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1.25 inches

Accession numbers:  0001-176 and 0001-179

Collection Number:  42

Prepared by
Kevin Kendro
November 2004

CITATION:  Caldwell Family Collection, Collection 42, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Biographical Sketch

     Carmy Phillip “C. P.” Caldwell was born in Arkansas in 1898.  After graduating from high school in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, he moved to Dallas in 1916 to attend Southern Methodist University.  In 1921, after finishing his studies at SMU, he moved to the small community of Irving, Texas, and opened an insurance agency.  That same year, he married his high school sweetheart, Pauline Arnold.  The couple had a daughter, Jeanne, in 1922 and a son, C. P. “Bud” Caldwell, Jr., in 1924.  The growing family had a house built on Iowa Street in 1925 (today 215 S. O’Connor Road).  A second daughter, Nancy, was born to the couple in 1934.

     Caldwell proved to be a success in the insurance business and soon established himself as an active member of the community.  He was elected mayor of Irving in 1937, and was re-elected to three consecutive two-year terms.  During his years in office, he got funding through the Works Progress Administration that enabled the city to pave many of its streets and sidewalks.  As mayor, Caldwell hired the city’s first full-time employee in 1939 and the city’s first police officer in 1940.  He also improved the city’s sewer system and water storage system.  During the late 1930s, Caldwell was also instrumental in forming the Irving Rotary Club and the Irving Chamber of Commerce.

     In 1942, at the age of 44, C. P. Caldwell died.  With two older children and a young daughter still to raise, Pauline Caldwell took over running Caldwell Insurance Agency.  When her son Bud returned from the service after WWII, he joined her in the business.  Mrs. Caldwell operated the Caldwell Insurance Agency for three decades until she retired in the mid-1970s.  Bud Caldwell continued in the agency until he sold it in the early 1980s. 

     Pauline Caldwell died in 1987 at the age of 89.


C. P. Caldwell House city of Irving centennial historical marker.

Caldwell Collection: Research done by Laura Woodworth-Ney on the Caldwell family and Caldwell property in preparation for applying for a historical marker.  A copy of the research was given to Nancy Caldwell Tracy, who donated a copy of it in this collection.

Scope and Content Note

     The Caldwell Family Collection is contained in a one-half, legal size manuscript box.  The collection is arranged in two series: Documents and Photographs.

     Series I consists of photocopies of documents relating to the Caldwell family such as: C. P. Caldwell and Pauline Arnold’s wedding invitation, 1921, and the front page of the Irving Index, December 31, 1910, which contains an article about the marriage of Dr. John Roberts and Mary Etta Williams.  The paper calls the wedding “The social event of Irving’s life-the first wedding observed with formal program and under delineated social rules in Irving. . . .”  Jeanne Caldwell, daughter of C. P. and Pauline Caldwell, married Dr. Joe Roberts, the son of Dr. John Roberts and Mary Etta Williams. 

     There are two original documents in the folder.  The first is an article on the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, which was directed for a time by an Irving High School graduate and classmate of Nancy Caldwell Tracy, class of 1951.  The second original item is a newspaper insert from the Irving Daily News concerning the 50th anniversary of the Irving Rotary Club.  C. P. Caldwell was a charter member of the club.

     Series II is made up of Caldwell family photographs.  The photos are black-and-white and of varying sizes.  Most of the photos are of the Caldwell children and their friends in Irving during the 1930s-1940s.  Photos of particular interest in relation to Irving history are: photo 42-03 showing a view looking south on O’Connor (Iowa St. at that time) from about Second St. to Sixth St. as the street is being paved, c. 1940; photo 42-09 showing Sally B. Elliott, a longtime teacher in the IISD, Sam Hill who owned Hill and Martin Ice House in Irving, and Pauline Caldwell, c. 1940s; photo 42-21 showing C. P. Caldwell and Irving’s first police officer, George Smith, standing on Main Street, c. 1940; photo 42-33 showing the Caldwell house at 215 S. O’Connor Rd, c. 1930; photo 42-34 showing the original members of the Irving Rotary Club posing in front of the community building, March 10, 1938.

Provenance Statement

     The Caldwell Family Collection, accession numbers 0001-06 and 0001-179, was donated to the Irving Archives by Nancy Caldwell Tracy on October 13, 2000 and August 31, 2001.  Nancy Tracy is the daughter of C. P. Caldwell and Pauline Arnold Caldwell.  Prior to its donation to the Irving Archives, the material was in the possession of Nancy Caldwell Tracy.

Literary Rights Statement

Permission to publish from the Caldwell Family Collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Note to Researcher

See also: The Irving Archives Oral History Collection contains an interview with Nancy Caldwell Tracy on tape and transcribed.  The interview was done November 10, 2000.

