Bear Creek Community Schools

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Bear Creek School

The building on the left in this photo is the Bear Creek community school. The Shady Grove C.M.E. Church is in the foreground. The school began as a freedom school in 1884 supported by donations of money and labor from the residents of the community. Later it became part of the Dallas County common school district as the Sowers School #2. The pictured school building burned down in 1949.

Sowers School #2, c. 1950 Sowers School student body, 1947
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The photos on the left and the right show the student body of the Sowers School #2 in Bear Creek, c. 1950 and 1947. The school offered only the elementary grades. African-American sudents from Bear Creek had to travel to Dallas or Grand Prairie to attended the all black high schools there.

J. O. Davis Earlie Mae Wheeler at head of class
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Josie O. Davis taught in the Sowers School #2 during the 1930s and 1940s. When the Irving Independent School District constructed a new school building for African-American students in Bear Creek in 1960, it was named the J.O. Davis School in her honor.  Ms. Davis served not only as a teacher, but as a leader and mentor to the youth of the community. J. O. Davis is shown in the pictue on the left. Earlie Mae Wheeler, another well respected teacher in the community, is seen in front of her class in the picture on the right, c. 1950.

Kids in classroom, Sowers School #2 Certificate of Progress
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On the left is a classroom scene from the Sowers School #2, c. 1950. On the right is a certificate for good work in penmanship, 1950.

Graduation ceremonies, c. 1950

  Graduation ceremonies , c. 1950