City of Irving

City of Irving zero-base budget letters, 1999-2000. 

  Correspondence regarding Central Library construction, 1986; planning study for a new Central Library, 1979; and correspondence  regarding library construction, 1982-1985.  9900-83 

City of Irving zero-base budget letters, 2001-2002. 

  Irving Heritage Festival certificate of appreciation to the city, 2001; and a golden railroad spike award to the city by the Irving Heritage Society, 2001.  0102-03 
  City of Irving zero-base budget letters, 2001-2002.  0102-27 
  Annual operating budget, 2001-2002; and Capital Improvement Program, 2001-2002.  0102-78 
  Lantern slides and prints and negatives of the lantern slides of Irving area churches and buildings, 1925.  0102-259 

Annual Operating Budget, 2002-03. 

  Irving Centennial Calendar, 2003.  0203-19 
  American and Texas flags. 0203-202 
  Photos - Texas Stadium under construction, 1971.  0203-294 
  Texas Sesquicentennial posters mounted on foam board, 1986.  0203-300 
  FEMA flood maps of Irving area.  0304-161 
  Photos - groundbreaking for the Valley View Municipal complex.   0304-162 
  Blueprint sheets of some city buildings: remodeling of the 1964 police building; police and court building, 1964; police and fire training facility; fire station #6; the 1956 city hall building; remodeling of 1956 city hall; rendering of University Hills Elementary School, 1971; addition to Texas Stadium Crown Level 2, 1995; remodeling of Central Library on O'Connor Rd., 1966; Central Library construction, 1983; ADA revisions to Central Library, 1995; Robert Allen and Foster Meier submissions for a new Central Library building, 1983; Las Colinas master plan maps, 1980 and 1986.   0405-65 
  Blueprint sheets: Central Library duct work, 1984 and 1985; Central Library mechanical, 1984; and Southwest Library ADA modifications, 1992.   0405-66 
  Promotional packet for the Martin Luther King Day program entitled Voices; and a book entitled My Soul Looks Back in Wonder.  0405-72 
  CD of City of Irving annual budget, 2003-04.  MVF 15-07 
  Report - Downtown Planning Strategy by the Community Development Department, April 21, 2005.  0405-204 
  Material from Handy House after the city purchased the building: receipts, envelopes, repair estimates, also blueprints for Chief Auto Parts, Wham Burger, Taco Patio, which were properties owned by the Schulze family who were the owners of Handy House.   0607-40 
  Plymouth Park Baptist Church directory, 2005.  MVF 20-02 
  City of Irving annual budget, 2006-07; and Capital Improvement Program, 2006-07; and a CD ROM of each.  0607-47 
  Irving Park Ranger patches. Used by citizen park patrol members.  MVF 22-06 
  City of Irving patch; decals promoting the city's 50th anniversary of incorporation, 1964; City of Irving envelopes, 1970s.   MVF 22-16 
  CD of a blueprint set of Central Library (as proposed), 1984.  MVF 21-06 
  ICVB promotional packet A Place of Unbridled Imagination, 1997.   0708-41 

Aerial photos of city, April 1, 1994; and Jan. 11, 2000. 

  Blueprint for Texas Stadium fire escapes, 1996.  0708-155 
  Publications and fliers from various Irving Centennial events; and photos of the Centennial Art Committee meeting and the design of the the surveyors statue in Centennial Park.    0708-39 
  Photos - city employee variety show, c. 1995.  Photo Coll.
  Certificate of appreciation from Porter’s Army and Navy Store to the city; and a framed architectural renderings of Las Colinas Water Street project.  MVF 24-16 
  Publication - Commercial Structures Inventory, 1990.  0708-130 
  Three framed photos of early Irving that hung on the walls in City Hall.  0809-59 
  Texas Stadium polo style shirts (4).  0809-135 
  Poster of Texas Stadium made from photo taken during the final game in the stadium, Dec. 20, 2008.  0809-136 
  Photos and slides of downtown businesses, street scenes, homes, events in Heritage Park and on Main Street, clock tower construction; audiotapes of Preservation and Redevelopment meetings; Heritage District sign; trail map posters; Heritage Square renderings, 1990s.  0809-157 
  City Publications and Reports (see inventory); Valley Ranch promotional material; West Irving Area Study files, 1982.  0910-02 
  35mm slides of business signs around the city, 1980s-1990s.   0910-08 
  Irving Centennial envelopes; notecards; and history book order forms.  MVF 27-06 
  Correspondence from Ledbetter family members concerning changing the name of Ledbetter Rd. in the Valley Ranch development.  MVF 27-12 
  CD containing images of the 1942 and 1959 aerial maps of the city.  0910-195 
  City of Irving Accident Prevention Plan, 1998.  0910-207 
  City reports: Parks trail guide, n.d.; Comcast Performance Report, 2005; City Service Efforts and Accomplishments, 2003; information on a bond issue to place a tax on Texas Stadium tickets to help finance the implosion of the stadium.   0910-211 
Push button light switches from the Heritage House from when house was rewired. 1011-11

Report - An Outline of the Activities of the Public Health and Environmental Services Dept., Aug. 11, 1997; COI Final Report CSO Operational Review, Sept. 4, 1996.  


Correspondence relating to land purchase for fire training center, 1972. 


Items from Texas Stadium: bobblehead dolls; blueprints; letterhead; dedication plaque; large mounted photo of Tom Landry and a Wheaties box  


DVD of the Irving Arts Celebration, July 2, 1983. 