See also: Collection 43, The Roberts Family Collection.  Jeanne Caldwell, daughter of C. P. and Pauline Caldwell, married Dr. Joe Roberts, a prominent Irving physician.  Dr. Roberts was a decorated WWII veteran in the medical corps and served as the first chief of staff of the Irving Community Hospital in 1964.  The Roberts family was one of Irving’s early families and had a long history in the city.  Dr. John Roberts, Joe Robert’s father, was one of Irving’s early physicians, and John Roberts’ wife, Etta Williams Roberts, worked in Irving’s first post office and was active in the community for many decades.

Container List

Series I.  Documents

Box 1


  1     Documents, 1920s-1990s
Contains photocopies of the following: John Roberts’ obituary, 1918; C. P. Caldwell and Pauline Arnold Caldwell’s marriage invitation, 1921; Jeanne Caldwell and Durward Oilar’s marriage announcement, c. 1943; article on Dr. Joe Roberts being decorated for actions during WWII; enlarged picture of the Caldwell house at 215 S. O’Connor, c. 1930; and a copy of the front page of the Irving Index from December 31, 1910, which contains an article on the marriage of Dr. John Roberts and Etta Williams.

Also contains the following original material:  an 1997 article on the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra celebrating its 35th anniversary.  Dr. Francis McBeth, an Irving High School graduate, class of 1951, served for a number of years as director of the symphony; and an Irving Daily News insert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Irving Rotary Club.  C. P. Caldwell was a charter member.

  2     Documents, 1970s-1990s
Contains photocopies of the following: real estate sales contract for the Caldwell house at 215 S. O’Connor Road and the Caldwell Insurance building at 105 S. Main Street, 1983; and research done on the house at 215 S. O’Connor for an application for a state historical marker, 1999.

Also contains the following original material: note cards with sketches of historic Irving buildings on the front.  The sketches were done by local artist Pete Fernandez as part of the U. S. Bicentennial celebration, 1975.

Series II.  Photographs

  3     Caldwell Family Photographs, 1920s-1950s

42-01  Portrait of C. P. Caldwell, c. 1920. Black-and-white, 3 in. x 7½ in.

42-02  Jeanne and Joe Roberts arm in arm, c. 1948. Black-and-white, 5½ in. x 3¼ in.

42-03  Nancy Caldwell on scooter, c 1939.  View looking south on O’Connor from about 2nd Street to 6th Street.  The street is being paved and curbs and gutters installed. C. T. Lucas home visible in center of the photo.  Black-and-white, 5 in. x 3¼ in.

42-04  Children sitting on porch, c. 1938. Left to right: J. W. Jackson, Barbara Hutsell, Nancy Caldwell, and Carolyn Jeter.  Black-and-white, 2½ in. x 4½ in.

42-05  Nancy Caldwell and J. D. Thomas with bows and arrows, c. 1938. Black-and-white, 2¾ in. x 4½ in.

42-06  J. W. Jackson and Nancy Caldwell in costume on porch of Caldwell house, c. 1946. Black-and-white, 3¼ in. x 5 in.

42-07  Bud Caldwell with bicycle and Nancy Caldwell on tricycle, c. 1937. Black-and-white, 3¼ in. x 5 in.

42-08  Pauline Caldwell, studio portrait. Black-and-white, 4 in. x 5 in.

42-09  Sally B. Elliott, Sam Hill, and Pauline Caldwell, c. 1950s. Black-and-white, 4 in. x 5 in.

42-10  Nancy Caldwell sitting on fender of car, c. 1938.  Black-and-white, 3¼ in. x 2½ in.

42-11  Three children in a wagon. Left to right: J. W. Jackson, Nancy Caldwell, and Wanda Jeter. Black-and-white, 3¾ in. x 4½.

42-12  Three children sitting on the curb. Left to right: Nancy Caldwell, J. W. Jackson, and Patsy Thomas, c. 1941. Black-and-white, 4½ in. x 2¾ in.

42-13  Some students from the Irving School eighth grade class, 1947.  Photo taken in front of the red brick school. Left to right: J. W. Jackson, Carolyn Jeter, Nancy Caldwell, Jeannie McLendon, Alice Scott, Patricia Rutherford, Jerrie Skaggs, Robert Wolfe, Vernon Henderson, Leroy Mathews, Kenneth Crabb, Larry Smith, Neill English, and
Alton Clements. Black-and-white, 4½ in. x 2¾ in.

42-14  Three children on a donkey.  Child at back is Jeanne Caldwell, c. 1928. Black-and-white, 5 in x 3¼ in.

42-15  Pauline Caldwell and daughter Nancy on porch, c. 1940. Black-and-white, 5 in x 3¼ in.

42-16  Sisters Jeanne and Nancy Caldwell, c. 1940.  Black-and-white, 3¼ in x 5 in.

