Irving Public Library      American Association of University Women Irving Chapter newsletters, Adversaria, 1976-1981; and yearbooks, 1976-1982.  MVF 23-09 

Esther Hurwitz Papers: Esther Hurwitz established the Irving Public Library in conjunction with the Dallas County Library System in 1941. This library was not a municipal library. She operated the library until the City of Irving opened a municipal library in 1962. Esther Hurwitz was also involved in the establishment of several social and charitable organizations in Irving during the 1930s. Correspondence regarding the library and other projects in which Mrs. Hurwitz was involved; financial records of the library, 1941-1962; circulation records, 1941-1962; library board meeting minutes, 1941-1967; material related to clubs and organizations of Mrs. Hurwitz's interest; a scrapbook relating to the library and the Felicity Club, 1930s-1970s; photographs.  

Collection 35  
  Brochure from the dedication of Central Library, 1986.  MVF 23-02 
  IPL bond election material, 1981-1982.  89-22 
  "Irving Together" pin and a commemorative key chain from the dedication of the Civic Center.  MVF 1-15 

IPL files: photos and photo albums; scrapbooks; artifacts; minutes; policies; videotapes, 1960s-2000s. 

  City of Irving employee handbook, June 1997.  97-08 

Book - Irving by the Irving League of Women Voters, 1983. 

  Book - You Have Cancer by David Grigsby. Mr. Grigsby was a city of Irving employee. 9798-10 

Library Board meeting minutes, 1961-1984. 


Newspaper clippings concerning the city of Irving, 1977-1980. 


Scrapbook of articles regarding federal low income housing and its effects on city government, 1974-75. 

  Irving Police Department annual report, 1995. 9798-58 

City of Irving Personnel policy manuals, 1981-1987; Information Systems Plan, 1985, Loss Prevention manual, 1986, and Aladdin manual, 1985. 


Master tapes (2) of the State of the City address and long range plan for library 1980-81; IPL buttons and pamphlets. 


Buttons, ribbons, programs from the dedication of Central Library, 1986. 

  Final edition of Dallas Times Herald, Dec. 9, 1991; final Sunday edition of Dallas Times Herald, Dec. 8, 1991. 9798-108 

Commemorative edition of the Irving Fire Department history book, 1998.


City of Irving customer service survey, 1998. 


Sanborn fire insurance maps of Irving (on microfiche), 1942.  

  IPL policies, 1976.  9899-10

Washington Irving playing cards from the game Authors. 

MVF 3-15 

IPL records and correspondence, 1962-1972. 


COI customer service survey, 1998. 


IISD Public Information Advisory Council agenda, minutes, and meeting notices, 1996-98. 

  Material from IPL Director Lamar Veatch, 1983-1999: notes from department head meetings, 1994-1998; director's reports to the library board, 1983-1999; newspaper clippings about Lamar Veatch, 1980s; North Lake College information packet, 1999; ICVB information packet, 1998; IPL design competition Foster + Meier submission, 1981; microcassettes documenting Central Library construction competition, 1984; guest book from Lamar Veatch's welcoming and farewell receptions, 1983 and 1999; floor plan of main library on O'Connor Rd.; photographs .     9899-30 

Photos - GED graduation ceremony, 1998.

  Dallas Mapsco, 1986.  MVF 3-17
  State of Texas Registered Professional Engineers Roster, Nov. 1, 1990. 9899-49 
  Negatives of library director Lamar Veatch's farewell party, 1999.  9899-50

Bond election video, 1999. 


Dallas County land ownership maps on microfiche, 1884.


Photos - IPL exhibit of local artist Gary Morris's paintings.


COI loss prevention program, 1986. 

   Buttons from the Authors, Illustrators, and Readers program. 9899-92 

COI publications: Cost History Graphs, 1990s; Budget History Graphs; Specs for Valley Ranch Branch Library; IBM automation study; plan for remodeling Human Services building, 1970s-1990s.

  An issue of Better Homes and Garden magazine, July 1931. 9899-108 

COI publications: IPL annual budgets 1991-92, 1992-93, 1993-94; COI annual budget, 1992-93; IPL/Northlake College Library Joint Use Plan, 1992; library building plan, 1983; IPL fliers. 

  Programs from dedication of Central Library, 1986; memo to staff regarding the new Central Library building; "Staff" ribbon from opening day; Central Library floor plan; IPL policies, 1976/td> MVF 4-16

IISD publication: Educating the Stars of Tomorrow, 1995-96.

   Millennium Park dedication program, 2000. 9900-38

Y2K public awareness videos; COI Y2K awareness publications, 1999.  


Books - Archy’s Life of Mehetabel; Archy & Mehetabel; Archy Does His Part, 1933; also The 1965-73 Mustang Parts and Accessories Catalogue, 1990s.  