Civil Defense Survival supplies - 17 gallon water can; sanatation kit; and medical supply kit, c. early 1960s. 


File on the early implementation of the Motor Vehicle Wrecking Yard Ordinance, 1963-1967.

MVF 30-08

Annual statements of condition for Irving State Bank, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1958, and 1959; statements of condition for Irving Savings and Loan Association, 1952, 1953, and 1955; statement of condition for Southwest Bank and Trust Company, 1957; three pieces of correspondence relating to bank business, 1954 and 1958; political campaign cards for Charles Schulze’s mayoral campaign, 1957, and for A. G. “Muddy” Rivers, Vernon Walker, M. L. Browning, Louis Blaylock, and Chet Gibbs 

MVF 29-10

 Videotape - Irving-A History. 


COI annexation map, c. 1997; base map with street names, c. 1997. 


 Door pull from court room in 1965 Police and Court Building.


 Digital image of Northlake Ranch historical marker, 2012.


City of Irving
City Attorney’s Office  

Photos - City Attorney Don Rorschach's retirement party. 

Photo Coll.

Digital images from the dedication of Barbara Bush Middle School.  

Photo Coll.

Announcement of the Civic Center groundbreaking, 1971. 

MVF 4-09 
  Photos - city employee Christmas party, 2001. 

Photo Coll.

  Photo - banner sent by city employees to New York City after the 9/11 attack.  

Photo Coll.

  Report - Overall Preliminary Plan for the Construction of DFW Airport, September 1968.  MVF 18-02

City of Irving
City Manager’s Office 

State Highway 161 groundbreaking invitation and guest book, 1991.  MVF 1-18 

City of Irving street maps, brochures, and publications, 1980s-1990s. 

MVF 2-07 

Reports on early city data processing plans, 1963, 1969, 1982.  


Medallions from the Civic Center dedication, 1976. 

MVF 4-10 
  City council members’ photos, 1970s-1990s.  80-01 
  City council member's correspondence, 1983-1987; and 1989.  80-02
  Brochure depicting the original floor plan of the Civic Center, 1976. MVF 1-10 
  Checkered flag used during the press conference announcing Quaker State's move to Irving.  0001-05 
  Low level aerial photos of various parts of the city (primarily the Valley Ranch area), c. 1980s. 

Photo Coll.

  Sister City material from Leon Mexico: police cap and belt; poster; police lapel pin; book Trajectoria y Destino.  0001-42 
  Irving Street Guides, 1998 and 1999.  0001-72 
  Report - Goals for Irving, Waco Conference, 1968.   MVF 6-08 
  Posters (mounted) of DART's north and south Irving stations and a bus in front of city hall, c. 1980s.   0102-195 
  Correspondence from the City Managers office, 1970s-early 1990s.  0203-317 
  Coles Directory, 1981.  0203-78 
  Copy of Lynn Conner’s brief history of Irving.  0203-196 
  Reports - Relevant Events in the Development of State Highway 161; Cooper Reservoir Study Phase I and II, 1985 and 1986; Intro to COI Local Area Network LAN, 1991.  0304-51 
  Irving Quilt Guild Centennial wall hangings (2) - a design based on the city's formal Centennial logo and one based on the festive Centennial logo.  0304-52 
  Newspaper articles on a south Irving development project involving Cliff Shasteen and Morris Parrish, 1977.  0304-53 
  Recording from the Irving Centennial Choir program and the master recording from the program.  0304-83 

Irving Centennial merchandise used in the city hall exhibit; and Irving Centennial banners hung at the airport and posters used to promote Centennial events, 2002-2003.

  Holt-Caterpillar history; invitation and program from the 100th anniversary celebration of the development of Holt-Caterpillar tractors, 2004.  MVF 12-19 
  Commemorative items from the dedication ceremonies of various Irving business and city events.  0506-04 
  A chronology of events relating to the city's leaving the Social Security System, 1980-1983. 0506-80 
  File of miscellaneous newspaper articles covering a wide range of city government and Irving topics, 1990s.   0506-185 
  City of Irving performance reports, 1995-1997; promotional packet “America's High Spirited City;" Irving Fire Department commemorative book, 1998.  0506-196 

Infrared aerial map of Irving, n.d.; Irving Centennial items: videos for school  curriculum; school packets on Irving history; ribbons from the Centennial Kickoff; photos from various Centennial events; fund raising folders.  


Irving Centennial products: denim shirts, windbreakers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, stuffed bears, mugs.

  City of Irving related plaques; certificates; photos; maps; artifacts; videotapes of work sessions and board meetings; water color painting by Mary Thompson “Water Lilies”; City of Irving publications.    0708-32 
  Photos of city employees; council swearing-ins, 1980s; city hall under construction, 1976; interior of Townsell’s Grocery, c. 1979; invitation to civic center groundbreaking, 1974.   0809-81 
  Correspondence from City Mgrs. office concerning various city projects and plans, 1996-2003.   0910-121 

City of Irving
City Secretary's Office 

Citizen Survey, 1981. 81-01 
  City Secretary's Office material: Christmas cards with the Civic Center on front; COI employees safety regulations manual; Second Annual Black History Month program information; invitation to Board and Commissions dinners, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992; newcomers packets; city charters, 1952 and 1971; City Secretary's Office correspondence; publications from Southwest Metroplex North Texas Commission, c. 1960s-70s; COI organizational charts, c. late 1950s - early 1960s; miscellaneous correspondence 1960s.  81-02
  City of Irving, Office of the Mayor - Dan Matkin Administration Records, 1971-1977. Materials include: correspondence, memoranda, and publications received by and created by the Mayor's office during the Matkin administration. In April, 1971, R. Dan Matkin was elected as Irving's sixteenth mayor. He served three consecutive two-year terms, 1971-1977.  Collection 1 

City of Irving, Office of the Mayor - Marvin Randle Administration Records, 1977-1981.  Materials include: correspondence, memoranda, and publications received by and created by the Mayor's Office during the Randle administration. Marvin Randle was elected as Irving's seventeenth mayor. He served two consecutive two-year terms from May 1977-April 1981.

