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Restrictions:  Selected Material on D/FW Airport Runway

Accession Numbers: 9697-12; 9798-91; 9900-19; 9900-79; 0102-125

Collection Number 32

Prepared by Kevin Kendro
June 2002

CITATION:  Earl Ayles Papers, Collection 32, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives,
Irving Public Library.

Historical and Biographical Sketch

     The Community Development Department of the City of Irving develops and implements the comprehensive city plan.  The department also administers development regulations and oversees the preservation and redevelopment activities in the city.    

     Earl Ayles went to work as a Senior Planner in the Department of Community Development for the city of Irving in January 1968.  At that time the department consisted of a Director, Senior Planner, Zoning Director, and a secretary.  Mr. Ayles was made director of the department in 1969.

     Through the years the department grew and took on new duties and direction depending upon the desires of the city council and city management.  The Traffic and Engineering Department began as part of the Community Development Department, before becoming its own department.  The major responsibility of the department remains the administration of zoning and subdivision controls for the city.  Other duties include master land planning and mapping.

     Mr. Ayles remained with the department for twenty-six years. During that time D/FW Airport, Texas Stadium, Las Colinas, and Valley Ranch were developed.  Mr. Ayles retired in January 1994.

     Earl Ayles used his cartographic skills in developing the maps used in Joseph Rice’s book on Irving’s history Irving: A Texas Odyssey.     

Series Descriptions

Series I.  Community Development Department, Office of Earl Ayles,
Files, 1969-1999.  1.5 linear ft. (4 document boxes).
Files arranged by subject.  Material in each file arranged chronologically.  Files relate to land development projects in Irving, and one file relates to the Public Transportation Advisory Committee.  Certain material concerning the development of Runway 16/34E is restricted.

Series II.  Photographs, 1950s-1980s.  .1 linear ft. (1 file folder).
Aerial photos of downtown Irving and surrounding area in the 1950s.  Aerials of the area just north of Highway 183 from Loop 12 to Story Road, early 1960s.  Aerials of northwest Irving, 1980s. Aerials of the Valley Ranch area, 1980s.

Series III.  Maps, 1900-1980.  .2 linear ft. (7 file folders, six Mylar sheets, 3 oversize maps, 1 rolled map).
Photocopies of maps and sections of maps of Dallas County and Irving.  Maps created for the book Irving: A Texas Odyssey and the Irving trails brochure.  
Series IV.  Periodicals, 1939-1967.  .2 linear ft. (1 file folder).
Ladies’ Home Journal, 1939.  Life magazine, 1962-1968. This Week magazine from the Dallas Morning News, 1967.

Series V.  Publications, 1950s-2000.  2.5 linear ft. (3 cubic ft. boxes). 
Publications produced by City of Irving, Triland Development, Federal Aviation Administration, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and various others.

Scope and Content Note

     The collection, in 4 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box, 3 cubic foot boxes, and Archives Map Collection Folder 7, is made up of material collected by Earl Ayles during his time spent working in the City of Irving, Community Development Department.  A large part of the material includes files on various land developments in Irving such as Valley Ranch and DFW Airport.  Also composing a significant portion of the collection are publications created by the City of Irving, DFW Airport, Triland Development, and others relating to city planning in general and to specific developments within the city.
     The collection is organized in five series.  Series I consists of file folders relating to land development projects in Irving and Mr. Ayles and the Community Development Department’s role in the projects.  The second series is Photographs.  The vast majority of these are aerial photographs of various sections of the city such as: downtown Irving and the surrounding area, 1950s; a large series of aerials centered around the oil storage tanks located on Highway 183. These photos tend to show the area just north of Highway 183 ranging east from Loop 12 to Story Road in the west, early 1960s.  Mr. Ayles states that these aerials were originally taken with the oil tanks as the subject, but that the Community Development Department’s interest in them was in seeing the railroad in conjunction with the surrounding vacant land to assist in city planning.  There are also aerial views of northwest Irving during the mid-1980s and Valley Ranch during the early and mid-1980s. 

