Oberlan, Mary

Texas Historian containing an article about Union Bower settlers William and Virginia Smith. 1213-70

Oden, Ray and  Linda                             

Lanotte family material: photos, marriage certificate, land records, census records, genealogical material. The Lanotte family were pioneers in northwest Dallas County and the Irving area.  MVF 22-14 
Olive, Bettye  MacArthur High School yearbook, Crest, 1975.  0001-98 
Oliver, Gloria  Photocopy of an interview with Odessa King about her childhood  in the Bear Creek community, 1914-1930s; history of the Walter Green and Nancy Dilworth Green and related genealogical information. The Green and King families are longtime residents of the Bear Creek community that today is part of western Irving. Bear Creek was one of the oldest African-American communities in Dallas County.  0203-212 
  Digital images of Gloria Oliver’s family, 1950s-1990s. Gloria Oliver is a long-time resident and community leader in the Bear Creek community   0203-261 
  Photocopy of a scrapbook relating to Gloria Oliver and the Ms. Mature Irving pageant, 2002; also includes newspaper articles relating to the Bear Creek community; and digital images of the Miles and Oliver families, 1940s-1980s.   MVF 9-14 

Photocopies of records documenting the activities of the West Irving Improvement Association, late 1960s-early 1972s.  

Omnibus Club 

Omnibus Club scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1963-1976; 1976-1981; 1981-1983. The Omnibus Club was a self-improvement and educational club for women, 1963-1984.

Collection 24 
O'Teter, Nancy 

Photos - tree plantings by the IISD school board, mid-1980s and 1997.  

Photo Coll.
  Old Red Reunion guest book, 2003.  0203-221 
  Photos of Old Red School Reunion, 2003.   Photo Coll.
  Photos of Old Red School Reunion, 2003.  Photo Coll.
Owen, Valerie   Book - Byrd Cochrain of Dead Man’s Corner by Valerie Owen. Valerie Owen is a local author.  0607-08 
Paine, Ruth  Newspaper articles regarding the West Irving Improvement Association, 1967-1970; JFK assassination related magazines, 1963-64; script CBS News Extra November 22 and the Warren Report, September 22, 19164; videotapes (7) of various programs relating to the JFK assassination.  0910-59 
  Magazines relating to the assassination of President John Kennedy, 1960s-1990s.  0910-101 
Pankey, Julie 

Texas Library Journal, 1986-1987 containing articles by the donor relating to the building of the IPL Central Library building, 1986. 

MVF 2-06 
Pannel, Jack  Digital images of football sketches done by Guy Deal when he attended Irving High School in the late 1940s. Guy Deal was an Irving-born artist who went on the work for Disney and became a well-known painter of scenes from the American west.   0203-92 
  Photos - Estelle Heritage Society meeting; the Estelle School site clean-up; and the Estelle community Irving Centennial historical marker dedication, 2004.  0708-102 
Pannel, Lavern DeHaes  Digital images of the Jeannet and DeHaes families, 1890s-1950s. Both families were pioneers to the area. Louis DeHaes married Adriene Jeanette.  0607-09 
Parker, Talley 

Digital image of the intersection of Irving Blvd. and Main St., c.1920s; and Smith Grocery in Irving, 1950.  

Photo Coll.
Parks, James M. 

City council campaign tokens; James M. Parks city council identification badge and card; and campaign yard sign, c. 1970s; Las Colinas Country Club membership roster, 1978. 

  Newspaper clippings, advertisements, and other documents relating to James Parks' city council campaign, 1974; and to the overall city council campaign of 1974.  0001-127 
  Newspaper clippings relating to Irving senior softball, 1990s; Irving school teacher Miss Trigg, 1990s; and James Parks on the Irving city council, 1970s.  0102-104 
Parks, James and Lanell   Chamay Club yearbook, 1950.  MVF 26-16 
Parrish, Don and Kathy  Lamar Middle School yearbooks; 1995-96; 1996-97; 1997-98; local newspapers and national magazines covering notable events during the 1980s and 1990s such as: space shuttles; President Reagan being shot; the President Clinton's impeachment proceedings; the first Iraq war, etc.  0607-115 
Parrish, Morris and Marge 

Irving Daily News issue relating to Irving's golden anniversary of incorporation, 1964 (encapsulated); and the Irving Daily News U. S. Bicentennial issue, 1976. 

