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November 1944 - March 1995

4.75 linear ft.

Collection Number: 6

Prepared by Kevin Kendro and Arthur H. Rubeck
October 1997

CITATION:  Irving Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks, Collection 6, Box number, Volume number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Historical Sketch

     The Irving Chamber of Commerce was established in May 1932, when the population of the city was less than eight hundred citizens.  The original membership consisted of thirty-five Irving businessmen.  The members agreed, according to the Irving Herald, that "the association is to function purely as a businessmen's body for Irving and is in no way to conflict with the workings of the community's larger civic groups. . . ."

     The goal of the Chamber of Commerce is to further the economic development of the city.  The Chamber works with the local government and the school district to enhance the quality of life and business environment of the city. 

     The Irving Chamber of Commerce received its national accreditation in 1964 and celebrated its golden anniversary in 1982.

     Through the years the Irving Chamber of Commerce has grown substantially and is now comprised of several divisions, which address specific areas of civic and business concerns such as public relations, business development, transportation, education, and health care.       

Irving Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks, Collection 6, November 1944-March  1995.

Scope and Content Note

     The Irving Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks consist of newspaper articles and Chamber of Commerce publications from November 1944-March 1995.  There is no record from January-May 1960. The collection, as originally donated, was comprised of twenty-eight scrapbooks.  The covers and bindings of the scrapbooks have been removed.  The contents of the scrapbooks remain on the original pages of the scrapbooks. 

     The vast majority of the contents consists of newspaper articles, with the remainder of the material made up of Chamber of Commerce publications and of photographs.  The newspaper clippings are from several of the various Irving newspapers which have existed through the years, in addition to the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald.

     The Chamber publications relate to Chamber functions such as meetings, mixers, and banquets.  The more recent scrapbooks contain annual reports and programs of action and executive letters.

     The newspaper articles pertain to general city news, Chamber activities, business news, and new business openings.

     More specifically, the scrapbooks from the earlier years (1944-1975) relate mainly general news about the city.  This was a period of explosive population growth and rapid city expansion. These news articles provide an excellent capsulized version of the city's history in the post-World War II economic boom.  The material concerning city events between 1954 and 1960 is highly informative about this dynamic time in the city's history.  Topics addressed are the need for expanded city services, problems with the school district, the need for road development, burgeoning retail business growth, and residential building growth.  Also included (1967-1971) is an extensive newspaper record covering the debate over and development of Texas Stadium.

     The information in the collection for the years 1975-1995 is more specific to the Chamber of Commerce.  Most of the news articles document Chamber events and activities.  There are a great many pictures and articles chronicling new business openings.

     The collection also contained one laminated newspaper page from the Irving Daily News Texan of December 15, 1960.  The lamination includes pages one and sixteen.  It was photocopied.  The original was placed in the newspaper collection, and the copy was placed in box six.

Provenance Statement

     The Irving Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks were donated to the Irving Archives by the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.  Jan Hart, City Archivist, received the materials from James Spriggs and John Owens, officers in the Irving Chamber of Commerce, on June 3, 1997. Prior to their dontation to the Archives, the scrapbooks were kept in the Chamber of Commerce office.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish material from the Irving Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks must be obtained from the Irving Archives.

Note to the Researcher

     In addition to documenting the Chamber of Commerce's concerns and activities from 1944-1995, this collection provides an excellent history of the growth and development of the city of Irving after the Second World War.


Series I. Irving Chamber of Commerce Scrapbooks, 1944-1995

Box 1


 1  November 1944-December 1953

Box 2 

 2  January 1954-December 1954

 3  January 1955-December 1955

Box 3

 4  January 1956-December 1956

Box 4

 5  January 1957-December 1957

Box 5 

 6  January 1958-December 1958

 7  January 1959-December 1959

Box 6

 8  June 1960-December 1962

 9  January 1963-December 1963

Box 7  

 10  January 1964-December 1964

 11  January 1965-December 1965

Box 8  

 12  January 1966-March 1967

Box 9

 13  March 1967-March 1968

 14  April 1968-January 1969

Box 10

 15  January 1969-November 1969

 16  November 1969-March 1971

Box 11

 17  April 1971-April 1973

 18  April 1973-March 1974

Box 12

 19  April 1974-March 1975

 20  April 1975-October 1976

Box 13

 21  October 1976-January 1980

Box 14

 22  January 1980-March 1981

 23  February 1981-August 1982

Box 15

 24  August 1982-April 1984

Box 16

 25  April 1984-March 1988

Box 17

 26  April 1988-March 1990

Box 18

 27  April 1990-March 1993

Box 19

 28  April 1993-March 1995