City of Irving annual operating budget, 1999-2000. 


City of Irving Y2K Operations Plan, 1999. 


Book - Developing Local History Programs in Libraries. 

  File of news clippings regarding DFW Airport, 1989-96.  9900-71 

Videotape of the All American City finalist selection, March 2000. 

  City of Irving annual budget on microfiche, 1988-89.  9900-95 
  Photos - North Lake Branch Library groundbreaking, 2000.  Photo Coll.

Invitations, programs, and fliers concerning various Washington Irving related events, 1980s. 

MVF 4-22 
  IPL administrative office files, 1970s-1990s (bulk 1980s).  9900-99 
  Photos - Friends of Library book sale, 1998. 

Photo Coll.

  IPL organizational manual and a study of IPL personnel needs, 1979.  9900-111 
  Architectural models of Central Library: Foster & Meier submission, and a model from an unidentified firm; also a model of a proposed entertainment center (Irving Arts Center).   9900-117 
  Irving Fire Department rules, emergency procedures, and general procedures.  9900-122 
  Application for cable TV franchise from Teleprompter of Irving (4 vols.), 1980-81.  9900-129 
  Newspaper - The Journal all issues from 1985.  9900-131 
  Report on the library building program for the City of Irving/North Lake College Joint Use Community Library, January 15, 1997.  9900-135 
  Scrapbook from the dedication of the Central Library, 1986.  9900-144 
  City of Irving annual operating budget (proposed), 2000-01.  9900-150 
  DFW Airport executive letter, 1999. MVF 5-10 
  City of Irving documents: COI budgets, budget letters; Arts Center and Arts Board budgets; ICVB budgets; cost of services studies; department budget history graphs; employee cost history graphs.  0001-10 
  Polk's Irving City Directories: 1972; 1974; 1975; 1981; Irving Human Services Council Directory, 1996-97.  0001-11 
  Photos - checkout of IPL's 1 millionth item.  0001-16 

Irving Fire Department annual report, 1998-99; ICVB Irving trivia quiz. 

  Book - Regional directory of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, 1999-2000.  0102-137 

Book - Wen Bon by Byron R. Wenborn. Byron Windburn is a local author. The book relates his WWII experiences. 

  Nimitz High School fundraising cookbook, Viking Vittles, 1989.  0001-32 
  IPL Policies, 1976; IPL Materials Selection Policy, 1973; Building Program for Library, 1983; Library Development for Irving, 1969; and a research paper about Esther Hurwitz the founder of the first Irving library in 1941.   0001-44 
  Photo albums (4) documenting the construction of the Central Library building, c. 1984; 35mm slides of Central Library construction; photos from the Central Library dedication ceremonies, 1986; photos of the Northwest branch fire and repair work.  0001-50 
  COI annual operating budget, 2000-01. 0001-57 
  Irving Street Guide, 1991  0001-75 
  City of Irving Capital Improvement Program, 2000-01.  0001-76 
  Friends of the Library publicity file: newspaper articles regarding the Friends of the Library; Book Author RSVP file; public relations material.  0001-88 

COI Demographic report, 1992. 

  A Plan for Downtown Irving, 1992.  MVF 5-16 
  COI Performance Report, 2000.  0001-112 
  IPL summer reading club t-shirt, 2001.  0001-133 
  Publications: Register of Historic Places in Texas, 1968-75; Volunteer Opportunities in Irving, 1985; Irving Christian Counseling; Irving Heritage Society yearbook, 1984-85; The Suburbs Come of Age, 1983.  0001-137 
  Irving Fire Department Annual Report, 1999-2000.  0001-147 
  Charter of the Irving Municipal Library Association, 1961 (Friends of the Library).  0001-172 
  Laminated photos of library branches, exterior and interior, and related newspaper article, 1996.  0102-12 
  Material from the IPL Read-a-Palooza program, 2001.  0102-18 
  Material from the IPL Fiesta a la Biblioteca program, 2001. 0102-20 
  COI Health and Human Services Directory, 1999.  0102-29 
  Cartoon style map of Irving (laminated), c.1990.  0102-69 
  City of Irving Area Studies: Greenview Hills, 1986; Irving Heights, 1987; North Irving, 1974; Central, 1976.  0102-87 
  Memos from IPL's technical services department, 1986-1998.  0102-94 
  City of Irving Area Study: Valley Ranch, 1991.  0102-100 
  Book - Croffutts Guide to Colorado, 1885 (reprint 1966).   0102-112 
  IISD high school yearbooks, (16 vols.), various years; and two Texas Almanacs, 1996-97 and 1998-99.   0102-130 
  City of Irving Area Study: Greenview Hills, 1974.  0102-183 
  Architectural rendering (water color) of proposed expansion of the library when it was located on O’Connor Rd., 1964. 0102-196
  Book - Journey Toward Excellence (information on the IISD).  0102-243 
  Book - Time Out to Serve.  0102-261 
  Five blueprint sets from Central Library building design competition:  complete set, March 26, 1984; Robert Allen proposed plan complete set, April 16, 1984; Foster + Meirer submission plan (Mylar) and Styrofoam model of library and grounds.  0102-262 
  Recycling Reference Guide, 2002.  0102-264 
  Irving Public Library card, 1984.  0102-265 
  Book: Journey Toward Excellence by Tom Allen (information on the IISD). 0102-275 
  North Lake College joint use library blueprints.  0102-277 
  Texas Library Association poster, 2002.  0102-278 
  Northwest Branch Library scrapbook, 1986-1991.  0102-308 
  Library cookbook material and sales ledger, 1984-2000.  0102-318 

