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1879-1998 (bulk 1940-1968)

2 linear ft.

Accession Numbers: 0102-241; 0102-255; 0102-316; 0203-93; 0304-121;
0304-140; 0708-141

Collection Number: 60

Prepared by
Kevin Kendro
June 2009

CITATION:  Beavers Family Collection, Collection 60, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Biographical Sketch

     Geraldine (Jerry) Yvonne Justus, the daughter of Roy Dow Justus and Frances Juanita Thomas Justus Lunciford, was born in Aubrey, Denton County, Texas, on May 11, 1932. She moved with her family to the Irving area in 1936, when her father took a job at Texaco Refinery Co. on Singleton Blvd. in Dallas. The Justus family lived in the small community of Twin Wells, just east of the town of Irving. Jerry attended Irving schools; graduating from Irving High School in 1949. In school she served on the school newspaper and yearbook staffs, the drill team, Future Homemakers, Y-teens, and the Guild Workshop.  

     Bobbie Lee Beavers, the son of William Ernest Beavers and Betty Viola Fowler Beavers, was born in the city of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, on August 16, 1927. His family moved to Irving in 1934. William Beavers worked as a receiving clerk for Briggs, Weaver Machinery Co. in Dallas. Bob Beavers attended the Irving schools and graduated from Irving High School in 1944. He joined the U.S. Navy in September 1944 and served for four years. After leaving the service in 1948, Bob returned to Irving and attended S.M.U. and worked for Lone Star Gas Company. In 1955, he founded Fully-Formed Top Co., which produced laminated wood and plastic products. From 1970 to 1978, he worked as a research and development engineer for a manufacturing company in Cedar Hill, Texas. In June 1978, the Beavers moved to Jefferson, Texas, where Bob worked for Medallion of Minnesota and later at Scott Industries. He retired in 1996.  

     Bob Beavers and Jerry Justus met through a mutual high school friend. They married on June 5, 1949. The Beavers had five children, all of whom attended Irving schools and graduated from Irving High School. The Beavers were long-time members of First United Methodist Church of Irving.

Sources:  The Beavers Family Collection and correspondence with Jerry Justus Beavers.

Series Description

Series I.  Irving Elementary and High School Material, 1939-1983 1.5 linear ft. 
(1 manuscript box, 1 textile box, 1 flat box)
Arranged chronologically by subject. Materials include school directories; football programs; newspapers; programs and invitations to school events; graduation invitations; newspaper clippings; fight ribbons; drill team uniforms; photographs.

Series II.  Family Photographs, 1890s-1980s (digital images)
Arranged by family name. Three electronic folders: Bob Beavers’ extended family; Geraldine (Jerry) Justus’s extended family; Beavers family daughters as members of the Irving High School drill team.

Series III.  First United Methodist Church of Irving Material, 1947-1984
Arranged chronologically. Photocopies of various publications dealing with the church and its activities.

Series IV.  Publications, 1946 and 1966
An Irving High School typing textbook, 1946, and Echoes of the Past a book of stories about the Old South written by Irvingite Mable Hill Scott, 1966.

Scope and Content 
     The Beavers Family Collection is contained in one manuscript box, one flat box, one textile box, and space in the Flat File Cabinet. Also included in the collection are digital images. The collection is arranged in four series.

     Bob Beavers and Geraldine (Jerry) Justus both attended Irving schools. Bob graduated from Irving High School in 1944 and Jerry in 1949. The couple married and raised five children; all of whom attended Irving schools and graduated from Irving High School during the 1960s and 1970s. The collection provides a look at student life in Irving High School from two generations, the 1940s and the 1960s and early-1970s. It also provides a pictorial history of the Beavers and Justus families through the digital image component of the collection.

     Series I consists of material relating to Irving student life during the 1940s and the late-1960s and early-1970s. The material includes photos, invitations, programs, diplomas, drill team uniforms, newspaper clippings, and issues of the Irving High School newspaper, the Tiger Rag.

