The Twin Wells Community Life

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Road to Twin Wells, 1932

The rural atmosphere of the Twin Wells area is plainly evident in this 1932 photo. Making a jog to the right would take a traveler to Twin Wells; staying to the left led to Irving about a mile up the road. The Twin Wells community population peaked at about 150 in 1940.

One of the wells at Twin Wells  Well at Twin Wells
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Twin Wells got its name for two water wells that were on opposite sides of the road from each other. Early day travelers along the road from Dallas to Irving and beyond were grateful for the opportunity to quench their thirsts. These two photos show one of the wells in 1930. The city of Irving annexed the area in 1951. The wells have long since been capped and covered. Their exact locations are no longer evident.

 Twin Wells Banner  Twin Wells Lumber Co.
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The Twin Wells Banner, strictly a home-made publication, began as the work of four local boys in 1939. Soon several adults pitched in to help. For a brief time, the paper was a weekly publication focusing on events in the Twin Wells community. The Twin Wells Lumber Company opened in 1928 on old Singleton Road in the Twin Wells community. In the photo on the right, the lumber yard and its delivery trucks are pictured during the 1930s.