Umstead, Harry and Louise 

Photo - Harry Umsted taken at a Cosmopolitan International Club meeting, c. 1970; a newspaper editorial on the Las Colinas DCURD bailout. 

MVF 24-01 

LP record of a local musical group called “The Shoppe;” Irving High School football schedules and booster material, 1970s; Irving girls softball material, 1970s; and a Southwest Bank cash bag and envelope. 

  Electricity deposit receipt for Trinity Fence Company, 1965; and Source One Travel documents. The donors own Trinity Fence Co. and Source One Travel.   0102-216 
  Irving Public Library card, 1975; Rolling Hills Country Club membership card, 1975; Irving Women's Bowling Association sanction cards, late 1970s; Source 1 Travel material; photo of Harry Umsted at golf tournament with Leroy Jordan; Irving High School football program, 1972; Braniff Airways tickets, 1987.  0405-52 
United Daughters of the Confederacy - General Richard Gano Chapter #2433  General Richard Gano Chapter #2433 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1998-99; 1996-00; 1996-98; and 7 press release booklets, 1991-1998.   0304-02 
  US flag and certificate of authenticity - flag flew over Al Asad Air Base in Al Anbar Providence, Iraq, Jan. 1, 2009.  0910-20 
  General Richard Gano Chapter #2433 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 2000-01 and 2001-02. 0910-21
United States Coast Guard  CD of images of Greenland and the Spencer WWII crash site; also electronic images.  Photo Coll.
University Hills HOA records Member Arnold Martin donated his records from organiztion meetings: newsletters; sporadic minutes and agendas, 1973-2003 (bulk 1998-2003). 1112-113

University of Dallas History/Archives Office

University of Dallas material: newspaper section entitled Salute to University of Dallas, 1961; University of Dallas class catalogues, 1956-2002; University of Dallas yearbooks, Crusader, 1957-2001. 0102-142
  University of Dallas anniversary publication: University of Dallas 50 Years of Vision and Courage, 1956-2006. 0607-06 
  University of Dallas yearbooks: Crusader, 2006 and 2007.  0708-77 
Publication - 50 Years of Visions and Ccourage, 1956-2006 1314-10
Utah State Archives Research Center  The Public Historian, (12 issues), 1992-1994. 0102-273 
Vaden, Debra  Digital images of Densmore family scrapbook, 1890s-1990s. The Densmore family were pioneers to the area.  0708-29
  Photocopy of "A History of a Branch of the Densemore Family." The Densemore family were residents of early Irving.  0910-87 
Vintage postcards of Dallas - State Fair; Old Red Courthouse; Kidd Springs Park; Turtle Creek Park; Fire State #12; Love Field; Trinity River; Kennedy Memorial. MVF 31-02
Vail, Doris Issues of the Irving Daily News and the Daily News Texan from the early 1960s. 0001-129 
  Irving High School diploma, 1945. 0001-181 
  Irving High School yearbooks, 1944 and 1945; photo of the Irving High School graduating class, 1945; college and high school report cards; and valentines, 1940s. 0102-01
   Irving High School class ring, 1945.  0102-287 
Vamvakas, Pete  Photocopies of P and P Food Store tax records; and a photocopy of an Irving High pep squad booklet, 1938. P and P Food Store was a small grocery store in Irving owned by the donor's family, 1930s-1940s.  MVF 8-20 
  Digital images of the Vamvakas family chicken farm and store at northeast corner of Shady Grove and Story Roads; also Irving High School diploma, play programs, and other school related items, early 1940s. 0607-01
Van Eck, Ed  Commemorative medallion from the opening of the Civic Center, 1976.  MVF 4-21 
Vance, Lyle 

Issues (18) of Child Life magazine, 1920s. 

Veach, Jack  Veach family photos, 1940s-1970s; napkin from the 25th anniversary reunion of the Irving High School class of 1964. MVF 4-14 
Veno, Peggy 

Commemorative medallion from the 50th anniversary celebration of Irving's incorporation, 1964. 

MVF 2-12 

Precinct Guide Dallas Co., TX., Oct. 1967. 

MVF 3-10 
  Photocopies of John Veno’s military education documents, 1950.  MVF 25-16 
Ventura, Zenaida  Postcards - Lake Cliff Towers Hotel (4), n.d.; Dallas Public Library, c. 1950s.  MVF 27-11 
Virgil, Jo 

Brief history of St. Luke’s Catholic Church. 