     Series III is made up of photocopies of entire maps and partial sections of maps.  These maps and map pieces were used as research for developing the maps used in Irving: A Texas Odyssey and the Irving trails brochure.  The maps are primarily Dallas County road maps spanning the 20th century, and sections of county maps and other maps depicting Irving and the surrounding area of northwest Dallas County.  Several of the maps are on Mylar sheets used for producing the inside cover pages of Irving: A Texas Odyssey or the trails brochure.  Included is an architectural drawing of the Wild Briar Farm with proposed changes for use of the property as a rehabilitation center for youths.  To the best of Mr. Ayles recollection, the changes were never implemented.

     Series IV consists of periodicals and some scrapbook pages with covers and articles from Life magazine attached.   The bulk of the series is made up of Life magazine issues covering American space flight in 1967 and 1968.  The scrapbook pages also cover the space program from 1962-1967.

     Series V consists of publications produced by the city of Irving, DFW Airport, Triland Development, and the North Central Texas Council of Governments, as well as other cities; universities; counties; and architectural and consulting firms, relating to planning and development of cities in general and some land developments and policies specific to the city of Irving.  

     In Series I, the file folders retained the titles they had when used by Mr. Ayles, but the material has been arranged chronologically.  Duplicate items have been removed from the collection.  Undated material is at the back of each folder.

Provenance Statement

     The Earl Ayles Papers were donated to the Irving Archives by Earl Ayles in six accessions dating from August 1997 through February 2002.  Prior to their donation to the Irving Archives, the material was in Earl Ayles’s possession.       

Literary Rights Statement

     Permission to publish from the Earl Ayles Papers must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.


     Certain material on the expansion of DFW Airport, use of runway 13L/31R, and the construction of runway 16/34 E is restricted at request of the donor.    

Container List 

Series I.  Community Development Department, Office of Earl Ayles, Files, 1969-1999

Box 1


  1     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1960s
Contains an aircraft sound exposure map and map explanation prepared by NCTCOG and a blue-line depiction of the ultimate development layout plan for DFW.

  2     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1970-73
Contains airport zoning information; various noise exposure forecasts and reports; Joint Airport Zoning Commission material; invitations to “Airtrans” exhibit and DFW Airport dedication ceremonies.

  3     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1974-76
Airport noise zoning map for DFW airport and environs; surface access to airport report; noise studies; land development near airport studies.

  4     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1977-79
Studies and correspondence relating to zoning around the airport; information on development of an air passenger survey; report on aircraft hours flown and projections. 

  5     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1980-83
Contains correspondence and studies regarding zoning around DFW Airport; airport expansion material; northwest Irving zoning map.

  6     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1984-89
Correspondence and reports regarding airport expansion; demographic forecasting; and sound contour maps.

  7     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1990
Zoning material; legal filings in DFW Airport vs. City of Irving, Euless, and Grand Prairie.
  8     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1992-1999
Multi-family building and aircraft noise attenuation report; sound contour maps; proposal for an agreement between the city and DFW in the runway 16/34 East issue; DFW compensation and mitigation proposal map.

  9     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, n.d.
Contains undated material relating to DFW airport, primarily material relating to zoning and land use around a major airport.

  10    Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, 1973, 1999, and 2002
Contains a map, a post card, a calendar, and a brochure promoting DFW Airport, guest services survey.

Box 2


Restricted Material

  1     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Runway 16L/31R, 1966-1987
Preliminary noise analysis; letter of agreement between the owners of DFW and the North Texas Regional Airport Committee; correspondence regarding development around the airport, noise levels, and zoning.

  2     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, 1988
Correspondence regarding the early phases of planning for runway 16/34 E.

  3     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, 1989
Correspondence regarding noise in relation to the expansion of the airport; FAA’s Environmental Impact Statement concerning runway 16/34 E.

  4     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, January-April, 1990
Correspondence regarding airport expansion and city control over zoning issues; analysis of changing the restriction at Love Field; runway use plan for DFW; study concerning economic impact of airport development; correspondence regarding the draft environmental impact statement; study on developing satellite airports; zoning material.