Collection 2 

City of Irving, Office of the Mayor - Robert Power Administration Records, 1967-1971. Materials include:  correspondence, memos, and publications received and sent by the Mayor's Office during the Power administration. Robert H. Power was the city's fifteenth mayor.  Power served two consecutive two-year terms from May 1967-May 1971. 

Collection 3 

City of Irving, Office of the Mayor - Lynn Brown Administration Records, 1962-1967. Materials include: correspondence, memos, and publications received and sent by the Mayor's Office during the Brown administration. Irving Lynn Brown was elected as Irving’s fourteenth mayor and served four consecutive two-year terms from 1959-1967.

Collection 4

Entries in the Irving Arts Board logo contest, c. 1983; entries for the Irving Arts Center quarterly arts poster, 1983.

MVF 23-10 
  Real estate flier for property on Hilltop Drive and Irving in general, c.1940. MVF 1-05
  Sister City material from Leon, Mexico; Merton, England; and Marino, Italy: certificates; plaques; photos; and artifacts. 85-20 

Newspapers - Irving News Record and Irving News Citizen, Oct. 1954-Dec. 1954; Irving Democrat, July 1949-Oct.1950; The Irving Herald, 1943 and 1945.  

  Schedule of city sponsored events for July 4, 1987.  MVF 23-07 
  Photocopy of the Kit Cemetery Association Charter, 1948; and letters involuntarily rescinding the charter, 1985.  MVF 1-12 
  Invitation to the opening of the Police and Fire Training Academy, 1988. MVF 1-14 
  Plaque - a white tile with the city logo on it mounted on a wooden base.  93-03 
  City of Irving bond packages and related paper work, 1938-1940.  The material was requested from the state comptrollers office.  93-11 

Contracts and Agreements (mainly construction) with the city, 1946-1959. 

  City of Irving seal press, c. 1960s.  9697-01 

City council committees correspondence, 1977-78.  


City boards and commissions minutes, 1973-1985. 


City council correspondence, 1969-1985, (bulk mid-1970s-1981). 


City Secretary’s Office correspondence, 1981-86. 


City Secretary’s Office correspondence, 1984-87. 


City commission/council meeting minutes. 

  City ordinance books.  9697-27 
  City Council resolution books.  9697-28 

Mayors’ papers: Robert Pierce, Bobby Joe Raper, Roy Brown, 1990s. 

  Minutes book of the Dallas County Fresh Water Supply District Number 5, 1924-1938.   MVF 23-13 

Certificate from Mayor Pierce recognizing city employees. 

MVF 23-12 

Boards and Commissions minutes; council work session agenda; and committee meetings agenda, 1994.  


City council committees minutes; boards and commissions minutes; work session attachments; work session minutes, 1995. 


City council minute books: July 1986-April 1987; City Ordinances volumes 5121-5345; and City Resolutions, 1987. 

  IISD annual report, 1977; letter from the city requesting bids on withdrawn library books, 1977. 9899-93 
  Photos - Mayor Morris Parrish.  9900-21

Videotape - State of the City Address, 2000.


City council minute books, (2 vols.): April 16, 1987-Jan. 21, 1988 and Feb. 4, 1988-Dec. 15, 1988; City Ordinances, (10 vols.): 5346-5548; City Resolutions, (6 vols.): Dec. 17, 1987-Nov. 3, 1988; agendas from council work sessions and committee meetings, 1996. 

  Correspondence from the Office of the Mayor - Mayor Morris Parrish material, 1995-1998. 9900-108
  Minutes of Planning & Zoning Board meetings, 1954-1978; Minutes of Zoning Board of Adjustment, 1958-1972.  9900-161 
  Mayor Morris Parrish correspondence; city council minute book, (1 vol.), Jan. 5, 1989-Nov. 16, 1989; City Ordinances, (10 vols.); and City Resolutions, (7 vols.), 128-134.  0001-01 
  Scrapbooks, photos, and agenda from Flag Day ceremony, July 19, 1988; flags from six nations; France Spain, Mexico, Texas, Confederacy, United States. 0001-15 
  Zero base budget letters, 2000-01. 0001-26 
  City council work session minutes, 1997; city council committee minutes, agenda, and attachments. 0001-90 
  City of Irving annual operating budgets, 1985-86 and 1987-88.  0001-95 
  Videotapes of the State of the City address, 2000 and 2001; audiotape of  the address, 2000; and transcripts of both. 0001-101 

City Ordinances, (40 vols.), Jan.1990-Nov.1995; City Resolutions, (39 vols.), Nov.16, 1989-Aug. 9, 1995; City council minutes, (8 vols.), Nov.30, 1989-Oct. 19, 1995.  