Nimitz High School yearbook, Valhalla, 1976.  

  IPL lapel pins (2) and an IPL ballpoint pen.  0203-23 

Health and Human Services Directories, 1999, 2000, 2001. 

  Soil Survey of Dallas County, 1984.  0203-67 
  Videotapes - Irving history videos made for the city's centennial celebration, 2003.  0203-71 
  Volumes (2) regarding the development of North Lake College joint use library, 1991-96 and 1997.  0203-75 
  COI Performance and Evaluation Report, 2001-02.  0203-99 
  COI annual budget report, 2002-03; Capital Improvement Program, 2002-03.  0203-100 
  Red Cross support certificate to IPL.  0203-104 
  DFW Runway Use Plan, 1996.   MVF 8-05 
  Video - Remembering WWII Veterans (ICTN interviews with local veterans), 2003.  0203-135 
  Videos - relating to the IPL Summer Reading Club, 2002.   0203-141 
  Irving Fire Department Annual Report, 2000-01. 0203-144 

Irving Fire Department Annual Report, 2001-02. 

  Health and Human Services Directory, 2003.  MVF 8-13 
  DFW Airport runway expansion report; airport bill 348; list of newspaper articles about airport expansion; airport history file; library brochures; compensation evaluation report, 1990; Team Zebra report on Irving/North Lake College joint use library; memo on departmental functions and programs; city demographics report, 1994.   0203-194 
  COI Capital Improvement Program, 2000-01 and 2003-03; COI annual operating budgets, 2000-01 and 2002-03; COI annual performance report, 2000-01.  0203-205 
  COI performance reports, 1995-1999; Compensation Job Evaluation Study Final Report, 1990; Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Development Code, 1986; COI Demographics Report, 1991-92; Customer Survey of Attitudes in Irving, 1998.  0203-211 
  USGS maps: Grapevine and Euless, (7 maps), 1959, photo revised 1981.  0203-219 
  IPL buttons; employee roster, 1984; COI organizational charts, 1983 and 1984.  0203-227 
  IISD Academic Excellence Indicator Systems Report, Vols. I and II from the years 2002 and 2003 (4 volumes).  0203-274 
  Irving Human Services Council Reference Book, 2000-01. 0203-275 
  Irving Daily News issue from May 26, 1971.  0203-320 
  IPL material: brass bookmarks, 1983; library pen, 1994; bookmarks 1986; postcards of library, 1984; Central Library floor plans; Friends of the Old Fire Station photos; Irving United file; city hall parking garage file, 1980s.  0203-323 
  COI base map with city council districts overlaid, 1987.  0304-07 
  Photos - IPL assistant director, James Karney, playing Santa Claus at an East Branch event, 2002.  Photo Coll.
  Site designation request and submission of entry by Foster + Meier for Central Library construction, c. 1981.  MVF 9-19 
  Cooper Reservoir Supply Study Phase I and II, 1966 and 1967.  0304-20 
  Videotapes of IPL events: Summer Reading Club, 1988-2003; first graders day; street festival interviews; 7th and 8th grade story telling festival; and library campout (25 tapes).  0304-41 

Book - Irving the Spirit and Dream of Tomorrow. 

  A corps of Engineers pamphlet describing the utility and amenities of Grapevine Lake upon its opening in 1953.  MVF 10-07 
  Display material used by Central Library for their Irving Centennial year bulletin board display.    MVF 10-08 
  Book - The Way I Saw It by Ramon Gibson. Ramon Gibson is a local author. The book is about his experiences during WWII, Korea, and as a test pilot for the FAA.  0304-99 
  Photo - IPL staff, 1996.  0304-106 
  City of Irving street map, 2003.  0304-115 
  IPL materials selection policy 1986; correspondence between IPL and IISD on use of 16mm films, 1977.  0304-134 
  Bound volumes (6) of Las Colinas Now magazine; 1981-83; 1983-84; 1983; 1984; 1985; 1986.  0304-147 
  List of library board members, 1982-1997.  0304-158 

COI Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development, Draft Copy, 2004-2009; DFW Airport expansion Draft Environmental Impact Statement, July 1990, Volume I: Documentation and Volume II: Appendices; Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Expansion of D/FW- Part II. 