  Wedding dress 1920s era (chiffon and lace red flower print).  0001-79 

Photo - Morris Parrish's city council photograph, 1990s.


Morris Parrish's personal papers: speeches, newspaper articles, correspondence. Morris Parrish served as a city council member and mayor of Irving during the 1990s.   


Morris Parrish's mayoral papers from the Office of the Mayor: certificates, publications, calendars, schedules, photos, correspondence, clippings, artifacts.  

  Morris Parrish's personal papers: artifacts, publications, and reports relating to his terms as mayor; Mears' WWII medals, and papers; newspaper issues regarding the 1960 presidential election; Lyndon Johnson's death; and the Watergate affair. 0001-64 
  Photos - Otis Brown family house on O'Connor and the Brown family, 1905-1925 and 1980. 

Photo Coll.

  Material relating to Marge Parrish's term as president of the Irving Heritage Society: photo of a Rotary Club intercity meeting, 1937; Hightower Drug Store hand fan; a registry and index of Irving cemeteries; photo of the California Crossing historical marker; newspaper article about historic home tours; letter from Kay Brown to Charles Brown about the naming of the city; plat map and other information on the Parrish home; abstract for lots 1-3 in Brown’s First Addition to the Town of Irving; script from a Heritage Society slide show on the history of Irving; articles about the book Irving A Texas Odyssey; article about ex-mayor Jack Johnson; articles about the development of the Irving Heritage District; photos from the Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 1990; an article about Bird’s Fort. 0203-162 
  Morris Parrish’s collection of the works on Washington Irving and Washington Irving related material.  0304-64 
  Material gathered by Marge Parrish when she was president of the Irving Heritage Society - articles relating to the development of Heritage Park and the publication of the book Irving A Texas Odyssey; photos of the elements in Heritage Park; contract for purchase of the railroad depot that is in Heritage Park.  0304-205 
  Material from Morris Parrish’s terms as mayor: Nigerian robe; robes from the dedication of a mosque; photos of a trip to Irving sister city Leon Mexico; photos of Parrish with Mexican President Vincente Fox; photos of the dinner for Irving's ex-mayors at the Parrish’s house; newspapers regarding national events of the 1990s; material on Lt. Mears military collection.  0304-206 
  Morris Parrish's mayoral papers: correspondence on a wide range of topics, 1990s. 0607-155 
Dedication plaque from Irving Community Hospital's library (honoring Esther Hurwitz), 1964.  1011-110
Parsons, Frances  Photos - E. J. (Jack) Johnson, 1940s; and a school class photo, n.d. (c. 1940s); digital image of the Irving High School graduation program, 1947.  MVF 9-04 
  Photos - quilts from the Irving Arts Center’s Centennial quilt project, 2003.  Photo Coll.
Patin, John  Booklet - General Highway Maps, 1971, depicting highway routes in Texas by county. MVF 22-11 
Issue of the National Enquirer about Elvis Presley's death, Sept. 6, 1977; Dallas Time Herald special section on Elvis Presley's death, Aug. 20, 1977. 1112-18
Patrick, Lewis and Nita 

A Brochure for the Building Program of the Union Bower Methodist Church, Irving, Texas, 1960; and a t-shirt from John F. Townley Elementary School, 1978-79.

