Irish, Kathleen

Life magazine, JFK assassination, Nov. 29, 1963; Life magazine, JFK funeral, Dec. 6, 1963; commenorative issue of TV Guide magazine What We Watched, Nov. 22, 1963-Nov. 29, 1963.  1213-52

Irving Arts Center                   

Photos - Walter Harvey and his wood carvings; and a letter about the Smithsonian's interest in his carvings as pieces of American folk art. MVF 10-10
  Arts Center programs, fliers, newsletters, catalogue, artist info cards, ARTimes,1984-97, folder of material from Guy Deel exhibitions; Arts Board logo die, 1990s-2008. 0809-57 
  Digital image of the Arts Center exterior, c. 2000.  0910-73 
Irving Bank & Trust Co Irving Bank & Trust Co. Photo Collection, 1946-early 1970s. See Donor: Wilcox, Lee  Collection 70

Irving Bar Association

Records of the Irving Bar Association: meeting notices; correspondence; executive committee meeting and monthly meeting minutes, records of luncheon meetings and special events, membership records, 1975-1995. 

Irving Board of Realtors   Records of the Irving Board of Realtors: convention material; MLS subscription records; portraits of board presidents.  0304-260 
Irving Book Review Club 

Irving Book Review Club Records, 1953-1998: scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1953-1980 and 1980-1992; treasurer’s reports, 1994-1998; minute book, 1983-1997; membership yearbooks, 1996-1998.   

Collection 25 
Irving Community Television Network (ICTN)  Videotape of GTE’s announcement that they were moving to Irving.  89-03 

Videotapes produced by ICTN on Irving history: The Irving Story and Death on the Highway; A History of the Mayors of Irving; Building Tradition-The Irving Hospital; Etched in Stone; 80 Acres of Dreams; and Bear Creek-Irving’s Hidden History. 

  Videotape - ICTN program Irving Review segment featuring lifetime Irvingite C. J. Range conducting a downtown Irving walking tour, July 2001.  0102-170 
  DVDs (5) of ICTN programs: Best of Sport Scene, 2003; Best of About Town, 2003; Best of Irving Reviews, 2003; Tooth Fairy Needs a Vacation; and The Mustangs of Las Colinas.  0405-76 
  DVDs (3) of ICTN programs: Irving Texas at a Glance-Local Address Global Address; Firehouse Cooks; and Domestic Violence is Everybody’s Business.  0607-111 
  DVD-Irving, Texas, It Is The Place To Be A Part of It.  0809-64 
  DVD of Dan Matkin and Robert Power giving a talk on the beginnings of Texas Stadium.  MVF 25-19 
  CD of the Sowers Ambush and Utopia Lost – The La Reunion Colony.  0809-161 
  DVD of ICTN's coverage of the implosion of Texas Stadium, April 2010.   0910-130 
DVD of moving of J.O. Davis house into Bear Creek Heritage Center.  MVF 30-05
DVD of film transfered to digital of events relating to what appears to be the Texas Sesquicentennial. 1213-100
Irving Community Concert Association  Material from the “Together We Can” campaign: tee-shirt; buttons; programs; fliers.  0203-198 
Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau (ICVB)  Photo - seven of Irving’s past mayors with the chief executive from Merton, England on a Sister Cities visit.   Photo Coll.
  Framed and matted material from various ICVB projects: plaques, flags, photos of board members, 1980s-1990s.  9900-154 

ICVB records, photos, news clippings, videos, fliers.  

  Texas Business Magazine, August 1997. The issue contains an article on the city of Irving.  MVF 2-10 

Irving Film Commission records: photos and descriptions of
possible locations around the area that might be used in movies,

  Slides (35mm) of Texas Stadium and the Las Colinas area, 1990s.  0001-105 
  Booklet - Marine Corp League Southern Conference, March 3, 2002.  0102-150 
  Program and printed material relating to the EDS/Byron Nelson Championship golf tournament, 2002.  0102-226 
  Fabric poster of Byron Nelson from the EDS/Byron Nelson Championship golf tournament, 2002.  0102-154 

City of Irving road map, 2000. 

  Slides (35mm) of airplanes in flight and of DFW airport; also a CD containing images of the statue of Byron Nelson.  0102-288 
  Photos - EDS/Byron Nelson Championship golf tournament opening ceremony, 2002.  Photo Coll. 

ICVB sister city files, videos; Irving promotional slides and videos; t-shirt; and tote bag.  

  Advertisements (laminated) promoting Irving from Southern Living; Dallas Business Journal; and Texas Monthly.   0203-325 
  Photos - Texas Stadium, c. 1970s; and the groundbreaking for Irving Community Hospital, 1964.  Photo Coll.
  Newsletter - Irving Friendship Foundation News, (3 issues), 1991-1992.  0304-126 

Photos - "Puffy" the locomotive at the Irving Centennial finale, 2003.

