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Accession Number: 0506-143

Collection Number: 64

Prepared by Kevin Kendro
October 2009

Citation: Central Elementary School PTA Scrapbooks, Collection 64, Box number, Volume number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Historical Sketch

     The Irving Independent School District was established in 1909.  In 1912, a group of about a dozen women, known as the “Merry Matrons,” formed a mothers’ club to help with school matters. The group purchased books for the school library and also bought the school’s first piano.

     Through the years, various iterations of the mothers’ club organized to serve the school. During the 1930-31 year, the group formalized and became a part of the county, state, and national P.T.A. The original Irving Parent Teachers Association was made up of parents and teachers from all levels of classes in the school district. At that time, there was only one elementary school and one high school which were located next to each other.

     A separate High School P.T.A. was formed before the 1937-38 year.  By 1949-50, there were Central, East Side, West Side, and Junior High P.T.A.s all under the umbrella of the Irving Elementary P.T.A. Information in the scrapbooks indicates that 1950-51 was the first year that the elementary P.T.A.s separated into individual units, one of which was the Central Elementary School P.T.A. 

     The Central Elementary School P.T.A. served Central Elementary School, which was located on the original school campus. In the fall of 1961, Central Elementary School moved off the old school grounds and into a new building on Edmondson Road. In August 1965, the school was renamed in honor of Lee Britain, a member of a local pioneer family who served more than two decades on the Irving school board. At that time, the Central Elementary P.T.A. became the Lee Britain Elementary P.T.A.

Scope and Content Note

     The Central Elementary P.T.A. Scrapbooks are contained in one cubic foot box. The collection is arranged in one series that is made up of four scrapbooks.

     Volume I begins with a brief history of school support activities in the years before the Irving Schools joined the P.T.A. and the years immediately thereafter. The scrapbook begins yearly coverage of the P.T.A.’s activities with the 1936-37 school year. This is done through yearly reviews written by the group’s historian and through newspaper articles. At the back of the book are various certificates and a single unidentified photo that might be the board members of the P.T.A. in 1950. The scrapbook covers through the 1949-50 school year. The pages of this scrapbook are laminated.

     Volume II covers P.T.A. activities from 1950-51 – 1958-59. It is also composed of yearly reviews, newspaper articles, and P.T.A certificates and fliers.

     Volume III covers the group’s activities of 1959-60, 1960-61, and 1961-62 through newspaper clippings, yearly summations, and certificates and fliers.   

     Volume IV covers the years 1962-63, 1963-64, and 1964-65. The book is made up of newspaper clippings, P.T.A. publications, monthly reports, and a yearly summation of the group’s activities.

     As a preservation measure, acid-free interleaving sheets have been placed between the pages of Volumes II, III, and IV.    

Provenance Statement

     The Central Elementary School P.T.A. Scrapbooks, accession number 0506-143, were donated to the Irving Archives by the Lee Britain Elementary School P.T.A. on April 26, 2006. Prior to their donation to the Archives, the scrapbooks were kept at Lee Britain Elementary School.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish from the Central Elementary School P.T.A. Scrapbooks must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Container List

Series I.  Scrapbooks, 1936-1965

Box 1


   1     Scrapbook, 1936-1950
Contains newspaper articles and P.T.A. publications relating to the Irving Schools P.T.A., 1930-1937, and Irving Elementary P.T.A., 1937-1950.

   2     Scrapbook, 1950-1959
Contains newspaper articles and P.T.A. publications relating to Central Elementary School P.T.A.

   3     Scrapbook, 1959-1961
Contains newspaper articles and P.T.A. publications relating to Central Elementary School P.T.A.

   4     Scrapbook, 1961-1965
Contains newspaper articles and P.T.A. publications relating to Central Elementary School P.T.A.