MVF 5-17 
  Newspaper article regarding the city council runoff election of 1973, in which Marvin Randle and Joe Putnam won.   0001-155 
  Book from Irving's sister city Leon, Mexico - Leon Trajectoria y Destino, 1999.  0102-17 
  Newspaper - Irving Daily News Progress Edition, Feb. 23, 1975.  0607-162 
  T-shirt from J.O. Davis Elementary School, c. 1990 (the year the school reopened).   0304-271 
  First Methodist Church Sunday School class cookbook, A Taste of Heaven, 2004; Crocket Middle School play programs, Way Way Off Broadway; and A Mad Breakfast; Lamar Middle School, cast list from Every Man, and Murder at Brantley Manor, 2004; and from Travis Middle School Miss Twiddle and the Devil, n.d.   0405-70 
  Commencement programs: Nimitz High School, 2005; Irving High School, 2005; and MacArthur High School, 2005.  MVF 15-08 
  Booklet – Breakfast with the Stars, 19th Annual Scholarship Breakfast, 2005-2006; and a program from the dedication of the MacArthur High School gym.  MVF 17-22 
  Commencement and Baccalaureate programs from all Irving high schools, 2006; a DVD and program from the second annual student arts celebration.  0506-171 
  Programs from IISD events: Lamar Middle School presentation of Disney’s High School Musical; Texas State Academic Decathlon, 2007; Region IX Academic Decathlon Awards Ceremony, 2007; Irving Chorale 20th anniversary season, 2007; and Nita Patrick school board campaign material, 2007.  MVF 20-09 
  Programs from: the Irving Firefighter’s Ball; the University of Dallas's 50th anniversary event, 2006; Irving Schools Foundation dinner; the groundbreaking for the Irving Health Center; the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce second annual banquet; and from the dedication of Stipes Elementary School.  MVF 19-11 
  Program from Irving Health Center opening, Aug. 2007; and a program from the IPL Valley Ranch Branch Library opening, Oct. 2007.  MVF 22-09 
  Ticket to a possible Dallas Cowboy’s second round playoff game from the 2007 season.   MVF 24-08 
  Programs from: the Irving High School Tiger Award Banquet, 2007; and First United Methodist Church's child’s choir awards night, c. mid-1990s; North Lake College South Campus groundbreaking, 2008; Holy Week services at Williams Square, 1990; First United Methodist Church weekly program, April 9, 1990; First United Methodist Centennial Dinner Theater, Feb. 24, 2008; and a playbill from the Irving High School production of Bye-Bye Birdie, March  2008; 20th Annual IISD Employee Service Award Presentation; and IISD Breakfast with the Stars, 2008.      MVF 24-09 
  Program from the Independence Day parade, July 4, 2008. MVF 25-01 
  Programs – Irving High Football Award Banquet, 2008; MLK Event; invitation to State of the City Address, 2009; invitation to Dedication of the Star Flower Sculpture at the Irving Art Center; COI Year in Review, 2008.  MVF 25-20 
  Programs and invitations to various city and IISD events, 2009.  MVF 26-08 
  Summer Commencement program from Nimitz High School, 2009.  0910-10 
  Irving High School Senior Breakfast program, 2010; Council of PTAs Life Membership Banquet program, 2010.  MVF 28-14 
Payne, Bob  Irving High School letter sweater, 1928; digital images and correspondence relating to the Bell family and Payne family; news clippings; photos of Ike Story; G. W. and Alice Payne; and Tom and Sallie Bell; certificate of admission to Irving High School,  1931. The Bell and Story families were pioneers to the area.  0405-191 
  Digital images of the Bell and Weatherly families who are descendants of Ike Story; original photo of the Duckworth Service Station, 1930s. The Bell family were pioneers to the area.  Photo Coll.
P.E.O. Chapter DV 

P.E.O. Chapter DV Collection: P.E.O. began as a small campus society and was the second sorority organized in America. As an independent group, P.E.O. grew into a worldwide organization devoted to providing higher education for women: scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1963-1980; 1981-1989; 1989-1993; treasurers reports, 1963-1991; membership and meeting attendance records, 1963-1992; photos, PEO literature; newspaper clippings; and artifacts.   

Collection 29 

 P. E. O. Chapter DV meeting minutes, 1963-1991.

P.E.O. Chapter CN  P.E.O. Chapter CN Collection: P.E.O. began as a small campus society and was the second sorority organized in America. As an independent group, P.E.O. grew into a worldwide organization devoted to providing higher education for women: scrapbooks, (5 vols.), 1951-1973; 1974-75; 1976-80; 1980-88; 1988-96; treasurers ledgers, 1988-90; meeting minutes, (7 vols.), 1951-1979; and a tape of interview with Martha Falls first president of the chapter.    Collection 38 
Pecchi, Kathy  Digital images and photocopies of articles relating to Bill Pecchi and WFP Studio. Bill Pecchi was an entertainer and movie maker who owned WFP Studio in Irving during the 1970s-1990s.  0102-163 
  Digital images and photocopied material relating to Bill Pecchi and WFP Studio, 1970s-1990s. Bill Pecchi was an entertainer and movie maker who owned WFP Studio in Irving during the 1970s-1990s.  0102-185 
Perkins, Barbara  Photos - Central Library and Centennial Park, Sept. 2003.  Photo Coll.
Perrin, Paul Brief history of Grauwyler family and road. 1011-130
Perry, Dixon  Irving High School football programs, 1947-49; a notebook containing diagrams of football plays, 1949; Irving High School senior play script and program, 1949; a scorebook from a Dallas Rebel minor league baseball game, 1947.  0708-15 
Peters Colony Historical Society 

Elm Fork Echoes, May 2004, publication of the Peters Colony Historical Society, contains an article about communities in the area before Irving's founding.  