Photo Coll.
  Brochures for a downtown Irving walking tour, 2000.  MVF 11-06 
  Program from the EDS/Byron Nelson Championship golf tournament, 2005.  MVF 14-08 
  Book - The Voice of Fashion: Turn of the Century Patterns and Fashion Plates.  0405-221 
  Promotional packets from various ICVB themed promotions for Irving.  0708-81 
  Media summary report for the 20th anniversary of The Mustangs of Las Colinas events and The African Wildlife Exhibit; also the agenda for the anniversary event; a poster for The African Wildlife Exhibit; and a videotape featuring the works of Robert Glen.  0708-119 
  Digital image of construction on the convention center, 2009.  0809-146 
COI flag purchased by ICVB to fly at a hotel during a veteran's event, c. 2005. 1011-31
Byron Nelson golf tournament programs, 1991-2010; media guides, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008; Sesame Place promotional packets, 1983 and 1984; University of Dallas proposal for Bush Library, 2005; Texas Stadium 25th anniversary banner; blueprints for the Arts Center, 1984; sketches for proposed convention center sites; promotional poster from the Byron Nelson golf tournament, 1990s; autographed, numbered prints of a painting of Byron Nelson after winning the 1940 PGA Championship.   1011-47
ICVB plaques, banners, and posters, 1990s-2000s. 1011-70
Booklet - History of 30 years of the Studios at Las Colinas, 2011; a Red Hat Ladies of Irving calander, 2012. MVF 30-06
Byron Nelson golf tournament program, 2012. 1112-89
Digital image of DART TRE opening day, December 1996. 1112-105
Invitations to various events at the Irving Convention Center; and a program from the Topping Out Awards, 2012 for which the Convention Center was nominated.    MVF 30-22
Convention Center promotional material; LPGA hat signed by players in tournament at Las Colinas, 2013. 1213-90
Irving Council of Garden Clubs 

Irving Council of Garden Clubs Records: The Irving Council of Garden Clubs served as an advisory and coordinating group among the city's garden clubs: scrapbooks documenting the clubs annual flower shows, 1975, 1976, and 1979; scrapbooks documenting the clubs yearly activities, (3 vols.), 1963-1971; 1969-1976; and 1977; garden club and flower show organization material, 1977. 

Collection 14 
Irving Extension Homemakers Club 

Irving Extension Homemakers Club Scrapbooks: scrapbooks, 97 vols.), 1971-77; 1984-85; 1986; 1987; 1991; 1984-85; 1993-1998; and an officers installation instruction book.

Collection 17 
Irving Garden Club  Irving Garden Club meeting minutes, 1934-1987; scrapbooks (4 vols.); flower show notebook, 1948; bank statements, 1950s-60s; photos.  0102-171 
  Irving Garden Club guest books, 1983-1984 and 1985-1986; and two plaques.  0203-62 
  Irving Garden Club financial records, 1950s-60s; and Irving Council of Garden Clubs yearbooks, 1965-66 and 1966-67; flower show program, 1967.  0102-191 
Irving Garden and Arts Center Club  Irving Garden and Arts Center Club scrapbooks, 5 vols.), 1959-70; 1970-78; 1978-86; 1987-93; 1993-99; meeting minutes, 1959-98; and club history.  0102-174 
  Irving Garden and Arts Center Club records: executive board meeting roll and minutes, 1972-1976; ledger of expenditures, 1956-57; general meeting minutes, 1957-91; letter head; correspondence, 1980s; ledger of expenses for building of the Garden and Arts Center; treasurers reports, 1961 and 1970s; Irving Book Review club sign-in sheets, 1980-84; bible; Garden Club stamp; newsletters, 1977; guest books from meetings and shows, 1950s-60s; report for ground improvements at Arts Center; cash receipts and disbursements, 1962-65; letter transferring the Garden and Arts Center building to the city, 1975; by-laws revised, 1975; committee reports; correspondence; insurance papers; tax records; presidents report, 1973-75.   0203-33
  Irving Garden and Arts Center material: minutes; financial reports; correspondence; flags; landscape drawings for Fritz Park and the Garden and Arts Center.  0607-27 
Irving Genealogical Society  Irving Genealogical Society newsletters: 1993-95; 1996-1998; 1999-2001; 2002-2003.  0304-229 
  Irving Genealogical Society scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1992-98 and 1999-2002.  0405-87 
Irving Grandmother Club #706

Irving Grandmother Club #706 Records: minute books, 1964-1982; club yearbooks, 1977-1987; membership petitions, 1964-1989; correspondence, 1983-1987. 

Collection 58 
Irving Healthcare Foundation 

Brief history of the foundation; a list of board members; photo; Selected Chronology of Irving Hospital. . 

MVF 4-07 

 Texas Fest scrapbook, (26 vols.), 1980-2006 (missing 1990). 


Irving Heritage Society

Newspaper - Irving Herald, 1937-1946 (sporadic).  84-07 
Irving Heritage Society

Irving Heritage Society - Collection 73, 1975-2011 (bulk 1978-1991): Heritage Society records: project files; event files; invitations and fliers relating to various social and civic events; Dallas County Historical Society newsletters, Trail Guide, and Historic Resource Survey; newspaper clippings about Heritage Socity activities; scrapbooks; artifacts; yearbooks; photographs. See electronic finding aid for greater detail about the collection. The Irving Heritage Society was established in 1978 to oversee the Irving Heritage House and to play a role in local history related projects.