  Board and Commission work session agenda and minutes, 1998.  0102-107 
  Videotape of the State of the City address, 2002.   0102-119
  Poster from opening of Civic Center, 1976. 0102-192
  Photo - city council, 1998. 0102-231 
  City of Irving newcomer information sheets; synopsis of the city's record retention program, 1982. 0203-06 
  Photos - Irving Centennial Kickoff Ceremony, 2002.    0203-37 
  Photos - city council group photo, 2001. 0203-59
  Photocopies of Bear Creek annexation material. 1969. 0203-142 
  City council meeting minutes, (2 vols.), Nov. 2, 1995-Dec. 19, 1996 and Jan. 7, 1997-Dec. 11, 1997.  0203-204 
  Irving Fire Department museum file, 1998.  0203-223 
  Files on the various arts organizations using the Art Center, 1995-96.  0203-269 
  City Secretary's Office file regarding: Civic Center dedication, 1976; Irving's diamond jubilee, 1978; library development plan, 1970s; board and committee minutes.  0203-333 
  Poster from Heritage Park groundbreaking, 1986. 0304-08 
  Mayors' correspondence: Jan.-Dec. 2000; Jan.-Dec. 2001; Jan.-Dec. 2002; mayors' appointment calendars, 1997-2002.  0304-80 

City Ordinances, (20 vols.), Nov. 16 1995-Feb. 18, 1999; City Resolutions, (18 vols.), Aug. 25, 1995 to Feb. 18, 1999.  

  Photos - State of the City address and Centennial committees' displays, 2003.   Photo Coll.
  City council work session packets, Oct. 1, 2001-Dec. 12, 2001.   0405-90 
  Issue of the Dallas Morning News, April 1, 1980, regarding Roger Staubach’s retirement from the Dallas Cowboys football team.    0405-108 
  Irving Centennial medallions and Centennial booklets - A Celebration Remembered, 2003.  0405-163 
  Report - A Blue Print for the Future of Irving, May 2005.  MVF 15-13 
  Photo - large photo of the City Manager’s office assistants, 1988; and a newspaper article pertaining to the office assistants, 1988.  0405-208 
  Typescript of the State of the City addresses and scripts, 1984 and 1985.  MVF 16-08 

City Resolutions, (6 vols.), Feb 18, 1999-Jan. 6, 2000: city council meeting minutes, (3 vols.), Jan. 7, 1998-Feb. 18, 1999; Mar. 3, 1999-Oct. 21, 1999;  Oct. 28, 1999-Mar. 8, 2001; City Ordinances, (6 vols.), 7429 to 7602. 

  DART special election material, 1996; Sister Cities Friendship Foundation, 1984-1992; Irving Centennial Task Force budget papers, 2000-2002; Centennial Task Force correspondence, 2001; Centennial Task Force agendas, 2002-03.   0506-90
  Mayor’s correspondence, 2003-2005; and Charter Review Committee material, 2005.  0506-182 
  Photos - entrance to the Carpenter Ranch, 1997.  Photo Coll.
  Print of the Irving Centennial painting, 2003. 0506-221 
  Pamphlet from the City of Irving Strategic Visioning Retreat, July 23, 2005.  0607-21 
  Key-chain medallion from the dedication of the Civic Center, 1976; and Irving lapel pins.  0607-44 
  Mayor’s correspondence, 2006.  0607-74 

Planning and Zoning Board meeting minute books, (30 vols.), Aug. 20, 1979-Apr. 12, 1999.  

  Correspondence-Mayor Gears, 2007-2008; Mayor’s invitations and memos, 2007-2008; council correspondence, 2007; council invitations, 2007-2008.  0809-58 
  Charter Review Committee files, 1963-1996; Bond Task Force files, 2006; Alcohol Review Committee files, 1991.  0809-151 
  Proclamation – Charlie Company, Texas National Guard deployment to Iraq, 2005; and Event of the Week – Salute to  Heroes, 2005.  MVF 26-14 
  Copy of deed of trust between Irving Community Hospital and First National Bank in Dallas, 1963; Report on the Hunter-Ferrell landfill site, 1994; proposed master plan for Champions Park, 1994.  0809-172 
  Digital images of negatives of a city secretary's office employee's 20th anniversary celebration, 1994. 0910-45 
  Correspondence - complaints to the mayor, 1995-1999; mayor's projects and correspondence, 1995-1999; Proclamatioins under mayors Raper, Parrish, and Putnam, 1994-2000; files relating to city history; 3 framed pieces of Texas Stadium truf and framed Texas Stadium seat back. 0910-68 
  Digital images (32) of City Secretary's Office staff, c. 1990s.   0910-72 
  Digital images of city Secretary's Office staff, c. 1990s.  0910-77 
  Street map of Dallas and Fort Worth, 1998.  0910-102 
  Sister Cities certificates, late-1990s and brass artwork from Leon, Mexico.    0910-105 
  City Ordinance books, (28 vols.), January2000-November 2006. 0910-106 
  Publication - Open Meetings Handbook, 2010.  0910-134 
  Mayor's mail, Jan..-Dec. 2009; Mayor's correspondence, Jan.-Dec. 2009; council mail and individual council member mail, Jan.-Dec. 2009.    0910-157 
Photo of Mayor Gears at Rotary meeting; certificate from VFW Post 2494 about POW/MIA; Irving Day resolution, 2008. 1112-116
Mayor and City Council correspondence and invitations, 2009-2011 1213-26
City of Irving
Code Enforcement 

Irving Street Guides, 1992 and 1994. 