  5     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, May-December, 1990
Agenda from DFW Airport board meetings; report on tiltrotor aircraft; satellite airport development program executive summary; program from public meeting regarding FAA draft environmental impact statement; questionnaire for citizens relating to airport expansion and mitigation considerations; summary of draft environmental impact statement; executive summary of airport development plan; Councilman Medaille’s response to the draft environmental impact statement.    
  6     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, January-April, 1991
Errata sheet and comments by city of Irving on the draft environmental impact study for airport expansion; EPA response to the draft environmental impact study; proposal by the Irving Airport Committee to DFW Airport Board.

  7     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, June-Dec., 1991
Synopsis of meeting between airport board and city representatives; airport board’s response to city’s proposal for resolutions of issues regarding airport expansion; court ruling in DFW vs. Irving, Euless, Grapevine.

  8     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, 1992-1993
DFW Mitigation Program pamphlet; Valley View Lane realignment proposal; list of typical questions being asked by public about airport expansion; aerial of airport and Irving showing mitigation areas; estimate of tax revenue loss to city due to DFW expansion; list of zoning cases west of Belt Line Road from 1980-1992; proposal for an agreement between the city and DFW airport; An Act of the state of Texas, 73rd legislature relating to the control of certain airports, air navigation facilities, and airport hazard areas.

  9     Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Expansion, undated
Research material used in legal matters during the expansion of DFW Airport; three microfiche sheets containing “Height Hazard Maps”

Box 3


  1     DFW Freeport, 1978-1991
Zoning material; declaration of covenants; restrictions; and development standards; road development; promotional material.

  2     Payne Properties, 1993
Zoning review correspondence for tract at SH 114 and Belt Line.

  3     Exxon-Irving, 1989-1993
Correspondence announcing Exxon Corporation’s move to Irving; site location memos; notes from meetings concerning Exxon project.

  4     Texas Plaza, 1981-1992
Correspondence regarding road name change; promotional material; platting requirements; blueline drawing.

  5     GTE-General Office Las Colinas Campus, 1988
Zoning material; project reports; tax incentive and abatement material; site plan drawings; correspondence about GTE move.

  6     GTE-General Office Las Colinas Campus, 1989-1993
Memos and correspondence regarding the development of the GTE headquarters in Las Colinas.

  7     Towne Lake, 1987
Proposed land-use plan and land-use plan for Towne Lake development.

Box 4


  1     Valley Ranch, 1983-1991
Material relating to the development of Valley Ranch such as a planning and development report; road abandonment correspondence concerning Ledbetter Road; letter from Ledbetter family member; declarations of covenants and conditions; residents’ handbook; material on developing a north Irving area study; material on the Valley Ranch PUD.
  2     Valley Ranch, 1992-1993
FDIC land offering material; Valley Ranch area survey development and survey results; master plan revision documents.

  3     Valley Ranch, 1993
Valley Ranch Area Study prepared by the City of Irving Planning and Zoning Commission and The Department of Community Development.

  4     Valley Ranch-Triland, 1981-1992
Correspondence with Triland and within the city offices regarding the development of Valley Ranch; site maps; zoning material.

  5     Valley Ranch, 1993
Planning and zoning and PUD regulations; draft of the Valley Ranch Area Study; material on the Jefferson at Valley Ranch development.
  6     Valley Ranch-Triland, n.d.
Valley Ranch master plan map; PUD material; advertising and promotional material.

  7     Tax Incentives, 1993
Copy of the Amended City of Irving Comprehensive Policy Statement on Tax Base Enhancement and Economic Development.

  8     Planning Parks and Open Spaces, 1983-1991
Park Board meeting notices; Parks Department North Lake Development Plan; city of Irving general demographics report.

  9     Committee-Public Transportation Technical Advisory Committee, 1974-1977
Information of the duties and functions of the committee; minutes; committee rosters; highway regional planning blueline map; Calculation of 1977 Income for the Dallas-Fort Worth Intensive Study Area; Dallas-Fort Worth regional transportation study land use map, 1977.