Collection 73
  Two large Bicentennial themed paintings.  9900-162 
  Photos - Veterans program at Irving Arts Center, Nov. 2001.   Photo Coll.
  Jap Lee Airport diagram and abandonment paper, 1960.   MVF 16-05 
  Registrar records for items in the Heritage House.  0405-228 
  Photos - Schulze family and others from the Heritage House collection. The originals are housed in the Archives copies are on the walls of the Heritage House.  Photo Coll.
  Irving Centennial paintings (canvas over wood frame and a poster). 0809-77 
  Photos from the Caster Cabin (5) of Caster family members, 1880-1920.  0910-58 
Wood carvings (3) by Walter Harvey. 1011-142
Digital images of MAL Hobby Shop historical marker dedication, Nov. 2011. 1112-19
J. O. Schulze's college diploma from the University of Iowa, 1897. 1112-50
Copy of corrected original plat map, April 1909. 1112-73
Bicentennial membership fundraising certificate, 1975-76. 1112-77
Annual report to the citizens of Irving, 1979. MVF 30-10
Irving Heritage Society financial records, 2007-2010; and insurance information, 2006-2010.  1112-85
Meeting agenda and minutes, 2009-2010. 1112-95
Scrapbook, (2 vol.), 2011-12 and 2012-13.  Collection 73
Newspapers relating to: First Moon landing; JFK assassination; George Wallace; Robert Kennedy; and Classic Illistrated magazine (2 issues) 1966 and 1967.  1213-117
Irving High School  PTA Scrapbooks, (7 vols.), 1949-75; 1963-64; 1963-68; 1973-74; 1982-83; 1983-84; 1984-85; Senior class scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1979; 1981; and n.d.; sports scrapbook, 1969-1970; and student council scrapbook, 1986.  0203-72 
  Irving High School yearbooks, (45 vols.), 1954-2003 (sporadic  1950-1970s, complete set 1980-2003); also issues of the Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag in a bound volume, 1976-1979.   0304-145 
  Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag in bound volumes: 1970-1976 and 1986-1989; issues in 3-ring binders (sporadic), 1993-1994; 1995-96; 2000-2002. 0304-180 
  Audiotapes of interviews constructed by Irving High School students regarding The Great Depression and WWII. 0405-89

Irving High School yearbooks, 2005 and 2006; Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag, Sept. and Nov. 2005, Feb. and April 2006.

  Irving High School yearbook, 2004; Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag, Feb. 24, 2007.  0607-70 
  Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag, March 31, 2007.  0607-90 
  Irving High School yearbook, 2007; Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag, May 9, 2007.  0607-109 
  Audiotapes and written questioners from interviews conducted by Irving High School students about The Great Depression and WWII. 0607-158 
  Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Nov. 30, 2007.  MVF 22-15 
Irving High School Band Alumni  Asso. Irving High School band scrapbooks, (18 Vol.), 1968-2001; photos; correspondence; programs; plaque.  0809-109 
  Irving High School band uniforms, hats, and drum major staffs, 1980s-2000s.  0809-122 
  Irving High School band scrapbooks, ( 7 vols.), 1975-76; 1995; 1997-98 (2 vols.); 1998-99; 2001-02; 2002-03; Travis Jr. High band photos, 1987-1996.  0809-188 
Irving High School drum major uniform (jacket and pants), c. late 1980s-early 1990s. 1011-32
Drum sticks and drum key, 1962; Irving High School band album, 1976-77.   1112-30
Article about Irving High School Band playing at halftime in the Astro Dome, 1969; travel itinerary for the event; drum cadenace music chart, 1972. 1213-46
Articles, photos, and program from Irving High School Jazz Band performing with Louie Bellson, Feb. 4, 1982. 1213-47
Banner commemorating the band 75th anniversary (1938-2013) signed by alumni band members. 1314-14
Irving Hospital Board  Banner from the silver anniversary celebration of the Irving Healthcare System, 1989. 89-05 
Irving Human Services Council  Irving Human Services Council records: agenda; minutes; and general information, 1996-2000.  9900-146 
  Irving Human Services Council records: directory; meeting announcements; minutes; and publications.  0001-113 
Irving Independent School District 

IIDS baccalaureate and commencement programs, 1988-1990; IISD publications, 1982; IISD newspaper supplements from the Irving Daily News, 1983, IISD annual reports, 1980s- 90s. 


IISD publications: Inside IISD, 1995-99; Welcome Back to Class, 1998-99. 


IISD newsletters, 1985-91 and 1997-98; and IISD annual report, 1998-99. 

  IISD newsletters: c.1970-1994; and an assessment of the idea of year round school.  9900-145 
  IISD Board of Trustee photos; superintendent photos; and IISD Texas Sesquicentennial activities material.  0001-85 
  Programs from IISD awards banquets for faculty and students, 1980s-90s.  0001-103 
  Information on the IISD Sister City teacher exchange with Merton, England, 1993.  0001-123 
  IISD compilation of newspaper coverage “News Highlights, 1999-2000;” and a booklet of copies of newspaper articles relating to the IISD.  0001-144 
  Slides taken at various IISD events, 1970s.   0102-64 
  IISD in the News, 2000-2001 a compilation of newspaper articles relating to the IISD.  0102-101 
  IISD news releases, c. 2001-2002.  0102-156 
  Albums (4) of 35mm slides pertaining to IISD graphics; computers; facilities; and students.  0102-274 

List of IISD School Board members, 1935-1962. 

MVF 7-16 
  IISD In the News, 2001-2002 a compilation of newspaper articles relating to the IISD; Freedom Shrine dedication program, 1990; annual fiscal report 2000-01; IISD information packet, 2002-03; clipping about charter schools.   0203-128 
  Videotapes from IISD board meetings, 1994-1999; 35mm slide shows from bond programs and IISD Patriot presentations, 1980s-1990s (8 slide carousels).   0203-201 
  Flag - Texas Education Agency flag given to IISD by teachers when the district received rating of “recognized.”  0203-207 
  IISD photos.  0203-239 
  IISD school information packet, 2004.  0405-74 
  Label pins from TEA for Recognized District; publication, Welcome Back to Class, 1999; IISD annual budget, 2004-05 and 2005-06; Inside IISD summer and fall, 2005; packet - A Passion for Success, 2005-06.  0506-29
  Booklet - IISD in the News, 2004-05; IISD information packet; IISD newsletter, Inside IISD, summer and fall 2005, spring 2006; IISD service pins, 25, 30, and 35 years of service.   0506-169 
  Commencement programs from all Irving high schools, 2006; Baccalaureate program, 2006; DVD and program from 2nd annual student arts celebration.  MVF 18-04 
  Programs from the IISD Employee Service Awards for Travis Middle School, 2006; Lifetime of Memories IISD Retirees Banquet, 2006; and ICE Awards, 2004.  0506-187 
  Photos - Academic Decathlon team; Latin Competition team; ICE Awards; Science Fair Teachers Awards; graduations ceremonies, 1999-2003; and an IISD stamp.    0708-43 
  Articles about award winning photographer and Irving High graduate John Moore.  MVF 24-05 
  IISD annual report, 2007. 0708-60 
  Photo - IISD Board of Trustees, 2008.  0708-128 

Digital images of the IISD Retiree Banquet, 1998-2002 and 2003; IISD General Assembly programs, 1983, 1988, and 1990.