     Series II consists of 135 digital images of the Beavers and Justus extended families.

     Series III is made up of photocopied material relating to First United Methodist Church in Irving. The Beavers were members of the church from the 1950s to the 1980s. The material consists of congregation directories, information bulletins, and other items pertaining to church activities. Of special interest is a church master plan from 1952.

     Series IV is made up of two publications: Echoes of the Past by Irvingite Mabel Hill Scott and a typing textbook from the Irving schools, 1947.

Provenance Statement

     The Beavers Family Collection was donated to the Irving Archives by Jerry Beavers and her daughters Donna and Pam in seven accessions. Accession 0102-241 was donated on June 12, 2002; accession 0102-255 was donated on July 22, 2002; accession 0102-316 was donated September 29, 2002; accession 0203-93 was donated January 14, 2003; accession 0304-121 was donated March 18, 2004; accession 0304-140 was donated April 6, 2004; accession 0708-141 was donated on June 30, 2008. Prior to its donation to the Archives, the material was in the possession of the Beavers family.

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish from the Beavers Family Collection must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Container List 

Series I. Irving Elementary and High School Material, 1939-1983

Box 1


1     School Directories and Handbook, 1947, 1948, 1971
Contains Irving High School Student Directories, 1947-48 and 1948-49; also a Parent-Student Handbook, 1971.

2     Graduation Invitations, 1945-1978
Contains Irving High School graduation invitations from: 1945; 1949; 1967; 1974; 1978.
3     Programs and Invitations, 1945-1949
Contains programs to Irving High School Senior Plays: 1945; 1947; and 1949; a script from the Senior Play “Too Many Husbands,” put on by the class of 1949; program from the Junior Class Play, 1946; annual football banquet program, 1948; Senior Banquet for the class of 1949 put on by the Woman’s Missionary Society of First Baptist Church; graduation ceremony program, 1948 and 1949; Baccalaureate Service program, 1948; program from the Junior-Senior Banquet, 1949; program from Irving Elementary School graduation exercise, 1945; program from Irving Elementary graduation reception, 1945; Irving Elementary School diploma, 1945; flier encouraging students to join the Tigerette drill team, 1946; senior class directory, 1948-49; schedule of classes, 1948-49; invitations to the Junior-Senior Banquet, May 1948 and 1949; ticket to a Tigerette show, 1946.

4     Programs and Invitations, 1966-1968
Contains programs and tickets to the Irving High School Senior Play, Feb. 1967; annual football banquet program, Jan. 1967; annual Toy Tiger banquet, 1966-67; Senior Prom program, May 1967; choir and band concert, 1967; commencement program, 1967; invitation to the Senior Prom, 1967; napkins from the Senior Prom, 1967;
I-teen napkin; Sadie Hawkins dance marriage license, 1967; roster from the black and gold spring football game, 1967; Irving High School test schedule, 1966; ticket to Toy Tiger Banquet, 1967; announcement of arrival of Senior rings for class of 1968; class schedule, 1966-67.

5     Spirit fliers, ribbons, and cutouts, 1945-1978
Contains three fliers urging students to attend various football games, 1945; construction paper cutouts of football helmets and other items used to promote school spirit, 1967; fight ribbons, 1966, 1967, 1973, 1978, and 1983.  (Six oversized ribbons are in Box 3).  Also included in this subseries are two Tiger posters and an Irving High football calendar, 1972. (Oversized items and are housed in the Flat File Cabinet, Drawer 8, Folder 3).

6     Football programs, 1946 and 1947
Contains football programs from Irving High School games, 1946 and 1947.

7     Football programs, 1966 and 1967
Contains football programs from Irving High School games, 1966 and 1967.

8     Newspaper Clippings, 1945-1947 and 1966-1967
Contains newspaper clippings relating to the football season and other activities at Irving High School, 1945-1947; newspaper clipping relating to the Irving High School Toy Tiger drill team and the football team, 1966-1967; and the City Parks and Recreation Department track team, c. 1967.

