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.6 linear ft.

Accession Numbers:  9899-83

Collection Number:  58

Prepared by Kevin Kendro
July 2008

CITATION: The Irving Grandmother Club #706, Collection 58, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Historical Sketch

     The Irving Grandmother Club #706 was established on February 24, 1964, with nineteen charter members.  The organization was given charter number 706 by the National Federation of Grandmother Clubs of America. 

     The objects of the club are to honor grandmotherhood through the observation of Grandmother’s Day on the second Sunday of October; to promote better understanding of the privileges and obligations of American citizenship; to further the social and educational interest of members; to contribute to the research of children’s diseases; to promote and organize member clubs throughout America; and to work for the Haven building fund.

     The Irving club met once a month, most often in the First National Bank of Irving club room, for a business meeting and luncheon.  The club sponsored at least one philanthropic project a year; usually raising money for a variety of organizations that dealt with childhood diseases.  The club also contributed to the Haven Fund through the national organization.  The Haven Fund is a fund used to help children around the world with their physical, emotional, and educational needs.


The Irving Grandmother Club records.

Scope and Content

     The Irving Grandmother Club #706 Records is contained in one legal-size manuscript box.  The collection is arranged in six series and housed in fourteen folders.

     Series I is made up of the club’s minutes from its first meeting in February 1964 through September 1982.  This series provides a detailed look at the founding of the club and its activities through the years.

     Series II consists of six of the club’s yearbooks.  The books date from the late 1970s to mid-1980s.  The yearbooks include a list of current officers, past presidents, members, club objectives, rules, and meeting schedules.

     Series III is made up of membership applications, referred to by the club as “petitions.”  The petitions are arranged by decade.  One grouping is made up of the applications of the charter members.  These appear to have been filled out sometime after the club was founded.

     Series IV consists of file copies of subscription forms to the national organization’s newsletter Autumn Leaves.  Also included is a tablet of blank forms.

     Series V is made up of correspondence.  The correspondence is broken into two folders: one consists of letters from the National Federation of Grandmother Clubs of America, and the other is general correspondence to the local club.  Most of the local correspondence revolves around requests for funds and acknowledgements of funds from various groups that work to cure childhood illnesses. 

     Series VI consists of Irving Grandmother Club envelopes and stickers printed with the words “Honor Grandmotherhood” on them.

Provenance Statement

     The Irving Grandmother Club #706 Records, accession number 9899-83, were donated to the Irving Archives on August 9, 1999, by Catie Morgan on behalf of the organization.  Prior to their donation, the records were kept in members’ homes.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish from the Irving Grandmother Club #706 Records must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Container List  

Series I. Minutes, 1964-1982

Box 1


  1     Minute book, February 1964-April 1966

  2     Minute book, April 1968-November 1970

  3     Minute book, December 1970-July 1973

  4     Minute book, August 1973-November 1975

  5     Minute book, January 1976-November 1977

  6     Minute book, November 1977-September 1982

Series II. Yearbooks, 1977-1987

  7     Grandmother Club Yearbooks, 1977-1987
Contains six club yearbooks from: 1977; 1979-1980; 1980-1981; 1981-1982; 1984-1985; 1986-1987.

Series III. Membership Petitions, 1964-1989

  8     Membership Petitions of Charter Members, n.d.
Contains membership petitions from the charter members of the club.  These are undated and were apparently completed some years after the founding of the club.

  9     Membership Petitions, 1960s
Contains membership petitions from the 1960s.

  10   Membership Petitions, 1970s
Contains membership petitions from the 1970s.

  11   Membership Petitions, 1980s
Contains membership petitions from the 1980s.

Series IV. Subscription Forms, 1980

  12   Subscription Forms for Club Newsletter, 1980
Contains file copies of subscription forms to Autumn Leaves, the newsletter of the National Federation of Grandmother Clubs of America.  Also included is a tablet of blank forms.

Series V. Correspondence, 1983-1987

  13   Correspondence from the National Organization, 1985-1987
Contains correspondence from the Nation Federation of Grandmother Clubs of America to the local chapter.  Most of the letters address the approaching national conventions.  Also in the file is a letter addressing the results of a central Texas Area Conference, 1987.  Undated material is at the back of the folder. 

  14   Correspondence-General, 1983-1987
Contains correspondence regarding club contributions to various children’s health organizations; invitations from other clubs to attend events; and thank-you letters from clubs members to the club membership for various courtesies.

  15   Ephemera, c. 1980s
Contains Irving Grandmother Club envelopes and small stickers on which is printed “Honor Grandmotherhood.”