Elm School

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Elm School student body, c. 1936

The Elm community constructed its first school in the early 1880s.  Five local men each contributed $25 for materials to build the school. The school provided grades 1-7.  After 1909, and the establishment of the Irving Independent School District, the Elm community students could attend high school in Irving.  A new Elm School building was built in 1934. The photo above is of the Elm School student body during the 1935-36 school year posing in front of the new building.
 Elm School students, 1906  Elm School, n.d.
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The Elm School operated from the 1880s until 1948, when it became a part of the Irving Independent School District. At left is a photo of the school student body in 1906. On the right is a photo of the school and its surroundings, c. 1930s-40s.