  Pamphlet – IISD Basic Facts, 2008-09.   0809-22 
  State resolution recognizing the 100th anniversary of the IISD, 2009.  0809-63 
  IISD Annual Report, 2009.  0910-28 
  Scrapbooks, (2 vols.), covering various activities of the IISD schools, 1972; scrapbook for the Outstanding Board Nominee, 1980-81; issue of the Irving Herald, 1932.    0910-120 
  Videotapes - The Irving Story, 1953; High School Academy of Irving, Draft 2, 2001; School Security, 2006; Profile of Lynn Connor; Ratteree Center, 2001; Irving A History; IISD Hispanic Population, 2001; Lamar Blue Ribbon School, 2000; Right Place to Be, 1985.  0910-167 
  Resolutions honoring IISD Superintendent Jack Singley from the State of Texas and the U. S. House and a copy of the Congressional Record into which was read the resolution, 2009.  0910-185
Invitation to Irving High School graduation, 1941; various IISD certificates and plaques. 1011-108
Middle School annuals: Bowie, 1974-75; Lamar; 1974-75; 1975-76; 1977-78; 1979-80; 1981; Sam Houston, 1981; 1982; 1983; 1984; 1985; 1987; 1999; Travis, 1975; Townley Elementary, 2007-08; W.T. Hanes Elementary, 2005-06; MacArthur High School, 1987 and 1990; and Media Fair Winner videotapes, 1980s-1990s.  1011-111
Photos (portraits) of women who served on the IISD board of trustees, 1970s-2000. Photo Collection 100-246P
ISD Council of PTAs Scrapbooks, 1954-2003 (sporadic); organization records, minutes, 1954-1984; financial records, 1976-2006; President's books, 2000-2009; yearbooks, 1972-2002; artificats. Collection 51
Union Bower School PTA Scrapbooks: (4 vol.): 1949-1954; 1956-1958; 1958-1959; 1960-1963. Before the area wa annexed into eastern Irving, Union Bower was an unincorporated community located about 2 miles northeast of Irving. It was part of Dallas County Common School District until 1963, when it became part of the IISD. Collection 52
Irving Music Teachers Association  Irving Music Teachers Association scrapbooks, (2 vols.), May 1971-May 1974 and 1974-1989.    0506-79 
  Poster from an IMTA concert, 1990.   0607-83 
  Irving Music Teachers Association records: meeting minutes, 1957-1999; yearbooks, 1960-2001; 50th Anniversary certificate; photo of students at a competition, 1988; newspaper article about a music teachers' convention, 1988.   0708-144 

Irving Music Teachers Association scrapbook, (1 vol.), 1990-2005. 

  Event programs and newspaper articles relating to IMTA, 1980s-1990s. 0809-15 
  Scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 2006-07 and 2007-08.  0809-18 
Irving Retired Teachers Association  Irving Retired Teachers Association scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1992-94 and 1996-99; also a brief history of the association. 0102-50 
  Irving Retired Teachers Association scrapbook, (1 vol.), 1999-2001.  0304-218 

Irving Retired Teachers Association records: meeting minutes, 1979-2001; handbooks, 1993-2004.  

  Irving Retired Teachers Association scrapbooks, (2 vols.),
2004-05 and 2005-06. 
Irving Retired Teachers Association scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 2008-09 and 2009-10; yearbooks, 2006-2010; and attendence books, 1995-2011. 1011-123
Irving Retired Teachers Association scrapbook, (1 vol.), Sept. 2010-May 2012. 1213-12
Irving Rotary Club  

Irving Rotary Club records: meeting minutes; correspondence; attendance records; membership records; club banners, song books, 1960s-1990s.

Irving Symphony League  Irving Symphony Orchestra Collection: The collection traces the history of the Irving Symphony Orchesta and the Symphony League through its scrapbooks. Irving Symphony League scrapbooks, (14 vols.), 1962; 1963; 1964; 1965; 1966; 1968; 1969; 1971; 1974; 1986-88; 1989; 1990; 1999;2002-03; multi-year scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1966-1975 and 1975-1987; Red Stocking Follies scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1973; 1978; 1980; Annual Ball scrapbook, (1 vol.), 1982-83; newspaper clippings files, 1992; 1993; 1994; grant file; event planning file, July 4, 1993 concert; program design file for Evening in Paris, 1997; programs from League Presentations Balls, 1995 and 2000.      Collection 67
Irving United  Article about the Irving Riding Club, 1940; material related to the history of Irving; file from Irving United Activity Housing and Neighborhood Form; folder about Irving Heritage Festival, 1997-98; folder of material from Irving United neighborhood meetings, 1997-98; Irving United by-laws; subcommittee statements; vision statements, 1997. 0304-50 
Irving Veterans Memorial Park Committee  Irving Veterans Memorial Park Committee research files containing information on names of service men and women placed on the Veterans Memorial Park wall.   0304-202 
Irving Woman's Club  Irving Woman's Club Records: The Irving Woman's Club originated as the Junior Irving Garden Club in 1948. The organization is a social club, but is also involved in civic and service programs: scrapbooks, (33 vols.), 1948-2005; meeting minute books, 1948-1996 and 1996-2004; 50th anniversary poster. Collection 20 
Irving Woman's Club scrapbooks (4 vols.) 2005-05; 2006-07; 2007-08; 2008-09.  1011-03
Irvingn Woman's Club scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 2009-10 and 2010-2011. 1112-39 
Records - meeting minutes, 2005-2012 and treasurer's reports, 2005-2012.   1213-99
Jackson, Mary  History of Irving Bank & Trust by Leo Jackson. Leo Jackson was a longtime employee of the bank.  MVF 7-18 
Jalal, Mohammad Images of downtown Dallas and Dallas residents, c. 1900-1910. 1213-38
Images of Bangladesh during civil war, 1970.  1213-39
James, Chip  Postcards of Storybook Land (5) and a piece of play money from Cowboy Town, c. 1950s.  MVF 16-09 
James, Francis 