42-17  C. P. Caldwell with son Bud and daughter Jeanne at seashore, c. 1930. Black-and-white, 3¼ in x 5 in.

42-18  Jeanne Caldwell in backyard of home feeding a goat, c. 1940. Black-and-white, 3¼ in x 5 in.

42-19  Bud Caldwell in uniform during WWII with Jeanne and Nancy in parking lot at train station in Dallas. Black-and-white, 3¼ in x 5 in.

42-20  Group photo.  Seven children and one adult, unidentified, c. 1940. Black-and-white, 5 in x 3¼ in.

42-21  Mayor C. P. Caldwell and Irving’s first police officer George Smith standing on Main Street, c. 1940. This is a reversed image.  The image has been scanned and the scanned image has been reversed and printed out and placed in the collection. Black-and-white, 3¼ in x 5 in.

42-22 Nancy, Pauline, and Jeanne Caldwell in backyard of home. c. 1940. Black-and-white, 5 in x 3¼ in.

Folder 4

42-23  Nancy Caldwell with her grandfather on the front porch of the Caldwell house, c. 1936. Black-and-white, 3¼ in x 5 in.

42-24  Group of children riding in a horse-drawn wagon, c. 1930s. Black-and-white, 5 in x 3¼ in.

42-25  Pauline Caldwell with daughter Jeanne and son Bud, c. 1926. Black-and-white, 3½ in x 5¾ in.

42-26  Group photo of women around a table. On left side of table front to back are: Opal Duckworth, Sally B. Elliott, Ione Jackson, and Nel Stewart.  Right side of table standing left to right are: Elise Walker, Pauline Caldwell, and Dorothy Gilbert.  The ladies seated are unknown, c. 1960s. Black-and-white, 3½ in x 2½ in.

42-27  Group photo of five women and a boy.  Left to right-Pauline Caldwell, unknown, Sally B. Elliott, Esther Hancock, Catherine Gandy, boy is unknown, c. 1950s. Black-and-white, 4 in. x 3¼ in.

42-28  Group of unidentified children at a birthday party, c. 1930s. Black-and-white, 4½ in x 2½ in.

42-29  Woman standing by side of house, perhaps Jeanne Caldwell, c. 1940. Black-and-white, 4 in. x 3 in.

42-30  Group of children.  Those identified are standing left to right: unknown, Jeannie McLendon, Nancy Caldwell, unknown, Alice Scott, Patricia Rutherford, Carolyn Jeter, Jerry Skaggs, Patsy Thomas, Floy Amerson, J. W. Jackson.  Seated second from left Charles Sublett. Black-and-white, 10 in. x 8 in.

42-31  Senior dress up day, 1951. Irving High School seniors at Jay’s Marine Grill in Dallas.  Left side of table front to back: L. E. Jordan; Mrs. Ruth Campton; Dorothy Barbour; behind her barely visible is Neill English; far end of table, Mary Sue White.  Right side of table from front: Vernon Henderson, Billy Winn, Mary Sue Moore, and Alice Scott.
Black-and-white, 5½ in. x 4½ in.

42-32  Senior dress up day, 1951.  Irving High School seniors at Jay’s Marine Grill in Dallas.  Clockwise around table starting at front right: Ann Wallace, Jeannie McLendon, Doris Puckett, Nancy Caldwell, and Eleanor Corry. Black-and-white, 5½ in. x 4½ in.

42-33  Caldwell house on O’Connor with Pauline Caldwell, daughter Jeanne, and son Bud on porch, c. 1930. Black-and-white, 7 in. x 5 in.

42-34  Irving Rotary Club in front of Community House, March 10, 1938.  Standing left to right: Dye, Thompson, Martin (Harold) in tie and no jacket, Pazdrali at back standing above Martin, Jetton, Johnston (A. S.) with glasses at back, Range, Robinson, Pearson, Thornton, Smith (Hans), Range, Pierce, and Hartin.  Seated left to right: Davis, Vandergriff, Blaylock (Louis), Caldwell (C. P.), Collins, and Robertson (club pianist). Black-and-white, 5¾ in. x 2½ in.

42-35  B&PW (Business and Professional Women’s group) lunch in High Hat room at Lee-Lo’s Café, 1954.  Judge Sarah T. Hughes in white hat at head of table spoke at the luncheon.

42-36  Group of women posing around a refreshment table, c. 1950s.  Left to right: Mrs. O. B. Sherrie, Cherry Rocket, unknown, unknown, Mrs R. E. Spann, unknown, Ruth Compton, Pauline Caldwell, unknown, Mrs. Curry, and unknown.  Black-and-white, 10 in. x 8 in.

42-37  Downtown Dallas skyline, n.d. The Magnolia Building is prominent in center, c. 1930s. Black-and-white, 3 in. x 4 in.