  Las Colinas Now magazine (4 vols.), Spring 1985; Summer 1985; Spring 1986; Summer 1986.  0304-164 
  COI annual operating budget, 2003-04.  0304-169 
  ICTN DVDs: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Audition Finals, 2004; and A Look Inside the Irving Fire Department Their Jobs, Their Equipment and Their Pride, 2004.  0304-191 
  ICTN DVD: Irving, Texas, Centennial Celebration, 2003: and   High School Football Game of the Week, Nimitz vs. MacArthur, 1982.  0304-230 
  Blueprints for Central Library terminal placement.  0304-237 

Irving Fire Department annual report, 2002-2003. 


City of Irving Health and Human Services Directory, 2003 and 2004. 

MVF 11-10 
  Final Environmental Impact Statement Runway 16/34 Volume I Documentation, 1991; and Volume II Appendices, 1991.   0304-262 
  Picture of a section of a painting of Washington Irving and his literary friends at Sunnyside.  MVF 11-13 
  Book - The Razors Edge (armed forces edition), 1942.   MVF 12-03 
  IPL staff buttons from the dedication of Central Library, 1986.  MVF 12-05 
  Lamar Middle School yearbook, 1992-93.  0304-228 
  Book - Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives; and a pamphlet Recycling Reference Guide, 2002.  MVF 12-08 
  COI annual operating budget, 2004-04.  0405-06 
  Videotape of ICTN's Irving in Review coverage of IPL one millionth item checked out on September 29, 1991.  0405-07 
  Notebooks and guest books from IPL programs: literacy programs, and Hispanic Forum.  0405-18 
  Aerial map of Irving (94 pages), 1974.  0405-67 
  Texas Sesquicentennial events poster entitled “National Dispatch,” 1986.  MVF 12-20 
  Capital Improvement Program, 2004-05; COI annual operating budget, 2004-05.  0405-81 

Book - Irving Fire Department Commemorative Edition, 1986. 

  IPL publication related to the first Dynex system, 1990-93.  0405-115 
  Flier: “Guide to Central”; floor plans for Central library; Irving Arts Center pamphlet; pamphlet from the dedication of the Civic Center, 1976; COI street maps; COI annual report, 1996.  0405-146 
  DVD - More than a Card about the services of the IPL, 2005.  MVF 14-04 
  Minutes of the Friends of IPL board meetings, 1987-1998. 0405-164 
  Newspapers - Las Colinas News issues, Feb-Dec. 1993; Las Colinas Business News, Feb. 1994-Oct. 1996; Las Colinas People, March 4, 1993.  0405-167 
  City of Irving Health and Human Services Directory, 2004. 0405-171 
  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2003-04.  0405-182 
  COI publication: Facilities Master Plan for the Irving Public Library, 2005-06.  MVF 15-06 
  Material on Texas history put together for a Childrens Department program and laminated WWI era posters (reproductions).  MVF 15-09 
  Information and a photo related to the IPL cookbook sales; and material from the dedication of Central Library, 1986.  MVF 15-12 
  Audiotapes: interview with Stanley, Lynn and John Brown; interview with Mayor Dr. Paul Laird; and interview with Mayor Bobby Joe Raper.  0405-205 
  COI Publication: Community Development Grants Program - Action Plan, 2003-04.  0405-206 
  Photos - various city of Irving employees: Barbara Perkins, Crystal Johns, Lamar Veatch, Howard Humphrey, Jearlene Miller, Doug Bales, Glen Nelson, 1990s.  Photo Coll.
  COI report entitled Snapshots 2005 – Report on State of City Preview Edition, July 2005; Capital Improvement Program Draft, Aug. 19, 2005; Proposed Annual Operating Budget Book 1 and Book 2, Aug. 19, 2005.  0405-216 
  ICTN DVDS: Irving Municipal Court Procedure; Eddie Coker-What Makers the World Go Round; Mas gue una simple tarjeta; Robert Glenn Artist Profile; Irving Game of the Week (football)-Denton Ryan vs. MacArthur, Nov. 13, 2004.  0405-232 
  Cartoon maps of Irving (2) (laminated), c. 1990s.   0506-02 
  The Directory of Irving Clubs and Organizations, 2001.  MVF 16-10 
  Plaque in memory of Roberta Garst who donated money to help build the IPL non-fiction collection.  0506-10 
  CD of COI Approved Operating Budget Detail FY 2005-06.  MVF 16-12 

Design notebooks for the Central Library building, 1981-1986 and 1997. 