9     Report Cards, 1944-1949
Contains report cards for Jerry Justus, 1944-1949.

10   Miscellaneous Items, 1940s and 1960s
Contains an assortment of items related to student life during the 1940s and 1960s such as: party invitations; State Fair of Texas student tickets, 1946 and 1968; ticket to “Sump’n Else” a television music and dance show, 1967.   

Box 2


1     Irving High School Newspaper, Tiger Rag, 1944-1948
Contains issues of the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag:

December 15, 1944                                    November 1946
October 31, 1945                                       December 1946
November 21, 1945                                    January 1947
February 13, 1946                                      May 1947
March 11, 1946                                          October 1947
April 1, 1946                                              November 1947
May 19, 1946                                             February 1948
October 1946                                             April 1948

2     Irving High School Newspaper, Tiger Rag, 1948-1949
Contains issues of the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag:

October 26, 1948                                       December 7, 1948
November 2, 1948                                      December 17, 1948
November 9, 1948                                      January 11, 1949
November 25, 1948                                    November 2, 1949

3    Irving High School News Paper, Tiger Rag, 1966-1967
Contains issues of the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag:

September 16, 1966                                     January 13, 1967
September 30, 1966                                     February 3, 1967
October 14, 1966                                         February 17, 1967
October 28, 1966                                         March 3, 1967
November 11, 1966                                     September 15, 1967
December 2, 1966                                        September 29, 1967
December 16, 1966                                      October 13, 1967

4     Irving High School Newspaper, Tiger Rag, 1971-1972
Contains issues of the Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag:

November 23, 1971                                     
April 1, 1972

5     Photographs, 1939-1994
Contains the following school related photos:
Irving Elementary graduation class, 1939 (printout of photo on paper).
Senior class, 1949.
Panoramic of the Irving High School graduating class of 1968 (Flat File Cabinet, Drawer 8, Folder 3).
Panoramic of the Irving High School graduating class of 1978 (Flat File Cabinet, Drawer 8, Folder 3).
Dance at Irving High School, 1967
30th reunion of the Irving High School class of 1944 (printout of photo on paper).
50th reunion of Irving High School class of 1944 (printout of photo on paper).

Box 3 

Toy Tiger Uniforms, 1966-1974

Gold dress with gold jacket, 1966-67
White satin jacket and skirt, 1967-68
Toy Tiger captain’s jacket (black), 1966-1968
Toy Tiger leader jacket (white), 1966-67

Black dress with black-and-white stripes, 1973-74
White dress with black-and-white stripes, 1973-74
Toy Tiger letter jacket (black), c. 1972-73
Toy Tiger leader jacket (black), 1973-74

Series II. Family Photographs, 1890s-1980s
Contains digital images of the Bob and Jerry Beavers family and of the Beavers and Justus extended families:

Bob Beavers extended family – 55 images
Geraldine Justus extended family – 70 images
Beavers sisters as Irving High School drill team members, 1968-1973 – 10 images  

Series III. First United Methodist Church of Irving Material, 1947-1984

Box 2 (continued)

6     Contains photocopies of various publications from the First United Methodist Church in Irving: church master plan, 1952; pledge pamphlet, 1954-55; membership directory, c. 1969; church information booklet, 1962-63 and 1963-64; order of worship, July 8, 1979 and May 6, 1984; certificates of membership for Bob and Jerry Beavers, 1955; a letter welcoming them to the church, 1955; newspaper articles pertaining to church activities, 1958-1998; and a brief history of the church.

Series IV. Publications, 1946 and 1966

7     Echoes from the Past, 1966 – signed by the author and Irvingite, Mabel Hill Scott, May 15, 1973, and
Typing for Business Advanced Course, 1946.  This is an Irving High School textbook from the 1947-48 school year.