  Irving Street Guides: 1992; 1996; 1999; 2000; 2001. 0001-73 
  Microfiche of city tax plat maps, c. 1960s-1970s  0910-88 
City of Irving
Community Affairs          
Videotape - State of the City Address, Jan. 31, 2001.  0001-71 

Videotape - prepared for the bond election of 1999. 

  City of Irving Performance Report, 2000.  0001-132 
  Citizen survey computer tabulation and supplement, 1998; bond awareness survey; and Centennial calendar mock-ups, 2002.  0203-32 
  Photo - Citywide Centennial Church Choir, 2003.  Photo Coll.
  Videotapes - Centennial videos; a Remember When tape; and a Festival of the Century poster, 2002-03.  0304-280 
  Irving Centennial logo posters, 2003.  0304-93 
  Exhibitor paperwork from the State of the City address, 2003.   MVF 12-11 
  Photos - Centennial committee meetings; State of the City address, 2003; videotape entitled Stetson Untamed from Wal-Mart, Irving, Texas, Nov.7, 2003.  0405-50 
  Buttons from a Chamber of Commerce city branding campaign in 2003, “Think Icity.”  MVF 18-15 
  DVD of raw footage of ICTN tape of the Vintage Base Ball Game, Oct. 2006.  MVF 19-06 
  Photos - Family Advocacy Center opening; 6th St. bridge opening; North Police Station opening; Arts Center Sculpture Garden; Fire Department barbecue; City Council, c. 2000; CD of images of Festival of the Century, 2003; etc.  0910-26 
  Irving Centennial envelopes; note cards; history book order forms, 2003.  0910-39 
Rendering of City Hall, 1976; framed pictures of first St. Luke Catholic Church building and an old Irving home.    1213-02
City of Irving
Community Development 
Map of Irving city council districts and Dallas County voting precincts, 1980.  80-03 

City of Irving Citizen Survey results, 1981. 


Plat map of the Irving Heights area, 1933. 

  Tax plats and deed cards, c. 1960s-1970s. 9900-03A 

Irving Street Guides, 1986 and 1999; and a City of Irving Thoroughfare Plan, 1972. 

  Photos - aerial of the Las Colinas area, 1981; MacArthur Center; an unidentified building; also an architect's rendering of a unidentified Las Colinas office building.  0102-138 

City plat book (2 vols.), 1965. 

  City of Irving-Community Development Department Map Collection: City related maps (264): aerials; airport expansion noise related; area studies; general city expansion and maintenance topics; downtown redevelopment, 1950s-1990s. The maps in this collection were made by or for, or accumulated by the Department of Community Development from the 1950s to the 1990s.  Collection 37 
  DART Gallery a publication depicting themes of and the public art at DART stations.   MVF 18-17
  City reports: city land use survey, 1995; DFW Airport Master Plan, 1967; Commercial Structures Inventory field copy, 1990; City of Irving Commercial Structures Inventory, 1990; Commercial Structures Reference Guide, 1990.  0607-157
  Transparencies of city base maps, 1991-1998; and transparencies of base map overlays.   0708-06 
  COI Publications - (see inventory); 2 videotapes of Las Colinas Charrette opening session and closing session, Jan.2001  0809-05 
  Citywide census poster contest winning entries (37 posters), 2010.  0910-127 
  Banner promoting the 2010 census "Everyone Counts."   0910-171 
City of Irving Citywide Corridors Plan, July 2001; and corridor plan display boards, 1999 and 2000. 1011-131
Aerial map of Irving, Feb. 13, 1994 (laminated, 60 sheets) 1112-07
COI block map (2 vols.), 1965.  1112-54
Map depicting expansion of S.H. 183 showing buildings demolished, renovations, and new construction, April 13, 2011. 1213-81
City of Irving

Aerial maps of the MacArthur Blvd. extension and southeast Irving, 1970s; also photos of flooded streets, 1960. 


Irving school district maps; Rock Island Road blueprint; plat of T. C. Lively addition 1949; utility manuals, 1960s. 

  Annexation map by Koch and Fowler, April 7, 1953.  0506-102 
  A map of the Estelle School site survey, 2007.  0607-65 
  Photos - city officials at the MacArthur Pump station, 1975; panoramic view of parking along Rock Island Rd. at city hall, c. early 1970s.  0607-94 
City of Irving
Environmental Services 

City of Irving street maps, 1988 and 1993. 

  City of Irving street map, 1993.  9900-02 

Digital images of capital improvement programs, 2001-2002; and of the sanitary land. 

City of Irving
Public health and Environmental Services 
Plaques for environmental awareness, 1993 and 1994; certificate recognizing department volunteers, 1996; and a certificate to the city as an environmental vision award finalist, 1999.   0102-271 
  Digital images of from department head Lawrence Baker's retirement party.   Photo Coll.
  Texas Almanac, 1988-89. 0001-119 
City of Irving
Financial Services Tax and Revenue Collection 

City tax receipts, 1924-1943. 