Research material compiled during the state historical marker application process for the city of Irving historical marker; the St. Luke’s Catholic Church marker; and the South Delaware Church of Christ marker.   

James, Virginia  Irving High School drill team uniform, 1964-65; drill team leader uniform, 1965-66; school paper the Tiger Rag (15 issues), 1962-1965; football programs, 1962-64; Southwest Bank paper weight; Irving High School football headlines, 1962; fight ribbons; Irving Community Hospital dedication program, 1964; Irving Tiger stadium seat cushion.   0405-79 
Jamison, Billy  Three World Atlases from the late 1800s.  0809-60 
Jarrell, Florence  Irving Healthcare Foundation yearbooks, 1998-2007: by-laws; and officers slate, 2008.  MVF 24-17 
  Digital images of the Ponce, Reyna, and Reyes families. The Ponce family was among Irving's earliest Hispanic residents, c. 1919.   0203-314 
Jefferson, Betty  Newspaper article from the Irving News Record, Nov. 15, 1959 documenting Betty Jefferson as the first woman elected to the board of the Irving Chamber of Commerce; and an article about working women with children the features Betty Jefferson, Jan. 23, 1961.  MVF 13-09 
Jenkins, Bill  Digital images of Irving Schools class photos: 7th grade Miss Robinson’s class, 1938-39; and 3rd grade, 1934-35.   0304-207 
Jenkins, Ralph and Virginia  Photocopy of a newspaper article citing a 1932 newspaper article relating to Otis Brown’s biography.  MVF 25-11 
Jernigan, Calvin  Irving newspapers, 1950 and 1964: newspaper articles regarding WII; family photos, Irving Elementary School class photos, 1930s: photo of the Roseberry sisters; and an encapsulated issue of the Irving News Record, Jan. 23, 1942.   0102-251 
Jeter, Vicky Digital images of the Jeter family, 1890s-1950s:  Councilman Joe Jeter, his wife Betty Jo Pace Jeter; Carolyn Jeter; and other family members.   1213-01
Joe, Elizabeth  Photocopy of Tom Hudson reminiscences. Tom Hudson was the son of the editor of Irving's first newspaper. The Hudson's moved to Irving in 1908.  0203-244 

Johnson, Charles and Jo Ann and Mattie Johnson 


Jack Johnson Papers: Jack Johnson moved to Irving in 1929. He owned and operated a feed store from 1933-1954. He was a member of the Irving Volunteer Fire Dept. and served on the board of the Dallas County Irving Fresh Water Supply District 5. He also worked as an officer for the Dallas County Sheriff's Department. Mr. Johnson served two terms as Irving's mayor during the 1940s. During the late 1960s and early 1970s he served as Constable for Precinct 8: records from Jack Johnson's used car business; records and clippings relating to his time as a constable; Masonic lodge membership cards, programs, and certificates; business and political cards; real estate documents; photos; artifacts.

Collection 21 
Johnson, James  The Jim Johnson City of Irving Police and Courts Building Construction File: Documents and information relating to the construction of the Irving Police and Court Building, 1963-1965. James Johnson was an Assistant Police Chief in the Irving Police Department at the time of the project.  Collection 47 
Johnson, Roberta

Newspaper article about West German municipal officals visiting Irving,
c. 1986.  

MVF 28-21
Johnston, Fran  Photocopies of material relating to A. S. Johnston Jr.'s military career and digital images of the A. S. Johnston, Sr. family; and Johnston family history. A. S. Johnston, Sr. was superintendent of Irving Schools from 1927-1946.    MVF 9-17 
Johnston, Lissa   Book - Crossing a Continent: The Incredible Journey of Cabeza de Vaca, 2005. The book was written by the donor who at one time was a city of Irving employee.  0506-137 
Jones, Genevieve    Scrapbook of articles relating to Irving; scrapbook pertaining to the donors activities as a local bowler, 1980s; booklets pertaining to Dallas's local government and Texas history; Irving High School newspaper the Tiger Rag, (16 issues), 1966-67.   0203-163 
Jones, Irma  Award from the Irving Healthcare System to its outstanding volunteer of the year, 1997.  0506-107 
Jones, Marion  Hand drawn map of the Bear Creek community, c. 1936, as remembered by resident Marion Jones.  0304-279 
Jordan, L. E.  Script and program from Almost Summer Irving High School's senior play, 1951; some WWII military records pertaining to the donor's father.   MVF 11-03 

DVD of the 1953 edition of Irving High School's yearbook the Lair. 