MVF 10-24 
Peters, Sue  Photocopy of newspaper articles about Irving history from the Irving Daily News, 1978.   0203-264 
Petty, Emma  Scrapbook recording the activities of the Irving Women's Bowling Association, 1962-1964; various bowling league standing; lists of league bowlers; photos of the Quaker State bowling tournament held in Grand Prairie, Texas, 1978.  0102-317 
Phillip, Joe   Digital images of the Centennial historical marker dedications, April 24, 2004: St. Luke's Catholic Church; South Delaware Church of Christ; Caster Cabin; Brown house on Hastings; Twin Wells community; Estelle community; and Old Kit Cemetery. 

Photo Coll.

Phillips, Billy  Irving Women’s Bowling Association material: shirt patches, 1961-62; IWBA 20th anniversary yearbook, 1961-1981; towel from 38th annual state tournament; IWBA cookbook, 1990-1991; delegate badges to state and national tournaments, 1974 and 1975.   0708-146 
Picadilly Garden Club  Picadilly Garden Club scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1960-1974 and 1975-1985.   0102-320 
Pilcher, Leanne  Aerial photo of Irving north of State Highway 183 and east of O’Connor Rd., 1956.   89-04 
Podraza, Carol  Harry Spencer family material: newspaper articles; invitation to fireman’s banquet, 1956; Methodist Church publications. 0405-151 
  Harry Spencer family material relating to the Spencer and Blaylock families, 1920s-1970s: correspondence; photos; Irving school board material; newspaper clippings; Harry Spencer's WWII military equipment and uniforms; wedding dress; dresses, 1940s and 1960s; Blaylock and Spencer family scrapbooks and general events scrapbooks, 1930s-1970s. Harry Spencer married Patsy Blaylock in 1942. After serving in WWII he moved to Irving and opened a business. He served on the city council, the school board, and the hospital board.    0405-92 
  Harry Spencer family material: pair of WWII military gloves; pens, pencils, rulers, key chains, and etc. related to Irving clubs and businesses, 1960s; First United Methodist Church of Irving publications, 1952, c. 1968, and 1983.  0506-156 
  Harry Spencer family material: menu from dinner honoring Senator George Parkhouse, 1966; invitation to view future plans for the Las Colinas development, 1981; Highland Park Pharmacy bag and Icelandicair travel kit.  0607-16 

Harry Spencer family material: invitation to the 30th anniversary of Irving Hospital Board, 1983; and a city of Irving road map, 1952. 

Pomroy, Wanda

Real Estate Atlas of Dallas Co., Texas, 1975; Irving Polk's Directories, 1977 and 1979. 

Ponce, Louis  Digital images of the Ponce family. The Ponce family were one of the first Hispanic families to come to Irving arriving in 1918.    0102-292 
Pope, Phil  Research paper concerning Texas Stadium and its effect on city of Irving's development.  MVF 12-07  
Porter, Betty  Booklet - Birdville, Wilderness, County Seat, and Beyond.  MVF 21-11 
Porter, Cindy  Letter and two photos from a soldier in France to his parents in America, 1945.   MVF 25-08 
Powell, Susan Susat Digital images of the rental agreement for Dr. George Susat's first office, 1960; and of a letter he wrote to the landlord asking to make changes to the building, 1960. 1112-14
Power, Robert
executor of the Goldammer estate 

Rosemarie Goldammer papers: business records, 1960-1980s; scrapbooks, 1940s-1980s; correspondence, 1940s-1980s; photos, 1920s-1990s; diaries. 1940s. Rosemarie Goldammer was born in Germany. She moved to Irving during the 1950s. She had been a professional ballerina in Germany and opened a ballet school in Irving where she taught for four decades.     