  City of Irving tax appraisal cards, 1950s-1990s.  9899-32 
  Aerial photos - west side of city from Story to DFW Airport;  east side of city from Britain Rd. to the Elm Fork, n.d. (c. 1990s).  9899-33 
  Sign used to identify the Finance Department in city hall, c. 1976s-1980s.  9900-85 
  Tax receipts and delinquent payment ledgers, 1920s-1950s.  9900-151 
  Record of Bonds (4 volumes): General obligation, parks, city hall, fire; 1930-1981; water works and sewer, 1956-1981; general obligation and refund, 1982-1991; water works and sewer, 1982-1991.  0405-162 
City of Irving
Irving Fire Department 

Irving Fire Department annual reports and statistics, 1969-70; 1974-1992; 1995-1996. 


Irving Fire Department publication Leadership Irving, 1997. 


Irving Fire Department Emergency Procedures Manual of General Procedures, Rules, and Regulations, 1998. 


Irving Fire Department annual report, 1997. 


Irving Fire Department annual report, 1997. 


Irving Fire Department Emergency Procedures Manual of General Procedures, Rules, and Regulations, 1998. 


Irving Fire Department annual report, 1998; literature on Y2K concerns.


Irving Fire Department annual report, 1998-1999. 

  Irving Fire Department annual report, 1999-2000. 0001-99 

Irving Fire Department annual report, 2000-2001. 

  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2000-2001.   0203-15 
  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2001-2002. 0203-214 
  Microfilm of Fire Department scrapbooks, (2 vols.), 1960s-1990s.  0304-48 
  Irving Fire Department 35mm slides of various fires; drills; training; Miss Flame contest, 1960s-1970s; CD containing images of the drill tower; training at Texas A&M fire school, Texas Stadium construction, 1960s and early 1970s.  0304-67 
  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2002-03.  0304-135 
  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2003-04.  0405-126 
  Irving Street Guide, 1993.  0506-84 
  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2004-05.  0506-89 
  Irving Fire Department annual report, 2004-05.  0506-93 
Irving Fire Department annual reports, 1968, 1970-1974; 1976; 1990-1992; 1995-2003. 1011-50

City of Irving
Fleet Maintenance 

City of Irving annual operating budgets, 1976-1999.  0001-86

City of Irving
General Services 

Report - structural evaluations for the original city hall and fire station and the community building, Aug. 1, 1995.  MVF 2-03

Photos - library building in Heritage Park and city council touring original city hall building, 1985.  

Photo Coll.

  Carpet, fabric, wood samples from Civic Center’s original council chamber décor and photos before the renovation during the summer 2000. 9900-155 
  Invitation to the dedication of the police and courts building, 1965; a file on the Irving Bicentennial heritage museum, 1975-81; brochures on various engineering companies, 1974.   0001-135 
  Photos - Civic center dedication, 1976.

Photo Coll.

  Files regarding the development of the Pioneer Family sculpture in the civic center; on development of the civic center; and on the local Bicentennial committees, 1976.   0102-40
  City of Irving employee handbook, June 1997.   0304-100 
  Information sheet on web site hits for the General Services Department web page, 1999.  MVF 22-07 
  Blueprints for:  East Branch/Human Services building, 1981; warehouse on Briery; and Texas Stadium sky boxes and sound system.  0910-83 
  General Services publication containing photos of old Irving building and projecting the departments outlook ten years into the future, 2002-2010.  MVF 28-01 
  Blueprints of Texas Stadium Suites at Crown Level 2, 1996.  0910-123 

City of Irving
Health Department 

New employee handbook, c.1999. MVF 17-21

City of Irving
Housing and Human Services Department 

City of Irving Consolidated Annual Performance Report, 2003-04 (draft version for public comment). 0405-77 

City of Irving
Human Resources 

City of Irving 15-year service pins (2). MVF 1-16
   File containing citizen’s complaints, 1979-1989. 0001-124

City of Irving
Office of the Mayor 

Scrapbook from dedication of the Civic Center, 1976. 93-04 
  Framed print of Roger Staubach in uniform by Vernon Wells signed by Wells and Staubach. 93-01 

Typescript of a speech given by Mayor Morris Parrish honoring Robert and Becky Power, 1997. 

MVF 2-09

Newspaper clipping regarding a vehicle backing through the front of a Dairy Way Food Store, 1958. 

MVF 3-02 

Medallion mounted in concrete from the dedication of DFW Airport runway 17L-35R, 1996. 

MVF 23-14 

Football autographed by Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. 

  Mayor Morris Parrish’s papers from the Office of the Mayor: IISD information; DFW Airport expansion impact study; city budget information; files on ethics, public art and public housing, 1990s. 9900-55
  Photo - Byron Nelson Golf Tournament - Mayor Bob Pierce with Byron Nelson and other city and tournament officials, 1990.  Photo Coll.
  Items from the Office of the Mayor - paintings - "Waiting for the Train" and Grandville Bruce's painting of early Irving Main Street; wall clock; various plaques; Eco apron; framed picture of Roger Staubach; Texas Sesquicentennial souvenir rifle and Bowie knife in wooden display box. 0102-48 
  Curved glass plate from Tri Star Gas Company presented to the city. 0102-227
  City publications – Study of Economic and Fiscal Impacts for Texas Stadium and a New Cowboy Stadium; COI Community Development Grants Program; Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER), 2002-03; COI Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report for Use of Federal Funds, 2001-02 and 2000-01; leather bound and boxed copy of Irving, Texas - From Rails to Wings.   0405-165 
  Artifacts and plaques from the Office of the Mayor, 2005. 0405-166

City of Irving
Municipal Court 

Criminal Court docket, 1969-1971. 0001-56 

City of Irving
Parks & Recreation 

Photos - Southwest and Northwest branch libraries; Central Library expansion, 1976; Irving Municipal Museum, 1976.