Junia, Jerry  Dallas Morning News automobile section from August 29, 1920.   0102-222 
Junior Book Review Club Irving Junior Book Review Club Records: scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1952-1972 and 1972-1990; 1990-2006; yearbooks, 1953-2006; bank statements, 1953-55 and 2007-09; meeting minutes, 1967-1976; 1985-1996; 1996;2001; 2001-2012.  Collection 76
Karney, James 

Package of napkins commemorating Texas Stadium's 25th anniversary. 

MVF 3-16 
  IPL ballpoint pen; commemorative cups from the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center dedication, 1995; cup promoting  recycling; and a cup promoting the Irving Police Department. 0203-25 
Keatts, Ruth Bates  Irving High School yearbook the Lair, 1952; Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag, September 27, 1968.  MVF 11-08
  Irving High School newspaper Tiger Rag, 16 issues, dating from March 11, 1944 - April 1948.  0405-209 
Keefe, Gloria 

Dallas Morning News publication, “20th Century through the Eyes of Texas,” 1999; and a commemorative copy of the Dallas Morning News from January 1, 1900 recreated on January 8, 2000. 

  Address book, ledger, receipts, newspaper from L.M. Carson, 1910s-1960s.   MVF 13-10 
Kelly, Carolyn Jeter

See - Cooper, Carolyn Jeter Kelly.  Material relating to Carolyn Jeter Kelly's life growing up in Irving; attending Irving schools; her career as a teacher in the Irving schools; and her participation in the Irving Jaycees and Jaycee-ettes, 1944-2003 (bulk 1948-1967). 

Collection 77
Kelly, Kim 

Crockett Middle School cheerleader uniform, 1975; Irving High School JV cheerleader uniform, 1977; Irving High School varsity cheerleader uniform, 1978; Irving High School senior class photo, 1980; and a cheerleader megaphone. 

Kelley, Troy and Bonnie  Troy Kelley Papers: Troy Kelley served twelve years on the IISD board of trustees during the 1970s and early 1980s. He was also involved with the YMCA and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  He and his wife created an organization, LINKS, INC., that was designed to help facilitate the adoption of neglected orphans in post-Ceausescu Romania: newspaper clippings relating to the city alcohol sale referendum, 1980; campaign material related to Troy Kelley’s time on the IISD board of trustees, 1970-80s; photographs; material related to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes; and to LINKS, INC.       Collection 30 
Kendro, Brian and Michele  Photos - City of Irving July 4th parade, 2001. 

Photo Coll.


City of Irving street map, c. 1960. 

Kendro, John  Photo - cowboy on horse with Dallas skyline in the background, 1945.   0405-01 
Kendro, Kevin 

USGS map of Irving area, 1959, photo-revised, 1981. 

  City of Irving street map, 1979.  9697-08 
Digital images - Irving Heritage Society general meeting, April 14, 2011. 1011-82
Photos - Mustangs of Las Colinas sculpture, June 2011.  1011-118
Final printed issue of Newsweek magazine, December 31, 2012. MVF 30-24
Kidd, Patti 

Photos - Irving Heritage Society Valentine Tea, 1997. 

Photo Coll.

  Book - Our Town - Irving by Patti Kidd about older homes in Irving's downtown area. 0203-143 

Book - Our Town - Irving revised by Patti Kidd. The book is about older homes in Irving's downtown area.  

  Research material for the book Our Town – Irving by Patti Kidd; 2 copies of the book; photos of housed in the downtown area; 3 Nimitz annuals, 1970; 1971; 1972; Crockett annual, 1960; Dallas and Fort Worth Mapscos, 1980; map of "Dallas County When Created by the Texas Legislature," 1846; Irving street map 1962 (encapsulated); microcassettes containing interviews with Irvingites.   0809-134 
Killen, Jan 

Programs, reports, and policies of the Citizens Arts Council, 1987, and a carousel of 35mm slides. 


Material relating to the group Concerned Citizens to Control Airport Noise: newsletters, correspondence, and a videotape. 


Camp Fire Girl handbook, 1957; copies of newspaper articles about Camp Fire closing down in Dallas, 2013.  

MVF 31-04
Killough, Melvin  Digital image of the Killough family in front of their house in Irving, c. 1952; and notes about family.  0203-309 
  Digital images of John Haley Elementary school; Bowie Middle School; and other buildings around town (primarily in the downtown area), 1990 and 2003.  0203-335 
King, Odessa   Photos - Dosha Jordan who was Odessa King’s grandmother; and Odessa King's brothers William and Art Lee Trigg in military uniform, c. 1935. The Trigg family were early settlers in the Bear Creek community.  Photo Coll.
King, William and Betty  Research paper concerning the history of the King family.  9798-98 
  Poster created for the 50th reunion of the Irving High football team of 1929.  0102-113 
Photo - Irving School 6th grade class, Nina Herring teacher, 1944-45; and Mrs. Elliott’s 5th grade class, 1943-44.  Photo Coll.
  Irving High School football program, 1950; and Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, March 18, 1949.   MVF 9-12 
  Copy of a deed to W. M. King's cemetery lot, 1931.  MVF 10-03 
   Digital image of Irving School student body, 1929; clippings about the 50th reunion of the Irving High School class of 1934; photo of attendees at the 50th reunion of Irving High class of 1941.  0405-134 
  Digital images from an Irving High School alumni luncheon, August 31, 2005.   0405-231 
  Newspaper articles about the groundbreaking for Texas Stadium, 1969.   MVF 18-12 
  Digital images of William King's grandparents and of pages of a King family scrapbook; Irving High School yearbooks, 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1951; photo of 50th reunion of the 1929 Irving High football team; Irving High School student directory, 1985-86; photo of Irving School student body, 1928-29.  0708-82 
  Photos of 1929 Irving High football team at 50 year reunion, 1979  0809-21 
King, Earl  Digital images of the pages of an Irving High School scrapbook documenting the football teams of 1946 and 1947 and Earl King's role on the teams.   0607-144 
Kinkeade, Ed  Digital images of Ostrand’s store on Main Street, c. 1910; and Ostrand and his sister and her daughter, c. 1915; insurance policies on Ostrand’s store and the businesses that occupied the building later.   MVF 15-14 
Kirkland, Anna 

