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Accession Numbers:  9798-16; 9798-45; 9899-25; 9899-101

Collection Number:  18

Prepared by Kevin Kendro
September 2000

CITATION:  Adopt-A-Spot Scrapbooks, Collection 18, Volume number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Historical Sketch

     The Adopt-A-Spot program is a grassroots movement, made up of volunteers, dedicated to litter control and landscape beautification.  The program is based on the Texas Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway program.  In the highway program, individuals or organizations “adopt” a section of highway on which they agree to pick up litter at least four times a year for two years.  The local Texas Department of Transportation office provides supplies, such as gloves, safety vests, and garbage bags to the “adopters.”

     Individuals, organizations, and community governments, using the Adopt-A-Highway model, applied it to their local areas, and the Adopt-A-Spot concept emerged.  In the Adopt-A-Spot program, an individual or group selects a spot in their city, such as a roadway median or vacant lot and agrees to police the spot for litter for a specific period of time. 

The Adopt-A-Spot Program in Irving

     The Adopt-A-Spot program in Irving began with the actions of Mrs. Sigrid Krehbiel.  In 1987, while Mrs. Krehbiel was a member of a local athletic club, she undertook the task of enhancing the club’s surrounding by picking up litter outside the building.  A year later at a home and garden show, Mrs. Krehbiel heard of the Adopt-A-Spot program.  She contacted the Irving municipal government and found that Irving did not have such a program. 

Mrs. Krehbiel continued in her individual litter detail and took on additional areas to clean and maintain.

     In 1989, Mrs. Krehbiel contacted the head of BEE (Beautify Euless Everyday) to learn more about local Adopt-A-Spot programs.  Over the next two years, Mrs. Krehbiel continued her individual anti-litter campaign.  In 1991, the City of Irving’s Department of Environmental Services hired a recycling/Keep Irving Beautiful coordinator.  Mrs. Krehbiel contacted the coordinator about an Adopt-A-Spot program for Irving.  No immediate action was taken, and Mrs. Krehbiel remained a one-person program.  Mrs. Krehbiel received several awards for her volunteer work.  (See Collection 19, The Krehbiel Family Scrapbooks, for details.)

     A year later, in October of 1992, the Keep Irving Beautiful program became affiliated with the national Keep America Beautiful program.  At the same time, the Irving Beautification, Inc., board was established.  Irving Beautification, Inc., is a nonprofit organization designed to involve public and private sectors in activities for the betterment of Irving through establishing and maintaining a litter control program and through education programs in support of solid waste management.  An Adopt-A-Spot committee was established under the Irving Beautification, Inc., board.  Mrs. Krehbiel served as an Irving Beautification, Inc., board member and as the first chairman of the Adopt-A-Spot committee.

     In May 1995, the Irving Beautification, Inc., coordinator made the Adopt-A-Spot program a priority.  By the end of 1995, through the efforts of Sigrid Krehbiel, with the help of husband Del and stronger promotion, more than fifty “adopters” had enrolled in the program.  Through the years, the program continued to grow, and by 1999 there were over 120 members.

     To participate in the Irving Adopt-A-Spot program, “adopters” need only fill out a form identifying themselves and the spot they choose to adopt.  “Adopters” are asked to clean the area once a week for a minimum of one year.  Irving Beautification, Inc., supplies safety-vests, gloves, and garbage bags.


Adopt-A-Spot Scrapbooks, Collection18, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Scope and Content

     The collection is composed of seven scrapbooks and three videotapes compiled by Mrs. Sigrid Krehbiel between 1989 and 1999.  The scrapbooks are in excellent condition and have been left intact.

     Large portions of the scrapbooks are made up of Mrs. Krehbiel’s monthly summations of her field work and summations of her monthly Adopt-A-Spot organizational work.  There is also a considerable amount of correspondence between Mrs. Krehbiel and various City of Irving department heads concerning beautification efforts.  Several of the volumes also contain brief up-to-date histories of the program written by Mrs. Krehbiel.  Also included are promotional material, membership lists, and photographs.

     Volume 1 spans the years 1989-1999.  This scrapbook gives an overview of the genesis and growth of the Adopt-A-Spot program in Irving.  It covers Sigrid and Del Krehbiel’s individual work, the establishment of Keep Irving Beautiful and the Irving Beautification, Inc., board, and the Adopt-A-Spot committee as part of Irving Beautification, Inc.

     Volume 2 covers 1993-1997.  This volume is made up primarily of Mrs. Krehbiel’s monthly activity reports, which summarize the actions she, her husband, and her son took to beautify the areas they adopted.  Also included is correspondence with the store managers from the shopping center parking lot that Mrs. Krehbiel kept clean.  Included are Adopt-A-Spot program ideas and material.

     Volume 3, June 1996-December 1997, consists mainly of summations of Mrs. Krehbiel’s monthly cleanup activity.  Also included are Adopt-A-Spot newsletters, minutes, member lists, and information on designing an Adopt-A-Spot logo.

     Volume 4, 1997, is dedicated to Adopt-A-Spot organizational material for the year 1997.  Included are promotional items, newsletters, correspondence, proclamations, and photos.  There is a section of photos on the Dumpster-Watch program.