Photo Coll.

  Slides depicting various Park and Recreation Department events: groundbreakings; park dedications, etc., c. 1966-1984.  9900-140 
  Illustrated Master Plan of North Lake Park matted and framed. 0001-04 
  Parks Department material: oversize scrapbooks, (3 vols.), 1960s-1970s; 35mm slides, 1960s-1970s. 0001-22 
  Slides of Park and Recreation Department events, 1970s. 0001-39 
  Parks Department material: photos; plaques; framed drawings; slides; certificates; scrapbooks; croquet set; banner, 1960s-1980s. 0001-54
  Park land use and demographic reports, 1970s-1990s.  0001-82 
  City of Irving flag. 0102-54 
  Correspondence about site plans and various park developments, 1980s and early 1990s.  0102-108 
  Digital images of various city parks.

Photo Coll.

  Records relating to the Civic Center expansion and Parks Department programs, 1985-86.  0102-167 
  Newspaper clippings relating to the Parks and Recreation Department, 1992-94.  0102-168 
  Digital images of architectural renderings of Centennial Park, 2002.  Photo Coll.
  Photo - site of Tom Landry Elementary School and Cameron Park prior to construction.   0203-108 
  Records from the development of Twin Wells golf course and North Lake Park, 1985-1989.  0203-332 
  Ceremonial spikes driven at the dedication of Centennial Park, 2003.  0304-17 
  Reproduction of the cloth plat map used at the 1903 lot sale.  0304-65 
  Twin Wells golf course development material, 1984-85.  0304-81 
  Digital images from the Christmas tree lighting event, 2003.  Photo Coll.
  City proclamation for Parks Department's program “Life Be In It”, July 7, 1986; newspaper editorial about a Parks Department bond submission, Sept. 17, 1992; certificate of appreciation from USAF Recruiting Service to Irving Parks and Recreation Department.   0506-59 
  Framed poster from the opening of the Civic Center, 1976.  0708-173 
  Blueprints for Veterans Memorial Park Phase II, Jan. 18, 2008 – 75% CD set  0809-117 
  Print outs of various design iterations of the battle walls in Veterans Park, 2009.  0809-118 
Photo - 75th anniversary meeting of the Heroines of Jerhico Blue Bonnet Court No. 222, Feb. 8, 1959.  1011-61
Files from the Preservation and Redevelopment Office relating to the development of the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center; moving of the Masonic Lodge; downtown plans; J. O. Davis house exhibit, 1998-2008.  1112-37

City of Irving
Preservation and Redevelopment 

Photo - west side of Main Street, 1906. 

Photo Coll.

Architectural rendering of the exteriors of the house museums at the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center, c. 1980s. 

MVF 4-05 
  Photos - hanging of the original town plat in city hall, c. 1992.  9900-97 
  Photo - unidentified children (perhaps class photo).  Photo Coll.
  Dallas County Historic Resource Survey Phase II, 2000.   9900-149 
  Photos - Otis Brown, Netta Brown, J. O. Schulze, and four generations of Browns.  Photo Coll.
  Newspaper - Irving Daily News, Sept. 22, 1971.   0102-223 
  Receipts from Handy House, 1962; checks from Irving State Bank, 1962.  MVF 6-27 
  Photos - dedication of the clock tower and Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center, 2000.  Photo Coll.
  Piece of the façade from the Texas Commerce Bank tower, 2000.  0203-185 
  Irving Heritage District Visitors Guide, 2003.  MVF 10-16 
  Irving Centennial t-shirt with festive logo on front, 2003.  0506-41 
  Dress and shoes worn by Ms. Mature Irving, Gloria Oliver, in Ms. Mature Irving contest, 2003.  0708-179 
Preservation and  Redevelopment Board minutes and agenda, 1990-2006. 1112-10
Negatives (35mm strips) of houses in downtown Irving, 1990s. 1112-11
Records relating to the development of the Bear Creek Heritage Center; the Mustang Museum; and plans for the development of a heritage museum, early 1990s-1998. 1112-44
City of Irving
Irving Police Department 
Architectural drawings of various Irving police buildings (10 rolled drawings).  0102-166 
  Photos - City Council meetings; police department personnel; city hall; police station; and various subjects, 1960-1965 and 1980s, (taken by a police photographer).  0203-20 
  Police Department scrapbooks, (8 vols.), 1967-1970; 1970-1973; 1973-1974; 1974-1977; 1977-1978; 1978-1979; 1979-1981; 1981-1983; a binder of employee photos; newspaper articles relating to the police department, 1980s and 1990s; photos, 1980s-1990s; video Nick at Game, 1996; and a promotional binder for the program "Cowboys, Cops and Kids, 1993."  0304-214 

Irving school yearbooks: Irving High School, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993; Nimitz High School, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998; MacArthur High School, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2002; Austin Middle School, 1988-89, 1992; Bowie Middle School, 1992; Crockett Middle School, 1989 and 1992; De Zavala Middle School, 2003; Houston Middle School, 1990, 1991, 1992; Lamar Middle School, 1991-92 and 1995-96; Travis Middle School, 1990, 1992, 1997.  


City of Irving
Public Works 

Mechanical calculator  9899-26 

Master Plan for the City of Irving, 1954, by Koch and Fowler. 