The Elise and Adolphe Walker Collection: photos, news clippings and other material gathered by Elise Walker during her career as a teacher in the IISD, c. 1932-1976. Included is material relating to the firing of the school superintendent and the ensuing teacher walk-out, 1955; family photos, class photos, faculty photos, 1930s-1970s, Irving High School drill team photos, early 1960s: newspaper clippings related to Irving High School's district championship game over Arlington High and the playoffs, 1962; school and teacher related material. 

Collection 40 
Kit Cemetery Association 

Kit Cemetery Association records: map; meeting minutes; financial records; correspondence; obituaries; Reports of Death. The Reports of Deaths are restricted. 

  Kit Cemetery Association meeting minutes, (1 vol.), 1990-1997.  9900-127 
  Kit Cemetery Association records: meeting minutes, 1947-2000; correspondence; event programs.  0102-85 
  Videotape of Kit Cemetery Association reunion; information on block and lot location of graves in Old Kit Cemetery; treasurers reports, 1949-1998; listings of burials in cemetery through 1990; and a listings of burials through 1994; copies of cemetery deeds; correspondence.   0102-96 
  Kit Cemetery Association records: treasurer’s reports, 1997-2004; list of grave markers in the cemetery compiled by the Bates's, 1970s; expense and donation records.  0607-52 
  Kit Cemetery Association records: newsletters, 2000-2007; and photos of the Centennial historical marker dedication at the cemetery, 2004.  0708-44 
  Kit Cemetery Association scrapbook, 1997-2008.  0910-03 
Kit Cemetery Association records; meeting minutes, 1990-1996; attendance records; by-laws; burial list, 1990s,. 1213-65
Kitchens, Chester  Church of Christ Minister's Marriage Manual used by Mayor Bob Pierce as an elder in the Church of Christ to perform marriages. MVF 21-03 
Kitchens, Debra  Commemorative plate from the 20th anniversary of Kirkwood Methodist Church, 1973; Irving High School fight ribbons; and a book, World of Washington Irving.  0203-64 
  Book of memories from Lenora Meunse's funeral service, 1916-2004; hand fan from Irving's 75th anniversary jubilee, 1978.  Lenora Meunse was a member of the Story family who were pioneers to the area.  MVF 12-04 
  Irving High School and MacArthur High School stadium seat cushions, 1956 and 1968; photo of the Irving High School drill team performing at the Astrodome, 1969; MacArthur High School fight ribbons; news clippings about Irving High School sports; and a small lion statue signed by the Lady Lions Club, 1958-1959.    0405-160 
  Irving Centennial calendar, 2003; recording of an Irving High School pep rally, 1964; First Baptist Church of Irving directory, 1992-93; S. MacArthur Church of Christ directory, 1976, 1987, and n.d.; YMCA cookbook, n.d.; Irving High School pennant made for the 50th reunion of the class of 1936; rain caps from Farina Enco, Irving Savings and Loan, Chism-Smith Funeral Home, a screw-driver from First Federal Savings, floating fish knife from Irving Bank & Trust; newspaper section commemorating the retirement of Phil Reed, John Brandenburg, and Bob Pittman from Texas Commerce Bank, 1975.   0405-217 
  Irving business related matchbooks, and cookbooks; Irving Centennial phonebook, 2003; biography of Rev. Kinkeade of First Baptist Church of Irving; city of Irving street map, 1969, Dallas-Fort Worth area road map, 1960; C. H. Jamieson for city council campaign yard sign.  0506-38 
  Irving High School football calendars, 1993, 1994, 1995; stadium seat cushion, c. 1969; 45 rpm recording of Irving High School stage band, 1965; book - Old Christmas by Washington Irving; Texas Almanac, 2002-03; Dallas Mapsco, 1980; postcards including: Dallas skyline, c. 1940s; Sammy’s restaurant, n.d.; The Torch restaurant in Oak Cliff, n.d.; Cotton Bowl, n.d.; South Fork, n.d.; Anatole Hotel, n.d.; and matchbooks from various Dallas restaurants, banks, hotels, and businesses, c. 1960s.   0506-106
  Cole’s Directory of Irving, 1962; Irving Rotary Club paperweight; playing cards from Howard Hamilton Insurance; Eastern Star membership book, 1982-83; menu from Otto’s Restaurant; booklet of Bo Baker sermons, 1988; Holy Family parish directory, 1997; city of Irving street maps, 1979 and 1983; atlas, 1978; issue of the Dallas Morning News, Dec. 31, 1999 and Jan. 1, 2000.  0506-208 

City of Irving street map, 1997; Kennedy assassination newspapers; Bucks Drive Inn calendar, 1966; Irving High School class ring and pendant 1960; AMBUCKS plaques; cookbooks; Dallas Rediscovered book of photographs.   

