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Akins, Sam career; Dallas Federal Savings; Bicentennial 1965-2000 Collection 53
Andrew, Madeline "Kitchen Kaper" aritcle; brief bio and recipie 1963 MVF 7-04
Ayles, Earl City of Irving Development projects 1969-2000 Collection 32
Beavers, Bob and Jerry Family Irving High School memorabilia; family history  1879-1998 Collection 60
Bell, Eleanor Corry family history; women's bowling; Irving High 1900-2006 Collection 59
Britain Family  family history; pioneers and early Irving 1890-1992 Collection 63
Brooks, Juanita Irving High drill team uniform; phone directories 1949-1960 Collection 65
Brown Family Otis Brown family; Lynn Brown family 1893-1982 Collection 68
Brown, Lynn and Kay mayor; family scrapbook (photocopy) 1870s-1987 Collection 13
Brown, Otis genealogical material; real estate appraisal 1962 MVF 7-06
Brown, Otis and Netta Irving's co-founder; family papers; ledgers 1900-1958 Collection 9
Burgoon Family  genealogical material n.d. MVF 7-14
Burke, Galen information on clubs that he formed 1966-1991 Collection 27
Caldwell Family C. P. Caldwell, mayor; photos; family papers 1910-2001 Collection 42
Carnell, Jack Coach of Women's Fencing Team - Texas Tech 1954 MVF 11-14
Casey, Arthur and Sissy family papers; WWII; IISD; Toy Tigers 1920-1970s Collection 41
Caster, Doris Caster, Haley, Hamilton families; pioneers 1880-1980s Collection 69
Clark Family obits; George Clark family photos 1908-1999 MVF 2-13
Clark/Santerre Family family info; La Reunion Colony 1912-1975 MVF 4-13
DeLay, Mary first Miss Irving 1946 MVF 6-23
Ferguson, Betty Stewart Betty Stewart remembers growing up in Irving 1930s MVF 11-11
Gilbert, Clay Gilbert family home 1990s MVF 3-19
Gilbert Family biographies D. W.; F. M.; Dorothy Gilbert 1854-2012 Collection 5
Gilbert Family Gilbert Brothers Dairy 1931 MVF 6-11
Gilbert Family brief family history 2003 MVF 8-06
Gilbert Family Gilbert and Price family research 2004 MVF 11-15
Haley/Littlepage Family info on Haley and Littlepage family; advert. cards 1880-1980 Collection 44
Haley/Miller Family info on Haley and Miller family 1870-1990 Collection 50
Hinton Family Harwood Hinton family 1890-1994 Collection 45
Howard, Mike terms on city council; Dallas CCC career 1977-1998 Collection 49
Hurwitz, Esther family; first library; Felicity Club; book clubs   1890-1980 Collection 35

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