Category - Personal and Family Papers

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Reed, Philip Collection career with Irving State Bank 1954-1976 Collection 48
Reese, David Collection career in youth league coaching 1952-2002 MVF 6-21
Revier, Rogers and Barbara Collection family; Irving High School   1943-1980 Collection 61 
Ricker, Roy Collection family; Irving High School 1870-1966 Collection 62
Roberts, Dr. John Family Collection family; career; military 1900-1990 Collection 43
Rome, Rebecca Collection research from Irving history book 1989 Collection 26
Schulze, Charles and Catherine Collection family; Irving history; city council 1883-1998 Collection 31
Schulze Family  info on Heritage House and 300 S. O'Connor 1976/1949 MVF 8-04
Taylor, John and Ruth Family Scrapbook photocopy of family scrapbook 1952-1992 MVF 5-22
Thompson. Mary program from her art show 2001 MVF 6-25
Toler Family  Clereta's memories; maps of Toler land 2003 MVF 9-20
Toler Family Stephen Toler tax receipts;family photos 1880-1930 MVF 10-19
Vamvakas, Pete info on P & B Food Store (family store) 1938 MVF 8-20
Walker, Adolphe and Elise Collection family; Elise's teaching career 1920-1990 Collection 40
Watson, Martha Lucas Collection family; Irving schools 1936-1986 Collection 56
Wheeler, Earle Mae Collection Bear Creek; J.O. Davis school 1949-1986 Collection 54

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