MVF 4-01 
Vitasek, Lynn

Microfilm copy of a Irving Telephone Co. ledger, 1914.


Irving Telephone Co. ledger, 1914. 

  Aerial photo of Irving, 1973.  9900-98
  Digital images of the Story family and information relating to the images, 1900-1950. The Story family were pioneers to the area.  0001-46
  History of the house at 304 S. Britain and article about Early M. Story. The Story family were pioneers to the area. 0304-163 
  Photo - Lucy Duckworth, Lorene Barber, Flo Hinkle, and Carolyn Johnson.  Photo Coll.
  Map of Sowers Cemetery; baby caps belonging to Myrtle Story White, c. 1900; photocopy of the Sam Street map of Dallas County, 1900; and a reprint of the Sam Street map by the Friends of Dallas Public Library.  0506-102 
  Genealogical material on the Ewalt family; scrapbook of Virginia Story’s senior year at Irving High School, 1933-34; 45 rpm record done for the dedication of DFW Airport; costume jewelry; handbag and women’s hats, c. 1930s-40s. The Ewalt and Story families were pioneers to the area.  0506-131 
  Story family material: Myrtle Story's baby cap, 1894; baby shoes; Story family photos; greeting cards; school play programs, 1944; postcards of Shreveport, 1925; Frank White’s drivers license; Katy White's report cards, 1946 and 1947; Virginia Story grade school diploma, 1930; class photos, 1931, 1932 and 1934; Ewalt family documents; Irving High School diploma, 1934; business card from the Story family taxi business; Virginia White business card; Irving School student body photo, 1929.  0506-144 
  Photos - gravesite and casket of William Clarence Story, 1925.   Photo Coll.
  Story family material: Irving High School yearbook, Lair, 1946; Bowie Middle School yearbook, 1978; antique kitchen implements and toys; family photos, and postcards, 1920s.  0607-19 
Wade, Mildred  City of Euless, Texas, history book: Euless Celebrating 150 Years.  0203-312 
Wadsworth, Dick  Digital images of a "rock ripper" machine manufactured by the Wadsworth Company, c. 1950s; and an photo of the Irving High School football team, 1943.   0708-31 
Wadsworth, Mary Louise  Street Lighting Map of Irving, Texas, Nov. 11, 1924.    0203-150 
  Photo - MacArthur High School seniors, 1972; city of Irving street map, 1966; Texas Centennial Rodeo program, 1936; information on the forming of the Irving Junior Garden Club, 1948; and an invitation to the dedication of DFW Airport, 1973.  0607-87 
Walker, D. W.  Antique tools:  saws; shoe last; pull knives; and a Model T jack.  0102-65 
  Antique tools: saw set; Model T wrench; hog ringer; pruning shears; and cutters.  0506-85 
Wall, Lewise 

Photo - Dallas Cowboy's football team coach Tom Landry. 

Photo Coll.
Wallace, Audrey  Newspaper article on the Irving history documentary Eighty Acres of Dreams, 1989.  MVF 23-04 
Wallace, Chris  Book - James MacKay, A Man to Cherish by Helen Widener. Helen Widener is a local author.  0405-60 
Walters, Bobbie  Booklet- Thrift Tips published by American Bankers Service and given to customers by Irving State Bank, late 1940s or early 1950s.  MVF 14-03 
Warmack, Walley  Irving Centennial calendars (2), 2003.  0809-144 
Warner, Polly  Photo - WWII memorial at Main St. and Irving Blvd., c. 1947; Bona Fide Club yearbooks, 2003-04 and 2004-05; and a Shrine Hella Clowns card.  MVF 14-01 
Waters, Louise  WWII ration books, stamps, and tokens.  MVF 19-08 
Watkins, Ronald 

Photocopies of genealogical material on the Hezekiah Lucas family. The Lucas family were pioneers to the area. 