  10    Zoning,  1966 and 1978
A list of zoning cases from the city of Dallas being heard, July 19, 1966, and a memo relating to fencing regulations in Irving.  Also included is a trivia quiz on Sam Houston, 1993.

Series II. Photographs 

   11    All the photos are 8″x10″ black-and-white aerials unless otherwise noted.  Photograph #:

32-01  Downtown and surrounding area looking south to north, c. 1953.

32-02  Downtown and surrounding area looking east to west, c. 1953.

32-03 Downtown but mainly looking west of downtown out to Great Southwest Airport, c. 1953.

32-04 North of SH 183 looking west from Loop 12, University of Dallas in center.

32-05 North of SH 183 looking west from Loop 12, University of Dallas in center right.

32-06 Near University of Dallas looking south/southwest toward SH 183.

32-07 North of SH 183 looking south about Carl Road.

32-08 TOFC parking lot and rail lines.

32-09 TOFC parking lot and rail lines.

32-10 North of SH 183 at MacArthur looking to southeast.

32-11 TOFC parking lot and rail lines.

32-12 North of SH 183 at MacArthur looking to southeast.

32-13 TOFC parking lot and rail lines.

32-14 North of SH 183 at MacArthur looking to southeast.

32-15 South of SH 183 looking north, Loop 12 on right.

32-16 South of SH 183 looking east from Loop 12. SH 183 on right.

32-17 North of SH 183 looking east from Loop 12. SH 183 on left.

32-18 Northwest Irving from Belt Line to Valley View and Northgate to LBJ Freeway, February 1985 (color).

32-19 Northwest Irving from SH 183 to LBJ Freeway and Story Road to DFW Airport, October 28, 1984 (color).

32-20 View of Valley Ranch from north of North Lake looking to south, October 6, 1985 (color).

32-21 View of Valley Ranch from north of North Lake looking to southeast toward downtown Dallas (color).

32-22 View from Irving Mall looking south/southeast toward Rock Island Road, October 23, 1984 (color).

32-23 View from Valley Ranch looking east toward Texas Stadium and downtown Dallas, June 15, 1983 (color).

32-24 through 32-28 Five color photos of various landscaping facets of the Valley Ranch Development (color).    

Series III.  Maps, 1900-c. 1980

Box 5


  1     Sanborn Map of Irving, 1942, photocopy in taped together sections and one incomplete copy of the map in nine 11x17 sections.  (The taped together map is in the bottom of Box 4).  See Archives Map Collection for a complete copy of a 1942 Sanborn map. 

  2     Dallas County Road Map, c. 1910, photocopy (1 sheet); Road Map of Dallas County, 1928, photocopy enlargements of the Irving area only (3 sheets) (See Archives Map Collection for a full copy of this map, Folder 7); Dallas and Vicinity, 1940 (photocopy); Road Map of Dallas County, 1941, photocopy enlargement of the Irving area only (2 sheets) (See Archives Map Collection for a full copy of this map, Folder 8); Road Map of Dallas County, n.d., but prior to 1933, note on map says “COPY original sent to Miss Bullard Jan. 17, 1933 (this map is in Flat File Cabinet Drawer 15, folder 7). 

  3     Map of the City of Dallas, 1915, photocopy enlargements of the Elm Fork area of the map only (8 sheets); General Plan for a System of Parks and Boulevards for the City of Dallas, Texas, 1911, photocopies (2). 

  4     Map of Grapevine Prairie area, n.d., photocopies, 2 sheets of same area at different magnifications.

  5     Dallas County topographical map, c. 1914, photocopy, (2 sheets), one showing the Elm and West Fork area near Dallas, the second showing the Lancaster, Cedar Hill area.

  6      Proposed Land Use map, n.d., color-coded city of Irving proposed land use map.  (Copy also in Archives Map Collection).

  7     City of Irving zoning map from the Koch and Fowler city plan, 1954, photocopy.  (See also: “Zoning Map for the City of Irving,” 1953, Archives Map Collection, Map Box #2).       