  DVDs from ICTN productions: Best of About Town, 2004; Best of Musica Tejanan; Irving Year in Review, 1982, 1983, and 1984; Irving Review Highlights, 2004; Sports Scene, 2004; and What Can You Do With Two Hours?.  0506-17 

Proclamation recognizing IPL part-time employees, 1993; printed copy of the IPL mission statement and vision statement, c. 2000; cartoon maps of Dallas, c. 1990.  


Cartoon style maps of Irving showing various business locations, 1994. 

  Texas Almanac, 2000-01; 2002-03; and 2004-05.  0506-40 

COI Report: Snapshot 2005 A Report on The State of The City, Aug. 19, 2005.  

MVF 16-18 
  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2002-03.  0506-49 
  Irving Public Library board meeting minutes, 1961-March 1988.  0506-104
see also 9798-29 
  DFW Airport and COI related reports: Draft General Conformity Determination Terminal D, 2000; Final Environmental Impact Statement 16/34E & W Summary, 1991; COI Consolidated Plan Block Grant Emergency Shelter, 1999-2004 Draft Copy; Regional Airport System Plan, 2000; Aircraft Noise Contours for Selected Airports NCTCOG; DFW Runway Use Plan, 1996; Draft Environmental Assessment for Runway Extension Oct. 1997; Final Environmental Assessment for Extension of Runways 17C/35C and 18L/36R and 18R/36L, July 1988; Demographics Irving-Las Colinas by Chamber Revised Sept. 2001; COI FY 2002-03 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development.  0506-61 
  CD containing COI annual operating budget and Capital Improvement Program, FY 2005-06.  MVF 17-02
  COI annual operating budget, 2005-06; and Capital Improvement Program, 2005-06.  0506-66 
  Videotape: The Story Tree a Literacy Revolution Series Pilot, May 23, 1994.  0506-78 
  Videotape - ICTN program Irving Review - official naming ceremony; also a program and invitation to a Washington Irving event, 1988.  0506-87 
  Architect’s rendering of Central Library, c. 1984.  0506-99 

Publications - Las Colinas Now, Fall 1981, Winter 1986, and Summer 1991; Las Colinas Corporate Directory, 1992.

  DVD of an ICTN program: Irving Police Build a Future.  0506-108 
  DVD of ICTN coverage of the Fall Speaker Series: Cisneros; Harari; Thiederman: also Irving’s Hidden History-Bear Creek: and the 23rd Annual Ms. Mature Irving Pageant, 2005.  0506-111 
  Books - prospectus for The First Battle by William Jennings Bryan; and Memorial Addresses: Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, 1903. 0506-138 
  IPL Selection Policies, 1975; and Policies of IPL, 1991.  MVF 17-23 
  DVD of 80 Acres of Dreams and The Irving Story.  0506-160 
  COI map showing property owned by the city, 1999.  0506-168 
  COI report: Year Round Swimming Facility, March 1, 1977; and  Irving Centennial commemorative calendars (2), 2003.  MVF 18-05 
  ADA Compliance Review and Evaluation-City Building Facilities, Nov. 1994.  0506-179 
  Promotional material from the Einstein’s Big Idea program: poster, publications, button, Sept.-Oct. 2005.   MVF 18-08 
  Newspaper articles about DART, 1989-1995. 0506-192 
  Photo of library staff wearing red for a cancer fund raiser, 2006.  Photo Coll.

Material relating to the time capsule project celebrating Central Library's 20th anniversary.  