MVF 4-12 
Watson, Joe  Photos - Watson Radiator Shop and the Watson family, c. 1950s.  Photo Coll.
  Digital images of Watson Radiator Shop and the Watson family, c. 1950s.  0506-173 
Watson, Martha Jo Martha Jo Lucas Watson Collection: material relating to the donor's experiences in Irving High School, 1944-1948; and her activities in social and civic organizations, 1950s-1960s. Included among the items are: Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, (20 issues), 1944-1948; Irving High School diploma, 1948; Irving High School yearbooks, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948; scrapbook documenting the donor's high school years; photos - Tigers Den, c. 1951; Irving High football team photo, 1936 and 1937; and an invitation to the dedication of DFW Airport, 1973.   Collection 56 
  Slides, 35mm, of the MacArthur High School homecoming ceremonies at the football stadium, 1975.  Photo Coll.
  Receipt for car sale at Range Brothers Overland Touring Car, 1923.  MVF 27-10 
  Cookbook - "Irving's Golden Year Cookbook, 1964." A cookbook produced during the 50th anniversary celebration of Irving's incorporation.   0910-179 
Files on various civic projects: downtown development; DFW Airport noise; Irving's centennial events; Park People activities; DART vote. 1112-106
Watson, Mickey Information on the Park People of Irving and their project the Castle Kingdom Playground. MVF 20-03 
Watson, Shirley  Photo - Panoramic photo (50″x11″) of the Hoot Gibson Rodeo Show at the Texas State Fair, 1932.   0506-51 
Weary, Jean  Program from the dedication of Ginger NcNab Elementary School in Spring, Texas, 2006. Ginger McNab was a graduate of Irving High School, 1968.  MVF 19-13 
Weatherly, Alice Book - Echoes from the Past, by Mabel Hill Scott. MVF 29-04
Weaver, Wayne  Issues of the Dallas Morning News relating to the assassinations of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, 1963 and 1968; and the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001; section of a newspaper covering the Wichita Falls tornado, 1979;     0809-178 
Webster, Tom  Watercolor painting of a farm house that was located near O’Connor and Northgate, 1960. 0809-25 
Welkin, Emily  Photocopy of the Historic Cemetery Certificate to the Kit Cemetery from the Texas Historic Commission, 2010.  0910-160 
Wendzel, Sharon  Newton family material. Primarily documents and artifacts relating to the Newton family while they lived in Kentucky, 1900-1940s and later in Irving, Texas.    0910-79 
White, Alvah Newspapers and  magazines - JFK assassation; article about world events, 1935; TV guide magazine, 1961; information about fallout shelters, 1955-1961. 1314-06
White, Lely  Issue of NewsKorea covering the dedication of Veterans Memorial Park.   0809-133 
White, Marie 

Las Colinas transit tokens. 

MVF 2-14 

Scrapbook pages (3) relating to Harry White’s activities on the city council and as a member of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, 1980s; plat maps of the Western Terrace, Shady Oaks, and White Oaks Estates residential developments. Harry White was a local homebuilder and served on the Irving city council, 1985-1990.  

MVF 3-01 
  Digital images of the White family, 1970s-1980s.  0304-177 
  Plans and plat maps from various developments around Irving built by Harry White, 1970s-1990s: newspaper articles about White Realty; a file relating to Metropolitan Housing Finance Corp.  1996.   0405-88 
  Irving Baylor Hospital parking tokens; business cards from various local businesses; a GTE packet containing information on Irving, c. 1980s.  0405-104 

Digital images of an Irving school class photo of an unknown grade, 1937; and of the Whitmire and Story families, c. 1900-1920.  


Certificate of elections for Councilman Harry White, 1985 and 1986; corresondence relating to Mr. White's involvement with city matters; certificates from homebuilding associations, 1970s-1990s; clippings about Sandy Oaks Addition; Harry White council name plates.  


Mementos from groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, and other events attended by Harry White during his terms on the city council, 1980s. 

White, Velma

Irving Centennial costume - long grey skirt, blouse, jacket, hat, gloves, handkerchief and purse, 2003.

Whittington, Mark 

Copies of lawsuits involving the IISD or the city of Irving: Norman Christy vs. IISD, 1974; COI vs. Fidelity Union Life Insurance, 1980; COI vs. Hattie Mae Lesley, B. E. Lesley, Norma Lesley and Cecil Leslie, 1979. 