  8     Architectural drawing of the layout of the grounds of Wild Briar Farm, n.d., (3 sheets).

  9     Mylar transparencies developed for the book Irving: A Texas Odyssey and the Irving trails brochure:  Trails Map; Original Town of Irving; Irving Today; Irving with Peter’s Colony Township grid overlaid; 1900 Map of Northwest Dallas County; Irving and Surrounding Area; Irving Today with Wagon Trails.

Maps in Box 5 but not in folders:

Plastic film copy of the blueprint of the Rock Island right-of-way survey conducted by Schulze and Brown, 1902.  (Approximately 10′x2′, rolled in a tube.)

Map of Dallas County when Created by the Texas Legislature, March 30, 1946, photocopy, shows towns and communities formed by 1846, creeks, rivers and location of East Cross Timbers.

U. S. Geological Survey: DALLAS 2-b QUADRANGLE Surveyed 1925.  
Photocopy of Sam Street Map of Dallas County, 1900.

Map/poster aerial of DFW Airport, July 1, 1997, airport promotional text on back of map in Archives Map Collection Map Folder 4.

Series IV.  Periodicals 

  10     Ladies Home Journal,  December 1939; Life magazine, February 10, 1967; March 24, 1967; July 7, 1967; April 12, 1968; April 19, 1968; Dallas Morning News, This Week magazine March 5, 1967.    

  11     Scrapbook pages containing articles from Life magazine, The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Times Herald concerning the American space program, 1962-1967.

Box 6

City of Irving producer:

Area Studies

South Area Study, 1973

Greenview Hills Area Study, 1974

North Irving Community Study – Area Eight, 1974

Central Area Study, 1976

Union Bower Area Study, 1977

Irving Heights Area Study, 1987

Britain Road Area Study, 1988

Valley Ranch Area Study, 1993

Comprehensive City Plans:

The Irving City Plan Koch and Fowler, 1954

First Progress Report Comprehensive Development Plan, Irving, Texas, Leipziger-Pierce, Oct. 1958

Second Progress Report Comprehensive Leipziger-Pierce Development Plan, Irving, Texas, Jan. 1959

Preliminary Comprehensive Leipziger-Pierce Development Plan, April 1959 

School and Park Report Leipziger-Pierce Comprehensive Development Plan, Sept.1959 

Thoroughfare Plan Comprehensive Leipziger-Pierce Development Plan, Irving, Texas, Dec. 1959

Zoning Districts/Future Land Use Leipziger-Pierce Comprehensive Development Plan, Mar. 1960
Capital Improvement Program Leipziger-Pierce Comprehensive Development Plan, June 1960

Irving Comprehensive Development Plan Leipziger-Pierce, July 1960

Irving Planning Study Conducted by UTA, 1968

City of Irving Demographic Reports: 1986; 1987; 1988; 1990; 1991; 1992

Street Guides

A Master Street Plan, 1972

A Guide for Streets/Thoroughfare Plan, 1972

City of Irving Street Guide, 1988

City of Irving Street Guide, 1992

City of Irving Street Guide, 1993

Valley Ranch Related Publications - Triland Development producer:

Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Valley Ranch, 1982

Valley Ranch Planning and Development, 1985

Valley Ranch promotional booklet, 1985

Valley Ranch housing development packet, 1986

Valley Ranch packet and land ownership maps, 1986

The Valley Ranch packet-beginning construction and construction status information, 1981-82

Box 7

Miscellaneous Publications - City of Irving producer:

1953 Zoning Ordinance, 1953

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance No. 1144, 1964
No. 1144

1953 Zoning Ordinance revised, Jan. 18, 1968

Goals for Irving - Waco Conference, 1968

COI Central Business District  Bernard Johnson, 1969

Las Colinas A Master Plan for Development Kump Asso., 1971

COI Housing Element, 1977

COI Land Use Element, 1977

COI Commercial Structures Inventory, 1988

COI Federal Housing Assistance Programs, 1988

See the Arts in a Whole New Light, (program from opening of Irving Arts Center), 1989 

ICVB promotional packet, 1990

COI Multi-Family Development Study, 1990

Stadium Survey Alcoholic Beverage Policies, 1990

Fritz Park Master Plan Study Conceptual Phase, 1991

North Lake Park – Master Plan Report, 1991

City of Irving & Las Colinas, (contains the master plan for Las Colinas), 1992
Northwest Park Recreation Center Master Plan, 1992 

COI Development Handbook, n.d.  

