from the Littlepages to Tally Parker, et al, 1967, 1969, and 1970; oil and gas lease and release of oil and gas lease from the Littlepages to the Mathieson Chemical Corp. for land in Cass County, 1952 and 1958; field notes on a tract of land in Cass County, 1954; document concerning the purchase of some of the Littlepage land by the IISD for Irving High School grounds, 1961; Lease Rental Remittance and Banker’s Receipt for drilling rights on Littlepage’s Cass County land, 1957.

  4     House – Mama and Papa Haley’s, 1923-1980 (bulk 1979-80)     
Contains documents relating to the sale of the Tom and Fannie Haley farm at the southeast corner of Esters Road and Northgate Drive.  This material was received in a file folder and left in tact by the processing archivist.  Included in the file are two pieces of correspondence related to renting of the house after it was moved from the original location, 1979; a newspaper article about the history of the house and its being moved by Dr. William E. Haley, and plans to give it to the Irving Heritage Society, 1980.  Also in the file are receipts from Brooks Brothers, 1980, and Pearson Plumbing and Heating, Inc., 1980; and an index card detailing the military record in the Confederate States Army of Isaac Tompkins.     
  5     Tom and Fannie Haley Estate Records, 1962-1964
Contains documents relating to establishing a trust fund for Tom and Clara Haley from the sale of the Haley farm, 1962.  Clara was Tom’s second wife. Also includes an appraisal of the property in 1962 to establish the value of the property in 1942, the year Fannie Haley died; estate tax forms, 1963; newspaper articles about Tom and Fannie Haley’s 50th wedding anniversary; plat of the Haley farm and surrounding land, 1962; correspondence regarding settling the Tom Haley estate.  This material was received in a file folder and left in tact by the processing archivist.

  6     Haley Hill/Contract of Sale-Deed of Trust, Notes & Other Papers, 1979-1982
Contains documents relating to the sale of “Haley Hill,” which is property located at the northwest corner of Belt Line Road and Northgate Drive, to a group of developers, 1979-1982.  Included are correspondence, survey plats, incorporation papers, and financial information.  This material was received in a file folder and left in tact by the processing archivist.

Series III. Receipts and Business Documents, 1910s-1960s

  7     Dallas County Tax Receipts, 1917-1963; IISD, 1920-1963; Greenville city, 1939-1940, and Gregg County, 1933.
Contains C. L. and Bertha Littlepage’s Dallas County tax receipts; IISD tax receipts, and receipts from the city of Greenville and Greg County.  Also contains a photocopy of two frontier protection tax receipts showing payment by Issac Tompkins to Dallas County for 30 cents in 1867 and for 63 cents in 1871.

  8     Cass County Tax Receipts, 1925-1963; and Linden Independent School District Tax Receipts, 1929-1963.
Contains C. L. and Helen Littlepage’s Cass County tax receipts, and Linden Independent School District tax receipts.

  9     Tax notices and Poll Tax information, 1930s-1960s; Certificates of Redemption, 1930s and 1950s
Contains tax notices from IISD, 1941-1946, and Linden Independent School District, 1932; City of Irving tax receipts, 1952-1963; certificates of redemption for land that C. L. Littlepage purchased in Cass County for back taxes, 1935, 1937, and 1959; poll tax receipts, 1920s-1930s, and exemption from poll tax certificates, 1930s-1950s. 

  10   General Receipts, 1910s-1950s
Contains receipts from various Irving businesses.  Some of these are: Irving Lumber, 1940s-1950s; Johnson’s Feed Store, 1940s; Trinity Hardware, 1960; Caldwell Insurance Agency, 1960; Irving News Record and Citizen, 1960; Irving News, 1957; Mitchell TV and Radio, 1957; sewer connection, 1953; water deposit, 1944.

  11   Insurance Policies, 1958 and 1970
Contains insurance policies on the Littlepage rental properties.  Also included are some handwritten notes and calculations about the properties. 

12-13   Bank Material
Contains deposit slips to Irving State Bank, 1958, 1959, 1960; check registers 1954-1957; 1957-1959; and 1959-1961; cancelled checks from Irving State Bank, 1914-1915; blank checks from Cass County State Bank; The First National Bank, Farmersville, Texas; The First National Bank of Linden, Texas; and Irving State Bank; Irving State Bank safety deposit box rental receipts, 1950s; loan receipt from Irving State Bank for $150 to Helen and Bertha Littlepage, 1918; Irving State Bank bankbooks, 1913 and 1935.

Series IV. Business Cards, Greeting Cards, and Invitations, 1880s-1950s

14-15  Invitations, 1910s-1950s
Contains invitations to high school and college graduations and weddings.  Some of the schools represented are Fort Worth High School, 1921 for Bessie Haley; North Dallas High School, 1929; Longview High School, 1929; Greenville High School, 1929; North Texas State Normal College, 1915 for William E. Haley; T. C. U., 1922; Rice University, 1952; University of Dallas, 1915; and Baylor University Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry; and Pharmacy for William E. Haley, 1920.