  DVD of Central Library’s 20th anniversary tea party, Aug. 6, 2006.  MVF 18-13 
  IPL information pamphlet, c. late 1970s. MVF 19-01 
  COI Health and Human Services Directory, 2004 and 2006.  MVF 19-05 
  Polk's Greater Dallas Directory, 1981.  0607-35 
  North Lake College Self Study for Reaffirmation of Accreditation, 2003.  0607-38 
  Poster - rendering of Veterans Park, 2000.  0607-50 
  Book - Are You Ready - a Guide to Citizens Preparedness, 2004.  MVF 20-04 
  COI publications: Downtown Planning Strategy, 2005; Classification and Compensation Study, 2005; Water and Sewer System Physical Outlook, 2005; Study of Economics and Physical Impact for Texas Stadium and a new Cowboy Stadium, 2004; COI Financial Audit, 2004; Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2004; Resident Survey, 2004; Resident Survey General Comments, 2004; COI Preliminary Financial Outlook, 2005.  0607-59 
  City Publications: OMB Circular Supplementary Financial and Compliance Report, Sept. 30, 1996; COI Comprehensive Plan Citizens Survey, July 11, 1996; COI Annual Report, 1999-2000; Comprehensive Plan Implementation Report, July 23, 1999; ICVB Zero Base Budget Letter, 1995-96; Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Sept. 30, 1990; Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Sept. 30, 1996; Zero Base Budget Department Letters as Adopted, 1999-2000; Supplemental Budget Request, 1999-2000; Purposed Budget, 1996-97 and 1995-96; Purposed Budget and Supplemental Request Letters, 1999-2000; Zero Base Budget Department Letters as Purposed, 1998-99; Purposed Departmental Letters, 2001-2002.  0607-60 
  Publications: Las Colinas Now (12 issues) - Spring 1980; Fall 1982; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, 1983; Summer, Fall, Winter, 1984; Spring, Summer, Winter, 1985.  0607-66 
  Microfiche of City Council meeting minutes, 1914 to 1997; and Library Board Minutes, 1971 to 1977.  0607-67 
  IPL library card, c. 1980s. MVF 20-06 
  Floor plan of the children’s department at the main library on O’Connor Rd., c. 1980.  MVF 20-08 
  Report and notes on the sale of the library cookbook, 1991.  MVF 21-04 
  COI certificate of occupancy for Friends of Library at 1735 Story Rd., April 23, 2004. MVF 21-05 
  DVDs of ICTN coverage of various events (6): Irving Review Remembers Ben Carpenter; ICTN presents Cash America and Ticket Radio Quarterback Bowl, 2006; Peter and the Wolf & Camp Wacky Walley, 2005; Celebrating Unity Among One Community Independence Day Parade, 2006; Intimate Concerts, 2006; and an ICTN documentary Stories into America.  0607-104 
  Reference files on local businesses, 1970s-2000s.  0607-116 
  Brief biographies of Pete Gifford, Sr. and Perch Hill and a history of the Gifford-Hill Co.  MVF 21-02 
  Life magazine's 50th anniversary issue, 1985; Look magazine, Jan 2, 1962 and Dec. 3, 1963 (Kennedy material); and McCall magazine, Feb. 1963.  0607-130 
  DVDs of ICTN coverage and programs: Kids Playhouse (5 vols.); Irvingite Danny Thomas talks about the invasion of Iwo Jima, 1999; Irving Review Features; and Vida Hispana.  0607-151 
  Bound newsletters of the Southland Life Insurance Company - The Southlander, 1962 with and embossed cover to Mrs. J. W. Carpenter; and a scrapbook of photos and newspaper articles from the President’s birthday polio fundraiser in 1934, of which John Carpenter was the Dallas chairman. 0708-13 
  Blueprints: Valley Ranch Branch - Design Development plans, June 6, 2005 and October 14, 2005; Architect Review Committee Submittal, Oct. 21, 2005; and Furniture Floor plan, January, May, July, and October 2006.  0708-21 
  Irving High School yearbook, Lair, 1992.  0708-36 
  DVD of an Irving promotional spot: Irving, Texas, It is the Place to be a Part of It.  0708-85 