Wickham, Kenneth  Digital images of Wickham family photos, 1930-1950’s. The Wickham family lived in the Union Bower community before it became part of Irving. The photos focus on the Union Bower School and life in the community during the 1930s-1940s.  0102-310 
Widener, Helen  Booklet from the 40th reunion of the Irving High School Class of 1960.  MVF 5-12 
  Audiotapes and transcripts of interviews collected for the Irving Centennial Cookbook and floppy-disks of typescripts of the book, 2002.  0102-46 
  Research material compiled for writing the Irving Centennial Cookbook, 2002.  0203-85 
  Audiotape interviews; CD ROMs of illustrations; and floppy disks compiled in creating the Irving Centennial Cookbook, 2002.  0203-206 
  Sears, Roebuck catalogues #123 and #150, c. 1912; names and addresses of Irving Centennial Cookbook purchasers; Irving Law Wives Club yearbook, 1977; Las Colinas Women’s Association yearbook, 1980; Heritage Society yearbook, 1985-86.  0203-267 
  Book - James MacKay A Man to Cherish by Helen Widener, 2004. Helen Widener is an Irving author.   0405-43 
  Textbooks and diploma from Byrne Commercial College; and six volumes of Washington Irving’s works. Byrne Commercial College was located in Irving, c. 1950s-1960s.   0506-217 
  Mylar negative sheets from the publisher of the book Irving Centennial Cookbook, 1903-2003.  0506-235 
  Newspaper article about Helen Widener and her work on her family genealogy, 1976; copy of the Irving Independent, Sept. 17, 1970.  0607-79 
  Digital images of Washington Irving and an inventory of Washington Irving items compiled by Helen Widener for her display on Washington Irving.  0708-71 
  Book – Scraps of Life by Helen Widener.  0809-34 
  Commemorative plate from First United Methodist Church, n.d.  0809-166 
Widener, Jim  Pamphlet entitled Recommended Minimum Fee Schedule of the Irving Bar Association, Jan. 1967.   MVF 3-12 
  A page from a speech entitled Irving of All Places delivered by Jim Widener at County Commissioner  Roy Orr's retirement.  MVF 6-05 
  Bound volume of The Journal, a local newspaper, Aug. 1982-Dec. 1983. The donor owned the newspaper. 


  Brief autobiography by Jim Widener and his résumé.   MVF 17-05 
  Material on the city council single member district issue in Irving, 1970s-2000s.  0910-186 
  Information on a livrary bond proposal, 1987; a study on the need for a new criminal justice center, 1987; Cooper Reservoir supply study, 1986.    0910-209 
Wilcox, Lee  Irving Bank & Trust Co. Photo Collection: Irving State Bank and later Irving Bank & Trust Co. employees and buildings, 1940s-1970s; newspaper clippings and advertisements about and for the bank, 1950s-1960s; small artifacts. (A scrapbook relating to the donor's year as president of the Irving Women's Chamber of Commerce, 1963-64, was removed and placed in the Irving Women's Chamber of Commerce collection.)   Collection 70
  Digital images of the Jim and Lee Wilcox family, c. 1945; an Irving area phone book, 1936; and Irving Bank & Trust promotional items. MVF 10-02 
Williams, Nina Dotson  Digital images of the Hackberry School student body, 1936 and 1938. Hackberry was a farm community located in what today is north Irving. 0607-97 
Willis, Fred  Membership directory from First United Methodist Church, 1968. MVF 17-19 
Wilkens, Cecil  Irving High School football letter jacket, 1947.  0607-71 
Wilson, Diane Photos of the Irving High School football team and of some individual players, 1968; Irving High School pennant, 1968.  0809-177 
Irving High School sophomore prom dress, 1967; photo of donor in dress; class of 1969 40th reunion booklet. 0910-01 
  City of Irving proclamation declaring June 13, 2009, as Irving High School Class of 1969 Day.  0910-175 
Wilson, Jean Haley 

Haley/Littlepage Collection: This collection contains information on three early Irving area families: the Joffres, the Haleys’ and the Littlepages. The Joffre family came to the area during the 1870s. Bertha Joffre married Charles Lee Littlepage, whose family had come to Dallas in the 1870s. Their daughter Helen married William E. S. Haley, son of Tom Haley.  The Haley family came to what would become the Irving area during the late 1850s: personal and business correspondence; real estate documents and tax receipts, 1900-1974; pamphlets relating to farm life, 1900-1950s; business cards and greeting cards, 1930s-1960s; a Dallas High School memory book, 1915; and artifacts. 

Collection 44 
Wilson, Linnie 

Photos - Independence day parade, July 4, 1999; and a videotape of the parade. 

