Twin Wells Store

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Hinton Store, c. 1932

At the crossroads of the community was the Twin Wells store. The store stood along the old Eagle Ford Road between Dallas and Irving just north of the Eagle Ford crossing on the West Fork of the Trinity River.  H. P. Hinton, Sr., opened this store in 1924. Hinton sold the store after about ten years, but it remained in business into the 1950s. This photo is from about 1932.
Hinton Store, c. 1925  Interior of Hinton Store  
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In the photo on the left, H. P. Hinton, Sr., stands on the porch of his Twin Wells store, c. 1926. The photo on the right is of the interior of the store, c. 1930. Below is a page from the store's inventory ledger from 1927.

 Hinton Store ledger, 1927