     Volume 5, 1998, is similar in make-up to Volume 4.  It contains Adopt-A-Spot organization material such as newsletters, fliers, proclamations, meeting announcements, and photos.  The last section of the scrapbook is devoted to two special Adopt-A-Spot projects undertaken by the Krehbiel family, Del, Sigrid, and son Roger.  The Krehbiel family undertook the cleaning and beautification of a neglected ball field in west Irving and the cleaning of the Irving Plaza Shopping Center alley.

     Volume 6, 1999, also contains Adopt-A-Spot correspondence, promotional material, newsletters, and photos from 1999.  The last part of this album contains a profile of Sigrid Krehbiel and one of Del Krehbiel written by Sigrid Krehbiel.

     Volume 7 is made up entirely of Adopt-A-Spot membership lists from 1995-1999.

     The collection also contains three videocassette tapes of the Irving Cable Television Network program “Irving Review” from September 27, 1995, April 5, 1997, and from an unknown date.  The telecasts from these dates had segments on the Adopt-A-Spot program.

Provenance Statement

     The Adopt-A-Spot scrapbooks were donated to the Irving Archives by Sigrid and Del Krehbiel in six accessions.  Accession 9798-16, volume 1, was donated November 1, 1997. Accession 9798-17, videocassette tapes, was donated November 5,1997.  Accession 9798-45, donated January 5, 1998, was made up of volumes 2, 3, and 4.  Accession 9899-25, volume 5, was donated December 21, 1998.  Accession 9899-101, volumes 6 and 7, was donated August 9, 1999.  Prior to their donation to the Irving Archives, the scrapbooks were in the possession of Mrs. Krehbiel.

Literary Rights

     Permission to publish from the Adopt-A-Spot Scrapbooks, 1989-1999, must be obtained from the Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

Note to Researcher

     For further information on the Irving Adopt-A-Spot program and the Krehbiel family projects in the Adopt-A-Spot program, please see Collection 19, The Krehbiel Family Scrapbooks.  Included in this collection are scrapbooks concerning awards won by Mrs. Krehbiel and detailed looks at some of the clean up projects the Krehbiels undertook.

Container List

Box 1  

Vol. 1  Scrapbook, 1989-1996
Consists of history of the Adopt-A-Spot program in Irving by Sigrid Krehbiel; synopsis of activities from 1996; correspondence to and from the Krehbiels with various city departments concerning litter control and beautification around the city (1989-1996); information on Mrs. Krehbiel’s High-Spirited Citizen Award; letter from Marge Crow relating to Euless’s Beautify Euless Everyday program (1990); correspondence with Irving Recycling Coordinator, Fran Witte, about developing an Adopt-A-Spot program (1991); entry form for Schnabel Status Citizen Awards; newsletters (Clean Sweep, City Spectrum, Adopt-A-Spot); list of adopters and spots 1995; correspondence with Jerilyn Green, Adopt-A-Spot chairperson; photos of first Adopt-A-Spot meeting (Jan. 1996); Sigrid Krehbiel’s monthly comments to the chair (1996); photos of cleaned up areas and of Mrs. Krehbiel and the Schnabel award, 1996.

Vol. 2  Scrapbook, 1993-1997
Primarily consists of detailed monthly work records of Mrs. Krehbiel and her family submitted to Keep Irving Beautiful, Inc., director; correspondence with city departments and Irving Plaza Shopping Center store managers; photos of Mrs. Krehbiel and her Adopt-A-Spot sign, and of Mr. Krehbiel working on Adopt-A-Spot programs; information on “Find the Good and Praise It” program.

Box 2

Vol. 3  Scrapbook, 1996-1997
Primarily consists of typed newsletters (April 1996-May 1997) and meeting minutes.  Also, correspondence, lists of members as of November 1996, meeting agendas, and new newsletter Your Piece of the Planet (May-December 1997); sample logos for Irving Adopt-A-Spot.

Box 3

Vol. 4  Scrapbook, 1997
Consists of history of Adopt-A-Spot by Sigrid Krehbiel; promotional material; proclamation of March as Adopt-A-Spot month; certificates of appreciation to the Krehbiels; newsletters; newspaper clippings; information on winning the Governor’s Community Achievement Award; photos from Adopt-A-Spot activities and dumpster watch; correspondence.

Vol. 5  Scrapbook, 1998
Consists of list of members; newsletters; article on Sigrid Krehbiel “Bag Lady”; newspaper articles; promotional material; photos; proclamation of Adopt-A-Spot month; certificate of appreciation to Mrs. Krehbiel as founder of Irving Adopt-A-Spot.  The second half of the scrapbook consists of photos, work reports, and correspondence concerning special projects undertaken by the Krehbiel family at a baseball field in Bear Creek and the alley at the Irving Plaza Shopping Center.

Box 4

Vol. 6  Scrapbook, 1999
Consists of Adopt-A-Spot promotional material; newsletters; newspaper clippings; Adopt-A-Spot membership lists; list of past officers of Irving Beautification, Inc.; photographs; correspondence; profile of Sigrid Krehbiel; profile of Del Krehbiel.

Vol. 7 Scrapbook, 1995-1999
Consists of Adopt-A-Spot membership lists and adopted spots, 1995-1999.

Videocassette Tapes
Three videotapes from the ICTN program “Irving Review.”  The telecasts included segments on the Adopt-A-Spot program.