  Rosemarie Goldammer material: photos, 1960s-1980s; newspaper articles about her dance studio, 1960s-1980s; business records, 1960s-1980s; daily diary books, 1950s-1960s; sketches and a sculpture by Gerd Jaeger. Rosemarie Goldammer was born in Germany. She moved to Irving during the 1950s. She had been a professional ballerina in Germany and opened a ballet school in Irving where she taught for four decades.  0607-128 
  Goldammer material: programs from recitals at the Legat School, 1957 and the Young Dancers School, 1960s-1990s; 2 photos of Rose Marie Goldammer.    0809-73 
Power, Robert  Eulogy read by Robert Power at Jackie Townsell's funeral, signed and dated by the donor; speech given by Robert Power at the kickoff ceremony for the Irving Centennial celebration, Oct. 3, 2002.  MVF 7-07 
Price, Bill  Information on the Gilbert family and the Price family and images of family headstones. The Gilbert family were pioneers to the area.   MVF 11-15 
Price, Roberta  Digital images of Mac Thompson and family, c. 1930s and an Irving school class photo n.d. Mac Thompson was an early Irving resident.  0203-289 
  Photocopy of a newspaper article entitled “H. M. Thompson Recalls Early Times in Irving” n.d.  MVF 15-02 
Pringle, Tim 

Southwestern Bell Metroplex High School Hockey League Schedule, 1999. 

MVF 4-11 
  Digital image of Texas Stadium under construction, c. 1970.  0708-55 
  CD of photos of the interior of Texas Stadium after the seats and field had been removed also images of interior of some of the suites, Sept. 2009.  Photo Coll.
Proctor, Irma 

Newspapers and magazines relating to John Kennedy's assassination; and the final issue of Life magazine, Dec. 15, 1972. 


MacArthur High School yearbooks, Crest, 1969-1973; 1976; and 1977; genealogy magazines, Irving parks department master plan, 1981, papers relating to the Irving League of Women Voters.  

Putnam, Joe  First Baptist Church of Irving cookbook, 1998.  0102-220 
  Material given to Mayor Joe Putnam at the dedication of the Hindu Temple: framed "Essence of the Bahagvat Gita;" a Just for You wish; and a medallion from the Hindu Temple Society.   0102-301 
  North Lake College mug and pens given to Mayor Joe Putnam by a class at North Lake College.  0203-53 
  Civic Center groundbreaking invitation autographed by the city council members, 1976; and digital images of the Irving city council, 1970s.  0203-70 
  Book - Dance in the Dark.  0203-106 
  Photos - dedication of the Grauwyler Road rail grade separation. Photo Coll.
  Framed certificate honoring Irving in its 100th year presented to Mayor Putnam at the Irving Heritage Festival, 2003.  0203-228 
  Photos - Ruby Caster Taylor’s 101st birthday. Ruby Taylor was a member of the Caster family who were pioneers to the area.  Photo Coll.
  Mayor’s 4th of July itinerary packet, 2003.   0203-263 
  Three paper weights given to Mayor Putnam from the Irving Police Reserve Organization, 2000; NAACP City Leader of the Year, 2000; and DeVry Institute appreciation to Mayor Putnam for giving the graduation address.  0203-277 
  Book - Our Town-Irving by Patti Kidd.  0203-290 
  Poster from the Irving Film Commission and a calendar, 1998.  0203-295 
  Program from the Ms. Mature Irving pageant, 2003.  0203-330 
  Asian American Citizens Council 3rd annual banquet program.  0304-36 
  Invitation to dedication of Centennial Park and the agenda from the Centennial Church Choir event.  0304-14 
  Mayor Joe Putnam’s personal files relating to Irving political campaigns: campaign fliers from various candidates, 1970s-2000s; election results by precinct from various races, 1970s-2000s; photos; DART election, 1996; liquor elections, 1980s-1990s; correspondence primarily from students to the mayor; certificates; news clippings; city comprehensive plan, 1960; Library Development plan, 1969; bond sale booklet, 1974.   0405-169 
  Shirt with the Irving Preservation and Re-development Board logo on it.  0405-174 
  Framed letter and coins from Darkhan City, Mongolia’s mayor to Mayor Joe Putnam - the coins represent the Great Khans of the Mongol Empire, 1206-1368.  0405-188 
  Various City of Irving reports from Joe Putnam's terms on the city council: Bond Sale Reports, 1970s; city withdrawal from Social Security System reports, 1982; and others.  0506-54 
  Promotional packet for the book, Watt Matthews of Lambshead a Photographic Study of a Man and His Ranch; and a mug commemorating Irving Community Concert’s 40th Anniversary, 1955-1995.   0506-199 
  City of Irving publications: annual financial report, 1990-91 and 1993-94; bond sale publication, 1997.  0607-33 
Putnam, Julia  City of Dallas street map, 1967.  0708-138 
Putnam, Margaret 

The official souvenir magazine of the 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial wagon train, 1986. 

MVF 3-09 

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