Category - Personal and Family Papers

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Irby Family Collection U.S. Civil War records; brief family history 1860s MVF 2-02
Johnson, Jack photo 1944 MVF 9-04
Johnston, A. S. family history (school Superintendent) 1920s-1970s MVF 9-17
Kelly, Troy Papers career in real estate and politics; Rominian orphans 1972-1991 Collection 30
Krebeil Family Project Krebeil family and their Adopt-A-Spot projects 1993-1997 Collection 19
Looper Family Collection Looper and Lucas pioneer families 1890-1970s Collection 46
Lucas, Wingate and Cornelia family history; photos 1979 MVF 5-15
Lucas Family Genealogy genealogy - Hezekiah Lucas 1880-1942 MVF 4-12
Moreland, James and Barbara school board; Irving High School 1950-1972 Collection 33
Mosher Family Papers land documents; poll tax; letter  1899-1931 MVF 1-07
Muense, Lenora Story commemorative booklet; photos; Story family history 1916-2004 MVF 10-18
Oliver, Gloria Ms. Mature Irving info and family photos 1940s-2000s MVF 9-14
Power, Robert script of Centennial speech and Townsell eulogy 2002 MVF 7-07
Price Family Price and Gilbert family research 2004 MVF 11-15

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