  16     Greeting Cards, 1920s-1950s (bulk 1920s)
Contains various types of greeting cards, primarily Christmas cards sent to the Littlepages.

17-18  Business Advertising Cards, 1880s-1890s
Contains Victorian era business cards advertising various businesses and products.  The front of the cards resemble greeting cards.  The back of the card contains advertising about a particular product or company.  In many cases the addresses of Dallas companies are printed on the cards.  A card of particular interest to Irving is a Fakes Furniture Card.  Catherine Fakes married Lynn Brown son of Irving co-founder Otis Brown.

Series V. Printed Material, 1880s-1940s

19-20   Pamphlets, fliers, ephemera, 1880s-1940s
Some of the material in the folder is: pamphlets on killing and curing pork, canning, and farming, 1920s-1940s; football yell sheets, 1910s-1920s; Irving State Bank picture pocket calendar from 1960; advertisement for Cass County, Texas in which C. L. Littlepage is mentioned as County Agent; advertising sheet from Cass County, Texas; sheet of “rich and racy jokes”; information on raising chickens; stamps from Cal Farley’s Boy’s Ranch in Amarillo, Texas; State of Texas free textbook card for Charles Littlepage in Greenville, Texas, n.d.; Bible study certificate for Lee Littlepage, 1922; Netta Brown’s history of early Irving, 1948; “The Standard Beau Catcher” a flirtation guide, c. 1900.  A campaign poster for candidate Ashley Rivers from an Irving mayoral election, c. 1950s, is in an oversize folder in the Newspaper Cabinet, Drawer 8. 

  21  Directories and Catalogues, 1888, 1921, and 1938
Contains a catalogue from Ursuline Academy, 1888-1889; and a pamphlet Irving Public School Course of Study/Rules and Regulations, 1921-1922; a copy of the Directory of the Forks, 1938.

  22  Newspaper Articles, 1910s-1940s
Contains newspaper articles concerning a wide range of topics, among them: 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Patman, 1939, who are the parents of long-time east Texas congressman Wright Patman; obituary for Mary Clark who was a daughter of Jonathan Story; newspaper articles about the 1915 Dallas High School graduating class.  Also included are two complete newspaper pages and one complete newspaper issue.  These are in Newspaper Cabinet, Drawer 8.  Included in this group are: a special rotogravure picture section from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Nov. 24, 1918, pertaining to WWI era political and military leaders; a page from The Dallas Morning News, March 23, 1919, containing an article by General John Pershing explaining the Argonne offensive (encapsulated); a complete issue of the Cass County Sun, July 7, 1936; and the front page of the Cass County Sun, July 12, 1927.  An issue of the Irving News, June 19, 1960, Vol. LVI, No. 33, was in very bad condition and was disposed of.  The issue can be found on microfilm in the Irving Public Library.

  23  Envelopes, 1910s-1950s
Contains envelopes from various local government agencies and from some Irving businesses and from First Methodist Church.  The envelopes housed some of the documents and receipts that were in the collection.

Box 2  

Books and Ledgers

Dallas High School Senior Memory Book, 1915
This is a memory book kept by Helen Littlepage during her senior year at Dallas High School.  Contains photos of and greetings from classmates and teachers, programs from various events, and newspaper clippings.

Ledger Book, 1906-08, 1915, and 1939
Store credit ledger for individual customers, 1906-1908.  The store, or store keeper are not identified.  C. L. Littlepage is listed as a customer.  The last third of the ledger contains a personal expense list for 1915; and an egg and chicken profit list for 1939.

Ledger - Day Book, 1940s-1950
Contains information on rent payments by tenants in houses owned by the Littlepages, 1944-1950; a list of daily expenses, 1950; and a cow pasture record, n.d.

Pocket-sized notebook, n.d.
Lee Littlepage’s name is in the front.  Contains calculations and random notes with no evident context.

Pocket-sized notebook, 1905 and 1950s-1960s
Contains daily personal expense record, 1905 and 1955-1961; expenses on rental property, 1955-1961; lawn mowing expenses, 1955-1960; and yard work expenses, 1961.
Textbooks, 1911 and 1914
Elementary Principles of Agriculture, 1914; and New Composition and Rhetoric, 1911.

Religious Books, 1878 and 1885
A Catechism of Christian Doctrine, 1885; and Prayers for the Children of Catholic Schools, 1878, given as a gift to Bertha Joffre, Dec. 16, 1888.

Series VI.  Artifacts

     A silk handkerchief with an embroidered E on it; a pair of woman’s stockings, c. 1910s; a baby bonnet made for Florence Littlepage by her grandmother Fannie Rousseau Joffre in 1894; ribbon and dried flower from Helen Marie Littlepage Haley’s wedding, 1920; yellow doily with lace trim; small table cover with a rose pattern; copper colored knit stocking cap; Bible game playing cards; a WWI army garrison hat; photo of Phillip Haley and his family mounted on a paperboard backing; and a framed painted portrait of Florence Littlepage at about age five.  The painting is on canvas, 15½ in. x 19½ in., in a 25½ in. x 30 in. frame. Florence died in an epidemic about the turn of the century.