  COI reports: Evaluation of Parks of Local and Regional Significance in Relation to the Proposed DFW Expansion, Jan. 1990; also executive summary of same report; and Irving Heights Area Study, 1987.   0708-99 
  DVD of an ICTN documentary: 80: Irving Fire Department Celebrating 80 years of Service.  0708-101 
  Work Session and council meeting agenda, Oct. 2005-May 17, 2006; Community Service Committee packets, Dec. 2005-June 2006; Planning and Development Committee packets, Nov. 2005-April 2007; Audit Finance Committee packets, July 2003-Jan. 2006; Public Works Committee packets, Jan. 11, 2006; Legislative Committee packets, Mar. 22, 2006.  0708-136 
  DVDs of ICTN programs: Slappy Times Circus Show 1 and 2; and Resident Report.  0708-140 
  DVD - Know What 2 Do by the COI Emergency Management Department.      0708-151 
  CD of State of the City report, August 19, 2005; Directory of Clubs and Organizations, 1992-93; League of Women Voters yearbook, 1983; Residential  Survey, 2004; Community Planning Retreat Summary, 2005.  0708-157 
  Guest book from the A. Lincoln Forever Free exhibit at the Central Library, c. 2005.  0708-159 
  COI report: Design for an Urban Village - Downtown Irving, 2004.  0708-166 
  Proclamation recognizing IPL part-time employees, Dec. 9, 1993.  MVF 25-07 
  TP&L Irving District Report of Development, c. 1980.  0708-177 
  Aerial map of DFW Airport area, c. 1990.  0809-26 
  Publication – Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Membership, Business, and Economic Guide, 2005.  MVF 25-14 
  Irving Public Library letter opener, 1982.  0809-53 
  Architectural rendering of the Valley Ranch Library and the poster from the Texas Stadium Beginning talk by Power and Matkin, 2009.  0809-56 
  IPD annual reports, 1982-1986 and 1988; souvenir program book from dedication of the Arts Center; anti-drug posters (2); photo of Mustangs of Las Colinas, 1987.  0809-149 
  DVD – Campion Trails Irving’s Hidden Treasure.  0809-152 
  Photocopy of The Journal’s Corporate Guide to Las Colinas and Greater Irving, 1985.  0809-153 
  CD of the City of Irving's annual budget and capital improvements program, 2004-05; and an DVD entitled “I Read – Your Library Connection, Episode 1.”   0809-164 
  Irving High School annual, 1993.  0809-170 
  DVD - "Slappy Time Circus Show 3" produced by ICTN.  0809-180 
  Irving Public Library Capital Improvement Projects, 1978-1984; and automation notes.  0809-191 
  City of Irving Publications regarding bond sales, 1980s-1990s (see inventory).  0910-22 
  Videotapes of League of Women Voters City Council debates, n.d.  0910-33 
  DVDs - Library Connection, Episode 3; Envision Irving, Aug. 2009; Irving Living, Episode 2 - Taekawando; Irving Living, Episode 7 - Irving Fire Department Safety Presentation; Irving Living, Episode 15 - Chocolate Rose. 0910-35 
  Nimitz High School yearbook, 1980.  0910-38 
  Publication - Elm Fork Echoes, May 2003.  0910-40 
  Irving Public Library Story Telling file, 1988-1999.  0910-41 
  Print of Granville Bruce's painting of Irving Main Street; and a poster for the groundbreaking of Heritage Park.   0910-43 
   Information on capital projects, 1970s-1980s. 0910-48 
  Posters - Mustangs and Festival of the Century; ICTN invitations, souvenirs and fliers; Central Library 20th anniversary material; various COI publications.    0910-49 
  Certificates - IISD Vocational Education Department to Southwest Branch Library, 1989; proclamation of part time employee day, 1993.  0910-71 
  Research paper - A Historical Development of DFW Airport, May 1975.  0910-86 
  City of Irving publications transferred from Irving Public Library to the Archives, 1960s-early-2000s (consult with archivist for  inventory).   0910-89 
  Public appeals for increased staffing at the library, 1979-1980.  0910-108 