Wilson, Sue Houseworth  First United Methodist Church material: programs from various activities, 1961-1969; newspaper clippings related to the 50th anniversary of Girls Scouts.  MVF 22-01 
Women of Irving High School 

I-Teen scrapbooks, (9 vols.), 1961-70; 1976-77 and 1980-81; 1978-83; 1984-85 and 1985-86; 1986-87; 1987-88; 1988-89; 1989-90; 1991-92; and a small notebook. 

Worcester, Robert  Digital images of Central Elementary, 1st grade, 1958-59; and 2nd grade, 1959-60.  0607-98 
Wood, Carol 

Mementos from Joe’s Coffee Shop: a pen knife and letter opener. 

MVF 24-02 
  Photo - Irving volunteer fire department, Aug. 5, 1934.  0001-189 
Wood, Leslie  Digital images of Leslie Wood’s certificates for the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation Medal, 1968.  0809-97 
Wood, Patti 

Information and artifacts relating to pioneer families Barton, Tompkins, and Wood, 1880-1970s. Digital images and photos, 1890-1970s; photocopy of a WWII era scrapbook; Irving High School pennants, calendars, ribbons, 1960s; Irving High School graduation material, 1924 and 1965.  

Collection 74
Wood, Paul  Bicentennial issues of the Irving Daily News and Dallas Morning News, July 4, 1976.  0809-165 
Wood, Ruth Ann  Irving High School majorette uniform (jacket, skirt, and top), c. 1950.  0001-34 
  Photo - Main Steet, Irving, Texas, c. 1947.  Photo Coll.
  Photocopy of a photo of the Irving High football team, 1946.  MVF 8-08 
  Digital images of the Irving High School football team and football sweetheart ceremonies, 1946.  0203-324 
Woodard, Jackie  Pamphlet entitled A Brief History of Oak View Baptist Church, 1950-2000.  MVF 5-04 
Woods, Theresa 

Items from the dedication of Central Library: programs, postcards, and bookmarks, 1986.  


Irving Public Library items: library newsletter Library Line, 1995; invitation to a Valley Ranch Library fundraiser, 1996; packet from an Irving Public Library seminar, 1993. 

  Program from an event honoring Nathan Adams on his 50th anniversary at First National Bank of Dallas, 1939.  0102-56 
  Cookbook created by the Irving Christian Woman’s Club, 1981.  MVF 6-10 
  Las Colinas Country Club by-laws and membership list, 1969.   MVF 6-16 
  Signed copy of Echoes from the Past by Mabel Scott Hill. Mabel Scott Hill was an Irving author. 0203-168 
  Promotional notepad from Toombs Gravel Company, 1958.  MVF 13-11 
  Commemorative playing cards from the Texas Sesquicentennial, 1986.  MVF 17-20 
  Commemorative plate given to members of the Irving High School senior class, 1954.  0506-201 
Wyatt, Mona  Irving Garden and Arts Club yearbook, 2002-03.  0506-181 
  Irving Garden and Arts Club yearbooks, 1997-2003 and 2005-06.  0506-181 
Wyatt, Ted  Photos - Otis Brown house on Pioneer Drive just prior to its being moved and renovated, 2002.  Photo Coll.
Wyld, Gail  Newspaper clippings about Irving senior citizen activities, 1970s; list of charter members of Senter Park Senior Activities Center, 1974.   MVF 27-03 
Wylie, John 

Genealogy research materials on early African-American families in the Bear Creek community developed for the Bear Creek Heritage Museum. 

MVF 4-19 
Young, Ken  Photocopy of a newspaper picture of Irving Police Officers graduating from the North Central Texas Regional Police Academy, 1969.  MVF 25-04 
Young, Richard and Gloria  Newspaper article about the death of Henry Farine; and a map of the Farine property along MacArthur and Grauwyler. The Farine family were pioneers to the area.  0304-49 
  Photocopy of Henry Farine’s obituary and a copy of an article detailing the auto accident in which he was killed.  0304-91 
Young, Richard and Judy CD - Forever West containing the song Mule Ears in the Sand; a DVD of the song being performed; a press release about the origins of the song and a submission of the story about the Red River crossing to the Texas Storytellers Project; and an 1860 Texas land grant.   MVF 29-03
Crabtree family items - necklace; buttermold; mug; eye wash cup; sugar tongs; nut spoons; crab forks.    1213-58
Zvonecek, Karen 8mm film projector and camera. 1314-01

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