MVF 4-18 
  Public Works Department "Water Week" t-shirt, 2000.  9900-141 
  City of Irving sanitary and storm sewer drawings, 1930s and 1940s.  0102-73 
  Irving Daily News, (8 issues), April and May, 1973.   0304-221 
  Blueprint - first floor of city hall, 1976.  0405-68 
City of Irving
Purchasing Department 
Certificate - Pro Patria Award, 1990, and a letter explaining the award.  90-05 
  Digital images of the retirement party for Judy Hollis and photos of city employees, 1970-2006.  Photo Coll.
City of Irving
Records Management 
Microfiche of Robert Power's mayoral correspondence, 1967-1971.  0203-13 
  City Council work session minutes and agenda, 8-30-00-091 to 12-13-00-129; City Council meeting minutes, 1997-1998; letter of distribution and Board and Commission meetings minutes, 1994-1997; City Council work session agenda: 1-5-00-001 to 8-18-00-090; City Council work session minutes and agenda: 3-25-99-062 to 6-30-99-124; City Council work session agenda: 6-30-99-125 to 10-6-99-163; city council work session agenda: 10-6-99-164 to 12-8-99-194; agendas, City Council work session agenda: 1-6-99 to 12-8-99; City Council work session: 1-6-99-001 to 3-20-99-061.  0304-79 
  Material on various topics including: DART; airport expansion; mayors’ Brown and Pierce correspondence; DCURD; Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center development.   0304-211 

Material on various topics including: toll road, 1980s; maps, 1980s; history of State Highway 161 up to 1994; Park and Recreation Department correspondence regarding park planning, 1980s-1990s.

  Microfilm targets for Record Management's Tax Plat microfilming project, 1999.   MVF 14-11 
  Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel. 0506-165 
  Downtown Master Plan, 1992.  0708-104 
  Records of the EBRCC. 1993-95; programs from Black History Month even, 2003 and 2004.  0809-80 
  City Managers Office records reviewed an sent to the Archives by Records Dept., 1980s-1990s; also deed and easements microfiche.   0809-150 
  Report - City of Irving Loss Prevention Program, 1986.  0809-184 
  City of Irving employee phone directory, early 1990s.  0910-60 
  Report: A Synopsis of the Irving Records Program, 1982. 0910-144
Records reviewed by Archives and transferred to Archives - veterans letters; railroad quiet zone studies. 1011-59
City of Irving logo information; All American city material; IPL Summer Reading Club material, 1983. 1011-103
Citizen Inquiries, 2000-2007. 1011-114
City of Irving employee directory, 1996. MVF 29-11
Transfer lettering, 1980s. MVF 29-12
City Manager's Office records reviewed and transfered to Archives, 1996-2001. 1112-91
City of Irving
Risk Management  

Photos and artwork from bond sale programs: 1983; 1985-86; 1987-88; 1991; 1992; 1999.   

  Photos - primarily aerials of the Las Colinas area, also a few from throughout the city, 1987. Photo Coll.
  Slides of sites from around the city taken for a bond presentation; research material for bond presentations; videos for bond presentations, 1980s and early 1990s.   0102-229 
  Slides of sites from around the city; Las Colinas promotional packet, 1990s.   0102-300 
  D Magazine, September 1998; Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce magazine, 1998-1999; also Chamber of Commerce newsletters (2), 1999.  MVF 7-08 
  DVD of City of Irving bond presentations.  MVF 18-16 
COI - Senior Center Senior Center newsletters, late 1980s-late 1990s; office files, c. 1970s-1980s; Dallas Area Agency on Aging file, 1970s-1980s; scrapbook, 1975-76; Advisory council minutes, 1980s; charter member list, 1970s; Aerobics class file, 1995-96; guestbook, 1998.    1011-39
City of Irving
Tax Department 

Annexation map of Irving, 1953.

  Plat maps of northwest Irving, 1960s-1970s.  9798-34 
  City of Irving embossing seal - Collector of Taxes.  9798-75 
  City of Irving tax and property information cards, c. 1960s-1970s.  9900-119 
  Subdivision plat maps used by Water Department, 1950s-1960s.  0001-18 
  Property description cards; plat maps; automatic calculator; Irving Fresh Water Supply District receipt book, 1930s-1970s.  0001-55 
  Tax receipts, 1975; tax certificates, 1980s; plat maps, 1950s-60s.  0001-59 
  City base maps, plats, Hunter Ferrell Road realignment drawings; abstracts.  0001-91 
City of Irving
Traffic and Transportation Department 

Newspaper articles relating to the Traffic and Transportation Department, 1990s. 


One circular Traffic Department identification sign used in the Civic Center, 1970s; an infrared aerial of the city, 1979; and highway use reports, 1960s. 

  Irving Street Guide, 1993.  0001-61 
  Traffic Study for Texas, Dec. 1968; Trinity Route of the Dallas Fort Worth Turnpike, 1973; COI Traffic Operations Program, 1971  0809-80 
City of Irving
Water Utilities Department
Irving Street Guide, 1993.  0001-62 
  Photo album from Lake Chapman pipeline tour, July 2001.  0203-63 
  Posters relating to Water Week and Earth Day newspaper inserts, 1997 and 1998.  MVF 17-12 
  Digital images of the Valley View Civic Complex groundbreaking and dedication; statues and other public artwork at the complex; and of the Lake Chapman pump station construction.   Photo Coll.

Photo album containing photos of the dedication of the Valley View Civic Complex and the public art on the grounds. 


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