From Humble Beginnings

A History of the Irving Public Library System 

When Mrs. Hurwitz realized that she could not raise adequate funds to construct a new building, she began searching for an existing building to move to the new lots and renovate for use as a library. She approached the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court in 1950 about buying a five-room house that the county had secured through a right-of-way settlement for Highway 356. The court asked $6,000 for the building; Mrs. Hurwitz offered the entire building fund of $1,000, which the commissioners accepted. The house was moved to one of the six lots that the library had purchased in the early 1940s.

Donations of materials and labor to renovate the frame building kept costs for the project at a minimum. Mrs. Hurwitz moved the library’s 3,401-item collection into the new facility. (The building still stands at 217 S. Main Street.) Supporters of the library hoped that a new two-story brick building would soon be built on the remaining lots.

Irving Library building, 1951-1962
The Irving Public Library, 1951-1962
The building still stands. The photograph dates from
the summer of 1951.

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