Miscellaneous Publications - various producers:

Federal Housing administration producer:

Impact Noise Control in Multifamily Dwellings   1963

International City Managers’ Association  producer:

Municipal Reporting to the Public     1963

County and City of Denver producer:

Subdivision Control Ordinance, 1964
Planning Office Subdivision Regulations
Department of Public Works Subdivision Regulations
for City and County of Denver

North Central Texas Council of Governments producer:

State of the Region Report NCTCOG, 1968

Texas Tech University producer:

Trinity River Greenway – A Prototype, 1972

Dallas County producer:

A Cooperative Plan for Thoroughfare Development, Dallas County, Texas (1973 supplement)

Dallas Times Herald/Branham Newspaper Sales, Inc. producer:

Dallas Area Promotional Packet, (contains material promoting and defining Dallas and the surrounding area. Photos, lists of department stores and industrial parks, geographic profile, income data), 1980.  

Joiner Pelton Rose producer:

Acoustical Tests for Fox & Jacob Accent Homes, 1980

Vancouver City Planning Commission producer:

Goals for Vancouver, 1980

Park Avenue developers producer:

“Park Avenue” development publication, 1983

Urban Land Institute producer:

Myths and Facts about Transportation and Growth, 1989

City of Dallas producer:

The Dallas Advantage – Southward, 1989

Las Colinas People producer:

Las Colinas Welcome Guide, 1990

North Central Texas Council of Governments producer:

25 Years – A Partnership for Regional Excellence, 1991

Texas Municipal League producer:

Directory of Private Sector Services to Cities, Ninth Edition, 1992

Corgan Associates producer:

Executive Summary for Master Plan COI Municipal Service Center, 2000

Texas A&M University producer:

Open Space Acquisition and Control, n. d.

AAONMS for North America producer:

A Short History of the Shrine of North America, n.d. 

Box 8

Airport Related Publications - various producers:

Boeing Aircraft producer:

Boeing-Current Market Outlook, 1990

City of Irving producer:

Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Expansion of D/FW Airport – Part I Summary, 1990

DFW Airport producer:

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Opening Commemorative dedication program, 1973 

D/FW Annual Report, 1976

D/FW information and promotional booklet, c. 1980

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport press kit, 1981

D/FW Annual Report, 1982

D/FW Annual Report, 1984

DFW Airport Master Plan Phase I Executive Summary, 1987 

D/FW Annual Report, 1989

Information packet from DFW Board to attendees of a work session on runways 16/34 East and West, 1990 

D/FW Expansion Issues in Relation to the City of Irving, 1991

D/FW Ambassador Program packet, 1998

D/FW Annual Report, 2000

D/FW Capital Development Program: Landing 2005,  n. d.

Federal Interagency Committee on Urban Noise producer:

Guidelines for Considering Noise in Land Use Planning and Control, 1980

Landrum & Brown, Inc. producer:

North Central Texas Airport System Study, c. 1975

North Texas Central Council of Governments producer:

Airport Zoning Ordinance Noise Study, 1970 

Model Code for Community Development Airport Compatible Development Regulations Discussion Draft for Review and Comment Not for Publication, 1974 

Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport Economic Impact, 1975 

An Inventory of Airports in the North Central Texas and Texoma State Planning Regions, 1978

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration producer:

Airport-Land Use Compatibility Planning, 1977

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Portion) D/FW Airport Expansion, 1990

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport D/FW 2010 Environmental Impact Statement Final Report Summary, 1991

Recordation of “Old” Bear Creek African-American Community Cemetery Runway 16/34 East D/FW International Airport, Dallas County, Texas, 1992 

Record of Decision D/FW International Airport New Runways 16/34 East and West And Associated Federal Actions, 1992