  Woodhaven Presbyterian church directories, 1990s; and 25th anniversary history booklet, 1960-1985; cookbooks; Irving Centennial Choir material; and a newspaper article about Phyllis Joslin.  0607-43 
  City of Irving road maps, 1973; 1974; 1984; 1986; and 2003; city of Dallas road maps, 1967 and 1972; cookbooks; MacArthur High School newspaper Cardinal Word, Feb. 1, 1979, Oct. 12, 1978, and Oct. 5, 1978; Ray Gill city council campaign material; sketch of Irving's Main Street by Granville Bruce; booklet of Irving business cards; newspaper section about the opening of DFW Airport, Sept. 23, 1973; Irving High School stocking cap; piece of jewelry spelling Irving.  0708-09 
  Document case from First National Bank-Irving; history of the founding of the founding of South MacArthur Church of Christ; directories from South MacArthur Church of Christ, 1972; 1973; 1976; 1977; 1978; 1981; and 1990; mini-directories, 1987 and 1989; directories from S. Delaware Church of Christ, 1960 and 1966.  0708-10 
  Directories from Meadowbrook Baptist Church, 1970-71; Faith Temple Baptist Church, 1977 and 1978; Trinity Baptist, n.d.; program from Irving High School graduation, 1978; Irving High Baccalaureate program, 1956; Irving Jr. High graduation program, 1953; program from a recital of students of Annadel Hastings, 1971; business cards and matchbooks from Irving businesses.   0708-89 
  Altrusa Club records: newsletters, 1971-1980; yearbooks, 1978-1980; records from the local chapter, 1970s. The Altrusa Club is a national professional women's organization. 0708-89A 
  LP recording of Travis Middle School band, 1976; Irving High School pennant c.1960s; glass commemorating the MacArthur High School graduating class of 1981; city of Irving street map, 1978; architectural rendering of the Frame Factory, n.d.   0708-125 
  Real estate plaques, certificates, and photos related to Nita Miller Reality and Chester Kitchens, 1980s-2000s.  0809-174 
  Bowie Junior High School yearbook, 1959; Dallas/Fort Worth maps; Irving High School football program, 1993.    0809-175 
  Crockett Middle School annuals, 1957 and 1958; Irving High School annuals, 1959-1965; Tiger Rags (6 issues), 1959-60; and other Crockett and Irving High schools related material, late 1950s-mid 1960s. 0910-24 
  Irving schools and organizations cookbooks, 1970s-1980s; South MacArthur Church of Christ directories, 1973: 1976; 1977; 1978; 1981; 1988; 1995; 2004; Irving High School football programs, 1994 and 1995; Big State Drug thermometer, c. 1950; Texas Almanac, 1941-42; cold storage tips from Sam Hill Ice and Cold Storage Company, 1945.      0910-213 
Irving High School newspaper, Tiger Rag, Dec. 1969; Jan.-May 1970; Sept.-Nov. 1970 (8 issues); Irving High School fight ribbons, c. 1967; LP records: Plymouth Park Baptist Church New Hope Singers, c. late 1960s; Crockett Jr. High School band, 1970; Irving High School symphonic band, 1972 and n.d.; directories from South MacArthur Church of Christ, mid 1970s-2007 (sporadic).       1011-38
Material relating to MacArthur High School class of 1977; and Yellowrose Ambucs scrapbooks (3 vols.), 1990s. 1011-77
Scrapbooks, annuals relating to Irving Junior High School and Irving High School, late 1950s-mid-1960s.  1011-78
Membership books for various churches, 1990-2010s; MacAruthur High School fight ribbons and stationary; Irving High School class of 1961 50th reunion booklet; poster promoting a doll show in Irving, 1975. 1213-29
MacArthur High School fight ribbon; Irving High School class of 1961 50th reunion booklet; poster permoting doll show 1975.  1213-29
Kiwanis Club  Kiwanis Club records: financial records; program files; fundraiser files; club plaques, 1960s-1990s.  9899-99 
Knight, Ann  Material relating to Mae Estelle Meyers - Who's Who in the South and Southwest, 1976-77 and 1977-78; Who's Who of American Women, 1975-76; The New Century Beckons a History of the Army and Navy Club, 1988; Rice Institute (University) yearbook, The Champanile, 1930.   0910-189 
Photos and documents relating to the life of Mae Estelle Meyers, 1930s-2000s. 1213-36
Koepf, Betty  Printed page containing 3 pictures of David Koepf receiving an Irving library reading club award, c. 1957.  0203-331 
  Irving High School yearbooks, 1941 and 1942.   0203-337 
Kolenovski, Mollie Doll and doll furniture collection various sizes and types from 1950s-2010 (approximately 50 dolls).  1011-33
Koste, Tony Newsletters of the Valley Ranch Neighborhood Association, May 1989-Decl 2001. 1213-118
Krehbeil, Del and Sigrid 

Adopt-a-Spot Collection: scrapbooks, (7 vols.), 1989-1999; 1993-1997; 1996-1997; 1997; 1998; 1999; and 1995-1999; and three videotapes of ICTN segments about the Adopt-A-Spot program in Irving.    

Collection 18 

Krebiel Family Adopt-A-Spot Project Scrapbooks, (4 vols.), documenting the Krebiel family's efforts at litter control and beautification of two neglected areas in the city, 1995-1996; and documenting Sigrid Krebeil's nomination for Keep Texas Beautiful's O.P. Schnabel Status Citizen Award in 1993 and 1996. 

Collection 19 
  Scrapbook documenting the construction of Reflection Park.  0001-58 
  Don’t Mess with Texas plastic bag; Adopt-A-Spot decals and fliers; Adopt-A-Spot T-shirt; reflector vests; Keep Irving Beautiful  bag; Adopt-A-Spot pencils; outstanding volunteer medal and pins; loving cup and plastic cup.  0203-49 
Kuhlmann, Donna Framed aerial of Los Colinas, 1983. 1213-51
Kusterer, Donald  Landscape watercolor by Millard W. Titus.  0809-49 

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