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In 1931, Edgar Brown, an Estelle school boy, wrote to the Harrington brothers asking them how the Estelle School got its name.  The Harringtons replied to Edgar's question in the letter below (a transcript of which is available beneath the displayed letter).  In essence, the letter states that in 1881 Henry Burgoon applied for a post office station for the community. He requested that the post office be designated the Estell post office in honor of a prominant resident living in nearby Grapevine.  The application was handwritten and a flourish at the end of the word Estell was mistaken by the post office department to be the letter "e".  As a result the post office license was granted under the name Estelle rather than Estell.    

 Estelle name letter  Estelle name letter, page 2

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Below is a transcript of the letter as written by the Harrington brothers. Information in parenthesis was added by the editor for clarification.

Crawford Tex
Dec. 7 / 1931

 Mr. Edgar Brown
                        Coppell Tex 

My Dear Edgar we received your letter of the third inst was glad to hear from you all and to know that you ar all well and fine and in regard to your inquire of the histery of Estelle school I will try to give you the infermation that you desire the Estelle school derived its name from the Post office called Estelle and the Post office got its name from the grand Father of the well none (known) Estells at Grapevin whitch is his decndand now this was over at the agd (edge) of the timber then wher John Tirag lives now this Post office was a noborhood place for distributing the male and wasent known on the books at Washington D. C. in the year of 1881 or 2 Mr. H Burgoon opened a store wher the old Burgoon home is now and got the government to established a Post office and Mr. Burgoon in sending the name Estell to Washington in writeing it left a tale to the last letter ell in the name Estell and at Washington they taking the tale for an E and by this means the name become Estelle 

Now thare was once a school hous stood where the Babtist Church stands but wasn’t know as Estelle but was known as the Goodfellow school now about the year 1883 the people got to gather (together) and organized the school and named it Estelle after the Post office and built the frame building that stand on the ground yet and is occupied by the Masons B Harrington donating 80 yards square of land for the school in the year 1916 or 17 they voted a bond and purchist from the Harringtons enough land mor to make three acers in the school track and built the brick that is known as Estelle school 

Now my Dear Edgar I hope this will give you the information you want I will cosl (close) your friends 

Harrington Bros
            B and WR