Sets of postcards entitled "Postcards of America, 1850-1950." The subject of the postcards are Fort Worth Parks, 1900-1960s; City of El Paso; and Dallas Parks, 1910-1930.    

MVF 28-04 
  Library records - including no fines policy research, 1975-1978; articles about new library design, 1981; information on placing the cable TV offices under the library, 1980s.   0910-116 
  Library records covering various topics, early 1980s.   0910-119 
  Blueprints of Central Library floorplan showing phone jacks, teerminal placement, and shelving, 1980s.    0910-122 
  DVD produced by ICTN entitled "Read-Your Library Connection, Episode 2."  0910-133 
  Study - Loop 12/IH35E Corridor Major Investment Study, 1998; and COI Annual Operating Budget Appropriations Schedule, 2005-06  0910-138 
  Logos used for the Book Mobile's tenth anniversary celebration, 2010.  MVF 28-08 
  Library records - reports on library hours, 1978; statistical reports, 1960s; and information on a bond election and capital improvements, 1980s.   0910-143 
  City of Irving publications (consult with archivist for inventory).  0910-147 
  Reference file on DFW demographics, 1991-1998; and reference file on DART, 1984-1996.  0910-161 
  Publication - Northgate Post, Fall 1975.  MVF 28-10 
  Souvenir bookmarks from the dedication of Central Library, 1986.  0910-168 
  Files relating to Irving Archives space requests, grants, and Archives operations.  0910-172 
  Plans for renovation of Central Library, 2006; city maps showing library usage, 2003; aerials of location of new Northwest Branch; construction documents for Valley Ranch, 2006.    0910-173 
  Irving Archives policy booklet.  0910-182 
  DVDs produced by ICTN relating to the library: Library Connection, March 16, 2009; The Big Read PSA, Oct. 2008; About Town - The Lincoln Exhibit, August 30, 2006.   0910-192 
  Academic Excellence Indicator Systems Report, 2008-09; and the IISD Improvement Plan, 2010-11.  0910-194 
  Library administrative records, 1970s-1980s. 0910-202 
  LP record of the MacArthur High School bands, n.d.  0910-205 
Article on IPL's 20th anniversary; library statistics, 1941-1961 and 1992-93 and 1993-94; information on the new Central Library, 1986; history of the library.   1011-12
COI charter 1989; N. Lake Community Library Project Manuel, Vol. 1, Nov. 1999. 1011-16
IPL files on Northwest Branch lease and expansion, 1980s. 1011-21
Records - newsletters; files relating to library goals, 1975-77; 1979-1980; 1978-1989; artists rendering of Valley Ranch Branch Library, 2006. 1011-52
Newspapers relating to the Brown family and Irving history, c. 1970s. 1011-54
CD presentation on the Trans Texas Corridor. MVF 29-05
Photo of Irving Heritage Society group holding the Irving history book Irving a Texas Odyssey during the release of the book, 1989. 1011-66
Demographic Summary of city of Irving, Dec. 22, 2006. 1011-68
Program from dedication of West Irving Library, Arpil 2011; and letter of congratulations from State Representative Linda Harper Brown's office. MVF 29-07
DVD - The Texas Stadium Story produced by ICTN. 1011-87
Resolution from State Representative Linda Harper Brown's office for the dedication of West Library, 2011.  MVF 29-09
Dallas Cowboy bobblehead dolls (6).  1011-137
Bowie Middle School annual, 1997; Nimitz High School annual, 2000. 1112-21
Fabric wall hanging donated to the Central Library on the day of its dedication, Aug. 1986. 1112-22
IPL records - Library Charter Amendment, 1989; technology plan, 2007; NEH grant file, 2006; Corporate Spelling Bee file, 2007; Centennial book sale file, 2003.  1112-23
Academic Excellence Indication System Report, 2009-10; District Improvement Plan, 2010. 1112-34
newspapers - DMN magazine "One Giant Leap", August 1969; Life magazine special issue "The Wild West", 1983; Iran hostage release, 1981; JFK assassination 20th anniversary, 1983; "President Murdered" Arkansas Democrat, Nov. 22, 1963.  1112-60
Deeds for the library lots purchased by Esther Hurwita, 1943. MVF 30-11
CD of Trans Texas I35 Corridor - Final Environmental Impact Statement. MVF 30-12
COI EBRCC manual, 1993. 1112-75
Reports - library assessment, 2000; North Lake Library needs assessment; Valley Ranch schematic design, 2005; Valley Ranch building notes, 2005; Northwest Branch building project, 2009; Residents Survey General Comments, 2000-2001.  1112-76
Illustrated history of whiskey making; newspapers - Clinton impeached, 1998; reproduction of Honolulu newspapers, Dec. 7, 1941; special section on Warren Commission, 1964. 1112-79
Newspapers - Moon Landing, July 21, 1969; Houston Post bicentennial issue, July 4, 1976. 1112-83
Files relating to construction of Central Library, 1982-87. 1112-94
Photos - old Valley Ranch branch construction photos; correspondence about construction of Central Library; library fliers and pamphlets, 1980s-1990s. 1112-107
Postcard series - Lost Dallas, 1900-1970s. MVF 30-17
Items relating to the 10 years of the IPL bookmobile's history, 2000-2010 1213-05
Congressional Record certificate of 10th anniversary of 9/11; Estelle Historical Society meeting notes; file on Washington Irving event, 1987. 1213-19
Videotapes about city history: Irving's Hidden History (Bear Creek); Etched in Stone (cemeteries; Building Tradition (Irving Hospital); Irving: A History.  1213-21
Plaque recognizing North Lake Community College, 2002. 1213-24
Architect presentation for West Library; library facilities master plan, 2004. 1213-31
Records related to paying overtime for Sunday work; records related to hiring genealogy librarian. 1213-45
DVDs: Irving's Hidden History, Bear Creek; Central Libraary 20th Anniversary 2006; Robert Glen Profile 2002; Mustang of Las Colinas 2002; Eighty Acres of Dreams 1989; Danny Thomas Iowa Jima Speech 1999; Irving Centennial Celebration 2003; Campion Trails; Voices of Freedom 2003; IFD Eighty Years of Service; Ben H. Carpenter Profile.  1213-53
Resolution from State of Texas for groundbreaking of South Library, Feb. 2013. MVF 31-01
Commemorative leather bookmark from dedication of Central Library, Aug. 2, 1986. 1213-60
Library records: no fine policy; privacy policy. 1213-62
Newspaper article about Friends book sale, June 7, 2007. 1213-87
IPL Calendar of Programs, 1976-1978,  1213-88
Magazine - Federation News, Nov. 1941 (with mention Esther Hurwitz); Irving street map, c. 1956; Las Colina street map, c. 1980.  1213-101
Bookmark design entries from first bookmark contest, 2003. 1213-104
Bicentennial newsletter with photos of city staff; library newsletter The Source, 2002; and a pamphlet given at the dedication of the Civic Center, 1976.   1213-108
COI flag; aerial view of Valley Ranch Branch site, 2004; an aerial view drawing of old Valley Ranch Branch site, 1995. 1314-12
Blueprint for Valley Ranch Branch finish out, 2013. 1314-15
Texas House Resolution recognizing the dedication of West Branch Llibrary, April 2011. 1314-16

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